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  1. Yes true they aren't, but I meant at least with a new longer cabinet and re locating the front drivers at the far ends of the cabinet (essentially same location as where the bookshelves were), it would do a similar job in separating the front 3 channels.
  2. If I make the cabinet same length as the TV unit and locate the front drivers towards the edges, surely it would? When I had book shelves on edge of TV unit it gave off image.
  3. I've had a better idea, building a new and longer cabinet. Would the sound differ if going from aluminium to timber casing?
  4. Speaker cabinet makers

    I'm also looking for a speaker cabinet maker but in Sydney, any recommendations?
  5. Hi All, new here love the site. I have a Paradigm Millenia 20 Trio Passive Soundbar hooked up to a Yamaha rxv381 amp, the bar sounds amazing and has a lot of power and clarity but my only issue (which I was warned about) is that I don't hear enough separation from L & R channels, they're all too close together. Long storey short, Mrs wasn't happy at all with 3 separate channels, in walls, slims or satellites so I went with the passive soundbar option and agreed to only bring out the surrounds when watching movies etc at night, which is fair enough because we have 2 kids under 3 and it's the family room after all. So I've been doing some research and thought of the idea of adding tweeters in series to the L & R channels and placing them subtly somewhere around/behind on the far ends of my TV unit, just so I can at least get a decent separation and actually hear stuff distinctively from L & R. I've posted a picture of my setup. The living, dining and kitchen is a big open area, which doesn't help with my issue. I really regret buying the soundbar after all this and just wish I did more convincing to my wife for at least the Paradigm Cinema CT or Millenia 3.0 speakers. All input is welcomed and I appreciate your help.
  6. Hi from Western Sydney

    Thanks Djb 😊
  7. Item: Paradigm Millenia 20 Trio Passive Soundbar Location: Sydney NSW Price: $1100 down to $1000 Item Condition: As new condition with all accessories for on shelf or wall mounting. Reason for selling: need money Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The bar performs extremely well and has an impressive sound field even though it has L, R and centre channels running through it. Full specs can be found here: https://www.paradigm.com/products-current/model=millenia-20-trio/page=specs Have only had it for a few days but have buyers remorse and need the funds now. Rrp $1700. Can provide original proof of purchase for warranty which has only just begun. Pictures:
  8. Oled

    After checking the website it was minor changes it seems. 1. Improvement 1) Added notification pop up for when app is no longer supported 2) Change in background image of no signal screen 3) Change in Amazon HDR mode 1) is interesting, pretty early to be losing support for apps, I wonder what 3) is about? We already had Dolby Vision, new version of DV maybe.
  9. Hi All, name is m0usju1c3 and have just signed up. I've been an audiophile for as long as I can remember being very fussy and particular on how my AV devices perform and making sure they are outputting the best possible format/codec! I'm mainly watching movies and playing video games. My setup is: TV: LG OLED65B6T Amp: Yamaha Rxv381 Sub: Yamaha 10" 100w (forgot model, front firing) FR&C: Paradigm Millenia 20 trio 3 channel passive soundbar Surrounds: Klipsch B-20 Bookshelves Ps4 and soon high end PC I'm from Western Sydney so if there are any events I would be interested in coming along. Look forward to meeting you all on the forums.