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  1. Stick on star ceiling

    I guess nobody has used these...... I might just give em a go.
  2. Wedge for Centre Speaker?

    This thread came up while i was looking for a solution and i found This Thought i would share.
  3. Has anybody used glo in the dark stars in there home theatre with success? Im not taking about the star shaped huge stick on things you put in kids bedrooms but very small, real like stars. Ive stumbled across a site called www.theglowpatch.com and i must say, these stars really do look brilliant in the photos. Had anybody installed these by any chance?
  4. Seeking home theatre speaker/sub advice

    Oh okay cool. The v1500 is almost half the size of the xv30f se but judging by the specs, defeniantly not half the sound. I cant imagine you'd be disappointed eith either. I've never heard one personally but have heard a pb2000 and an ultra13 and if the psa subs sound anything like the svs subs (which by all accounts, they do) You will be very happy with the v1500. Im going a xv30f se because space isnt an issue for me.
  5. Seeking home theatre speaker/sub advice

    Oh yeah, dont get me wrong, its a great performer. But in size comparison to a psa xv30f se (which is huge) its small.
  6. Seeking home theatre speaker/sub advice

    Wow this went from a xv30f se monster to a little pb1000. How does it sound? Is your wife (and yourself) happy with the out come?
  7. 7.2.4 Speaker placement

    Thats an intetesting pic. (The first top view). It looks like the height channels are too close to the side channels. I brought my side channels forward to be almost inline with my first row of seats.
  8. Bookshelf Speakers for TV/Film - Budget 3k

    I was impressed with the sound of some paradigm prestige bookshelf speakers. If you have the time, drop into lifestyle store in north parramatta, they have lots of bookshelfs for you to audition.
  9. Good value LCR speaker options?

    At that price, id say you MIGHT be able to pick something up 2nd hand. Keep saving for a little longer.
  10. If your forking out over 2000 cookies for an avr, you would be reasonable to expect it to last at least 5 years issue free. Regardless of what warrenty the box mover store (or manufacturer) offers, Australian consumer laws would have you covered.
  11. Yes 11.2. I honestly dont think there is any difference other then the extra foot and extra warrenty period (which lets face it, consumer laws would have that covered anyway). The retal price between the 2 is just $300, i think that covers the extra warrenty period. That link saying the avartage are built to lower tolerances doesnt say anything, its like they dont no either and just made up some dribble to make you for out for the 3070. The extra foot? Theres your "lower tolerances" lol. Im still tempted....
  12. Oh really. Well that defeniantly marks it off my list then. Bummer. I was ready to purchase but defeats the purpose considering i have already installed my .4 atmos. Thanks for the heads up. I thought thr 3083 wad the same as the 3070 but i stand corrected.
  13. refurbed AVRs - why so many and any good?

    To expand on the previous post..... Im looking at purchasing a yamaha 3083 from excel hifi. I was going to get the 3070 but from my limited research the 3083 is virtually the same avr. At a saving of approximately $1000 is there a reason why i shouldnt buy the 3083 as a "refurbished unit" from excel hifi?? Wanting to pull the trigger, unless advised otherwise.
  14. refurbed AVRs - why so many and any good?

    For me at this point and time, excel hifi.
  15. Sorry yes, 7.2.4. The 3083 does the same as the 3070 does it not? 11.2 processing but 'only' 9 amps built in? Either way you'll need an extra 2 channel amp.