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  1. Home theatre rookie

    3 teir tempered glass equipment rack

    It misses out by 1 cm. No problem with height or width but the bottom teir is only 43cm deep, due to the 2 rear 'supports'. I run my AVR on top and recommend to so it can breathe. As you know, a lot of heat comes out of the top of those boxes.
  2. Home theatre rookie

    3 teir tempered glass equipment rack

    South west. Im happy to deliver for a small fee.
  3. Home theatre rookie

    3 teir tempered glass equipment rack

    No takers? $80
  4. Home theatre rookie

    3 teir tempered glass equipment rack

    It is a great floor, cheers guys. Price drop $90
  5. Item: 3 teir black tempered glass equipment rack Location: south west sydney Price: $100 Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: no longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, cash on delivery Extra Info: Here is my black 3 tier tempered glass equipment rack. No Longer using as ive bought a new one. it messures 480mm tall × 500mm deep × 1000mm long. It is deeper than most of these types of racks and can fit the depth of even the biggest AVR's easily. Priced for a quick sale. Can deliver for a small agreed upon fee. Pictures:
  6. Home theatre rookie

    The Ridge 4K ATMOS THX Ultra II Cinema

    Very nice ht mate. Very neat with some nice room treatments. I have to ask, why did you opt for such a small screen? And what was the reasoning behind putting the projector cables under the shelf opposed to above and out of sight? Would love to see some shots with the projector on.
  7. Home theatre rookie

    PSA sub amp blown?

    I would also buy PSA subs again. They're great. But i wouldnt buy one with the cheaper, lower quality bash amps. Do they still actually sell any woofers with bash amps installed?
  8. Home theatre rookie

    PSA sub amp blown?

    Good to know Christopher. Also, they no longer sell this subwoofer with the bash amp and only offer it with the ice amp installed. Must have had to many issues.
  9. Home theatre rookie

    Bowers & Wilkins New 600 Series Range for 2018

    Is it just me, or is the new centre a some what a down grade from the original htm61 centre?
  10. Home theatre rookie

    Will a top level Aventage power B&W 702 s2?

    I would do the opposite... I would bi amp and bi wire the L and R off the 3070 and use the power amp to power the 4 atmos channels. Creates an even sound all powered from the same source. Fronts powered by a different amp to the other speakers in ht sound diffetent to the rest. A bi amp'd 3070 will power the 702's just fine. 🙂
  11. Home theatre rookie

    Thoughts on an amp for B&W 685s2?

    Agree with above. Yamaha also go's well with B & W.
  12. Home theatre rookie

    what size screen

    Dedicated room i assume? A 120 inch screen would be a nice size and leave enough room for some speakers either side. If the walls and ceiling aren't going to be painted in a dark flat/matt colour paint, 100 inch would probably be better.
  13. Home theatre rookie

    Home Security Advice

    Was it really clear as day? I ask because i find my 2 way audio a bit laggy. It works okay but i find theres about a 4 second lag. Arlo is the best wire free cam/system by far. I also bought the solar panel for one of my cams, keeps the battery fully charged indefinitely.
  14. Home theatre rookie

    Home Security Advice

    Arlo pro 2 is the way to go imo.
  15. Home theatre rookie

    Center speaker for B&W 685 S2's

    A third 685 would be ideal. Otherwise the HTM61 is a sweet centre speaker.