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  1. I myself have an N5 and absolutely love the image it puts out. Worth every penny I paid. Chalked up about 280hours.
  2. I’m seeing these green strips pop up on my n5 of late. Only happens when watching YouTube on the Xbox x.
  3. Well with a lot of negativity I’m still loving this projector....... Pictures taken on my iPhone 8+
  4. Thanks mate..... might get one to try.
  5. Just curious has anyone tried Panasonic ub-420 uhd player. Is it very similar to the 820 that everyone on Avs is going on about? Enjoying the quicker startup since the update.
  6. darn it........I've only got a N5 lol
  7. I’ve heard from a supplier that it would be around april. But no firm date yet
  8. Just wondering with other’s running the new projectors. When watching a 4K hdr Blu-ray are you finding low lamp is ample to run these movies. Projector is 4.1 mtrs to a 120” screen. 1.1 gain.
  9. Item: 3 X ELPGS03 3D GLASSES + 1 X KIDS 3D GLASSES that work with Epson projectors Location:Adelaide Price: $50 each or the lot for $135 (including the kids glasses) Item Condition:In very good condition (hardly used) Reason for selling:Sold my Epson projector so no longer require. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: 3D glasses to suit selected Epson 3D home theatre projectors. Enjoy 3D adventures from any seat in the house. Line of sight is not required with the included RF 3D glasses. Rechargeable for up to 40 hours of battery life, these innovative glasses have a 3-minute quick-charge feature for up to 3 hours of battery life. Pictures:
  10. Hope they release a new firmware very soon. Takes almost 2 minutes to boot up which seems a little excessive. But still loving it. Certainly messing around with it, and can see the blooming on the end credits if i get a bit closer.
  11. Do anyone know if we are going to get the same deal as the Americans and Canadians and get a free globe like they are........ Would be nice.
  12. Davo no yellow tint on mine that I could notice.
  13. Got it up but holy smoke it was heavy....... Currently running 1.18 firmware and needed 1 click red and blue to align. Colors are so bright and the blacks look so good. N7 must be bloody amazing. Plenty of content to look at this weekend and I’ll have a look at the yellow tint that Davo mentioned.
  14. Very nice Davo. Hope to have my N5 up and mounted this weekend so I can start setting up properly. But still enjoying it on the table behind the lounge on top of its box lol
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