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  1. Home theatre rookie

    Center speaker for B&W 685 S2's

    A third 685 would be ideal. Otherwise the HTM61 is a sweet centre speaker.
  2. Ive never heard of them but im in NSW. price sounds very reasonable. Just a side note; Im running similar equipment in a similar sized room. I would recommend ceiling mounting the projector closer to the screen. Around 4.5m from the screen would produce a brighter image and still leave plenty of zoom for adjustment. Also, have you thought about running all of your "ground" speakers off the avr and running the atmos of the external amp? (you will need a 4 channel external amp). By wiring this way, you can by wire and bi amp your front mains. Also, you will have all the "ground" speakers running off the same amp/s producing the same warm yamaha sound. Having the fronts on a different external amp may make them sound a bit different to the centre channel and the rest of the speakers. Im running an emotiva 5 channel amp, just for my atmospherix, they're great speakers. Cheers.
  3. Home theatre rookie

    Off The Rails Cinema

    Is the 10 - 15k for the room or everything? Carpet say 2k Painting/window furnishings say 2k Lounge say 3k Screen say 1k Projector say 5k Speakers and wiring 3k Subs say 2k Avr/bluray player 2k Theres 20k for a reasonably good set up, could easerly blow out to 25k. Lighting? Riser? Room treatments? 15k will get eaten up very quickly.
  4. Home theatre rookie

    THX Video Calibration Sydney

    So.. did this end up happening for anyone? I havent heard anything?
  5. Home theatre rookie

    Entry level popcorn machines for home Cinema

    Im also interested in that excact machine but worry my subs will shake it about and introduce rattles....
  6. Home theatre rookie

    FE rack FE rack

    I can think of other racks for much less money that produce much more enjoyment. For me atleast...
  7. Home theatre rookie

    FE rack FE rack

    Ill be the ignorant one and ask, what does a $12,000 2 shelf rack do? I mean, sure it holds 'stuff' but why the price tag?
  8. Home theatre rookie

    Switching off gear at the power point

    Prettu much every diesel engine these days has an automatic dpf.... 1200 to 60 litres of diesel isn't anything exceptional. Mercedes and bmw have had thise type of figures for the last 10 or so years. As well as 500nm if torque from the word go...
  9. Home theatre rookie

    Switching off gear at the power point

    I switch off all my gear at the surge protector. Power point stays on. While were off topic, euros specify 95 octane. You can void your warranty of the fuel system. E10 298rwkw (and no longer tuned to run on it) 98 320rwkw E85 334rwkw 98 gets the best millage. E85 the worst.(were talking 100kms worse). Best for km per litre is diesel...
  10. Home theatre rookie

    Epson tw9300 3d glasses

    Great price!! Cheers janjuc.
  11. Home theatre rookie

    Big bass in corners of room....

    Thanks for the complement swervyn. Im quite pleased with the room. Still a rookie compard to some of these guys around here. ?
  12. Home theatre rookie

    Big bass in corners of room....

    Because it seems uneven and a waste. Not really a problem per say but if i could redirect that bass (which i now understand cant be done) that would have been great.
  13. Home theatre rookie

    Big bass in corners of room....

    You must miss understand. The bass is perfectly fine in seating positions. The bass is bigger in the corners of the room. I was asking if that bass could be redirected rather then just trapped. I have plenty of gain adjustment plus yapo set the dual 15's to 0db. Trust me, if i wanted more i could just turn it up. Its just me been a bit OCD with the bass bouncing around in the corners. Cheers.
  14. Home theatre rookie

    Big bass in corners of room....

    I thought that was the case but was wondering why it was a question. Yep yamaha with yapo or what ever its called. I've ran that, then adjusted to suit. Mainly just turning up atmos channels and centre channel a few db each to what was set. I dont think theres anything there to help with corner bass is there?
  15. Home theatre rookie

    Big bass in corners of room....

    Yes i understand that Fred. Cheers.