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  1. Haha, your thinking about smelling a penis cover!! 😁
  2. Bowers & Wilkins HTM61 S2

    I have the series 1 of this speaker and think it sounds great. Dialogue is precise and clear and doesnt sound tiring. I have the speaker bi wired but not amped. Id recommend it.
  3. PSA sub amp blown?

    Will do. Keen to hear your thoughts compared to the pb1000 too. The thing will rock up on a pallet 😁
  4. PSA sub amp blown?

    Yeah thats it. Pete has been more then helpfull. Its really disapointing its happened but it's been treated quite well, so i cant complain. Did you end up buying a demo model from Pete also? Its an awesome pair of subs for home theatre and sounds awesome to me with music too. I will update this thread when the ICE amp arrives.
  5. Subwoofer under 5k - mostly music

    Is there measurements used to find out if a sub is good musically, or is it personal preference. Back in my car audio days, 3 plus 8 inch subwoofers where considered the best musically, then, in recent times, home systems with large drivers not working very hard are considered "good for music". Is it personal preference? Does it simply come down to woofer type, or the cabinet its in? Is it a power thing (quality/amount)?
  6. Subwoofer under 5k - mostly music

    Ikr. Im surprised at the suggestions tbh.
  7. Eagles greatest hits Vol 2 jp please...
  8. 4K enhancement greyed out

    That is interesting - Thank you. It is a possibility, ill have to check out the bd player's settings when i get a chance. Do you think that would over ride the pj's 4k enhancement setting?
  9. 4K enhancement greyed out

    Yep...... Still unable to select. 🤔 Im not complaining about the image quality, it's brilliant. But i dont understand why the feature/s aren't working. 😐
  10. 4K enhancement greyed out

    Yep. Tried that. No luck, hence the thread.
  11. 4K enhancement greyed out

    Yes, that is correct. Sometimes issues like these are caused by menu settings. Sometimes they are not. Sometimes they are caused by other things. And yes, "it could be something as simple as a setting in the pj itself" any idea what setting? What im trying to find out is what is causing this issue. Just as i thought, pluging the bd player directly into the projector didnt change the projectors menu offerings. Does anyone who knows anything about the epson tw9300 know why 4k enhancement isnt hilighted to be selected when playing a standard bluray disc?
  12. Another sub calibration question

    I belive the standard is to run the crossover from the AVR having the speakers crossover at 80hz and all the speakers set to small. Works for me.
  13. 4K enhancement greyed out

    Yep correct. Standard bd's arent able to use 4k enhancement. Nothing is able to use 4k enhancement as it's greyed out as shown in the pictures above. - Epson tw9300 into - yamaha rx3083 into - sony x800. I wouldnt think the 3083 would affect 4k enhancement, why would it? Its the standard way the projector is ment to be connected. Via an AVR. Ill see what happens when i plug the projector directly into the bd player.
  14. Subwoofer under 5k - mostly music

    http://www.deephzaudio.com/Power Sound Triax T-18 product page.html 4000wrms. Typical in room extension 7hz! Id say (guys correct me if im wrong) this is the most sub (new) you'll get for your money.