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  1. Sorry to those that have made enquires, I am withdrawing this item from sale.
  2. Item: Naim Uniti 2B (Bluetooth & WiFi connectivity) Location: South Australia Price: $3300 Ono Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Tinnitus. Steadily reducing audio equipment (and other items) owned. Payment Method: Prefer local Pickup - Cash, Bank deposit. Postage extra $75, within Australia only. Will be insured for purchase price on postage Extra Info: Purchased new early 2016 from Atmosphere Audio in Adelaide. No issues. Original boxes (freight and Naim packaging). Naim demo CD. All manuals. Copy of purchase receipt to be provided to purchaser. Remote included Included 3.5 m length x 2 speaker NAC5 cable. Pictures:
  3. As it is I didn't have them set up in a room anywhere suitably conducive to exploiting their potential or the other equipment on sale. Had plans to do so, but I can't see the point now.. I've enjoyed them, but I'd rather this equipment be used by an enthusiast, in an appropriately set up room. I'll be sad to see them go, but it's just audio equipment.. I'm more sad that my auditory facilities are not up to it anymore, I thought that would be later..
  4. Item: Spendor D7 - Floorstanding speakers Location: Adelaide, SA Price: $2600 - Firm Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Hearing loss, tinnitus Payment Method: Local pickup (only) - Cash, Bank deposit, COD Only Extra Info: Excellent condition. Built 2014. Superb speakers. No boxes unfortunately. Have instruction manual. Local pick up only by, by the purchaser only or their nominee ( given the lack of boxes, I don't want these damaged sending to someone). Please do NOT ask me to arrange delivery interstate. The price reflects the lack of transport boxes. Pictures:
  5. May have to go down the hearing aid route... Inability to follow conversation even in mildly loud situations (such as small parties, pubs/clubs are hopeless) is a problem. Tinnitus is the main issue though. Very annoying. Unfortunately I suspect a byproduct of years spent helping dad doing lots of DIY (hammer drills etc) as child/teenager, then all the noise exposure as a young adult. In that whole time no effective hearing protection to speak of.. Now middle aged
  6. Item: Spendor D7 - Cherry finish Location: Norwood area, SA Price: $2700 negotiable Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Hearing loss, increasing tinnitus Payment Method: Pickup - COD, Bank Transfer only Extra Info: No packaging boxes (only foam surrounds available). Copy of receipts will be provided to purchased. Purchased in Adelaide (Atmosphere Audio) early 2016. Speakers were used as demonstraters. 2014 build. * Given I do not have the boxes, I don't want to risk damage to the speakers for the prospective purchaser, thus LOCAL PICK UP ONLY * Pictures:
  7. Item: Naim Unit2B and NAP 200 DR power amplifier Location: Norwood, SA Price: $6500 - negotiable Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Hearing loss, and worsening tinnitus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank transfer only. Extra Info: Original packaging and freight box for both. All instructions, copy of receipts will be provided to purchaser. Also 4 m each side of Naim NAC5 speaker cable included. Purchased new in Adelaide (Atmosphere Audio) early 2016. Would prefer local pick up by the purchaser and sell both items together, not individually. ** Also have Spendor D7 speakers for sale and if the offer for acceptable will sell the lot together ** Courier service faciliated (at purchaser's expense and purchaser to arrange at a time convenient for me). Pictures:
  8. Thanks for the helpful advice. I'll pull the advertisement off and reconsider things.
  9. NAP-200 DR adds a greater depth of sound to me. It is sad to sell, but I buy things to be used - not show pieces/sitting idle gathering dust.
  10. Item: *** Withdrawn from sale *** Spendor D7 (cherry), Naim Uniti2B, NAP-200 DR (both NAIM 2016). Location: Adelaide (Norwood area) Price: $9500 (the lot) - near offers considered. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Loss of hearing and increasing tinnitus Getting rid of stuff that isn't getting used as it should be.. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash , COD Only Extra Info: Pick-up only by purchaser. NOT SEPARATING. Happy to demonstrate. No boxes for speakers (only foam), boxes for Naim equipment. Naim speaker cable also included (4m) Pictures: As attached
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