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  1. After listening to ue booms, jbl's and Bose at jb hi fi, i bought a Bose Revolve+. the others were a boomy mess. When compard side by side the Bose is much more composed. For kids at the beach, those jbl's are winners but portable quite back ground music, the Bose Revolve + kills it. not a bad speaker for the size and price paid. $439 at jb but price match amazon au for $285 and ill have to add, im not a Bose fan. "no highs, no lows, its gota be ......"
  2. Oh yes. So one mono block per speaker. That could work.
  3. Im trying to work out what thses could be used for?
  4. That V3600i sure is tempting at that price! Im just not sure if it would be much of an improvement on the XV30FSE? Lonewolf - i have a PSA XV30FSE that weighs around 75kg's, its a big bulky box. The black finish makes it very easy to move around on carpet but a trolley would be an absolute must if going up a flight of stairs.
  5. I've opened one up.... Tweeter and mid appear to be original but definitely not the original woofer....
  6. Wow, that bad!! I didnt think they were anything really special but thought they'd be better than "shed speakers". Thanks for the "Matsushita" info, it gives me some more research material. do different woofers change that much? Im going to unscrew one and take a look.
  7. Hi guys, I have been given some vintage technics floor standing speakers. They seem to be in great condition for there age. Im guessing late 70's/early 80's? Are they worth much? Google doesn't seem to have much info which makes me think they're either quite rare, or not very good? The "10 inch woofer" seems to have been replaced. I might unscrew one and take a look at what the driver is. are they worth posting in the classifieds? anyway, a picture speaks a thousand words......
  8. Yes, i understand that but a slight tweak would be better than factory would it not? Not wanting to hijack this thread but I understand its not a one shoe fits all calibration but is there a generic 9300 calibration i could follow floating around?
  9. Does this calibration work with the 9300? Could you post a link please. Congrats on the new projector, picture looks very sharp!
  10. This is a fantastic projector, may i ask what the newer model has over it that has you wanting to upgrade?
  11. I run 4 atmospherix connected to an emotiva pre for atmos duties. I also play 11 channel music when listening to cd's. You wont be disappointed if you go this route.
  12. It misses out by 1 cm. No problem with height or width but the bottom teir is only 43cm deep, due to the 2 rear 'supports'. I run my AVR on top and recommend to so it can breathe. As you know, a lot of heat comes out of the top of those boxes.
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