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  1. Should be installers that foot the bill on this.........Definitely their mistake. Threaten them with legal action..........
  2. HI guys, Been a while since i've done some posting....... Still loving my N5. Still blows me a way how good this projector is. Got one of the 1st in Aus from everyones friend Oztheatre. Chalked up 1665hrs so far, so might look at getting a bulb in the not too distant future. Hope everyone is enjoying there projectors and enjoying lots of movies in isolation...... Stay safe MIchael
  3. Gosh darn it...... I’m thinking of selling off all my 3D titles, but still thinking of holding onto them and getting the glasses and emitter. Decisions decisions. Lol
  4. Low medium high....... settings a lot better today
  5. Quite liking it on high myself. Auto seems to have on the low mode that I’ve noticed so far. Definitely better once I figured out how to turn the optimization off on the Panasonic.
  6. So people who are using a Panasonic 820/9000, are you using the optimizer in the settings or turning it off. Thanks
  7. Auto myself also........ Forza horizon 4 looked stunning on the Xbox x also.
  8. Ok a few shots with it on and off(taken with an iPhone 8+). So far I’m quite impressed with it. A lot more content to test with yet.......
  9. Got it going and looking good on my N5. Might put a few random picks up later.
  10. A little more info on it today...... https://www.avsforum.com/forum/#/topics/3089022
  11. Interesting over on avs that there is talk that the next firmware for these projectors is going to be pretty significant. When ever cedia or ifa is on they will be showing it off. The rumor is a hdr 10+ coming(dynamic tone mapping) to the nx line, but we’ll see.
  12. No I don’t. So I can’t try that at all. Hasn’t come back since Sunday, but I’ll do the firmware update soon and hopefully never see it again......
  13. Got the green prison bars across the the screen today. Right at the end of avengers end game during the credits. 500 odd hours on v2.01 so might be time to update the fw
  14. Have a N5 myself and absolutely love it. Coming from an old epson myself and still so blown away. Had it now for 6-7 months with 500 hours on the globe. Just got a panasonic 820 4k player as i was using my xbox X for movies and games the pany does a great job. Double tone mapping looks dam good and looks a little sharper than the xbox. No regrets. Goodluck
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