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  1. I have a JVC N5 and love it. Great bright picture and plenty of detail. I came from an Epson Eh-6100W and enjoyed it as it was my 1st go at getting a projector. Night and day difference but still enjoyed. I hear good thinks about the epson so best bet would to try and demo them if you can.
  2. Well got as new lamp and all running good. Thanks very much OzTheatre for your help. Much appreciated.
  3. Don't happen to have any lamps oz? For a N5
  4. Well the company I purchased a lamp from did the dirty and just refunded the amount I paid for the lamp with No confirmation or email. Also they jacked up their price by another $600......... Not happy Jan.........
  5. Nope nothing at all........Just on 3000 hours so I was looking at getting a new globe. Just hope it all good when I fire it up.
  6. Yer not thrilled that the globe shattered inside the unit. Pulled it out and found plenty of glass fragments in the unit. Hopefully it didn't stuff anything up for when the new globe comes. Still can't believe JVC website doesn't even have the globes on there for sale.........
  7. Ohh bugger.......my globe just went pop. Scared the jeebus out of me. Digital cinema looks like about it at this stage. Long wait to get the globe of amazon as Javs mentioned earlier. FYI just over 3000 hours for the globe......luck of the draw
  8. Out of curiosity warroon, what projector are you using?
  9. To be honest it has dropped of a bit but not massively. Still pretty happy with the output. But I don’t have a light meter to check sorry
  10. Very interested on how you go with the 1st option Javs. Getting up to 3000 hours on my N5 now so better start getting something soon myself.......
  11. This sounds really good.....hoping it delivers
  12. Should be installers that foot the bill on this.........Definitely their mistake. Threaten them with legal action..........
  13. HI guys, Been a while since i've done some posting....... Still loving my N5. Still blows me a way how good this projector is. Got one of the 1st in Aus from everyones friend Oztheatre. Chalked up 1665hrs so far, so might look at getting a bulb in the not too distant future. Hope everyone is enjoying there projectors and enjoying lots of movies in isolation...... Stay safe MIchael
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