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  1. TUNDE power amps.

    I know this goes back to January but i can shed some light for future readers of this thread. The reason there is no information about this product available, is because it was built by an electrician in Melbourne in order to not have to pay good money for brand name amplifiers to put into the "high end" A/V jobs he did. I have seen these many times in homes where i was called in to fix problems and replace systems that were not that old. I recall once removing a 4 channel Tunde amp that had been used with a reputable 5 channel pre-amp and the surround speakers had simply been paralleled off one channel to make it work rather than provide a decent 5 channel amp. If you need an 8 ohm P.A amp then it's probably ok but it's a long way off high end and was manufactured to maximise profit for the guy selling it.