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  1. I will buy please if you don't mind popping them into your local post office, I am in perth.
  2. Item: Cambridge Audio DAC Azur 851D Location: Perth Price: SOLD plus shipping (roughly $40 Aus wide) Plus Paypal if required. Please note this is a quick sale no haggle price. Item Condition: Excellent, like new, one small mark on the top Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer Extra Info: Purchased from SMA member early September and was purchased by SNA member May 2017 All images are of the DAC being sold. I have used SNA members photos as they are a lot nicer than I could have taken and the unit is in exactly the same condition that I bought it in, I am sure @AlurkA wouldn't mind. Pictures:
  3. Muzza71

    Bladelius embla

    Hi @vinnie6968 The unit has DL on the rear panel, so would this be the basic disc less model unable to rip and store cd's? If so may pay to put DL in item description as it seems googling suggests this was released in 3 models.
  4. Definitely not 4k capable, unfortunately I learnt the hard way. I bought 4 x 4k movies went home popped the first one in and.....was horrified to learn it only upscales, those 4k movies never played on the Primare. I know as it was my player, paid twice was Flux Capacitor is asking for it btw. Thinking about buying it back as it is a great transport.
  5. SOLD Pending Payment
  6. Muzza71

    Kickass passive soundbars

    I use a Paradigm Millenia Trio 20, works really well for a sound bar. Comes with a good wall mount bracket. Perfect length under my Panasonic 55" Plasma. Bought from Lifestyle store for around $1200 delivered to Perth.
  7. Muzza71

    SOLD: FS: Yamaha AS3000 - Free Shipping

    Well done Cam, hopefuly Yamaholic finally got himself an AS3000 👍
  8. I would also consider a good dac plus cash. Let me know what you have.
  9. I will also consider sacd player with dac plus cash, USB thumb drive a bonus
  10. Agreed @Ray H just a little uber fi for my humble mancave
  11. Am I missing something @Highendlover999, add description and item title reference Kaluga
  12. Muzza71

    SOLD: FS: Yamaha AS3000 - Free Shipping

    All good Cam...Good luck with the sale mate... Buy with confidence 👍
  13. Item: Mola Mola Kaluga Monoblocks Location: Perth Price: $9000 Item Condition: Excellent As New Reason for selling: Champagne taste Beer budget Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer Extra Info: In excellent condition, happy to ship interstate as these are supplied in a flight case. Will consider cash plus a media player such as NAD M50.2 or Cocktail Audio X50. I mainly use a USB stick to listen to music so looking for a reasonably hi end device. Let me know what you have. Bonus if it has hdmi out and dac. Pictures:
  14. I use Poweramp app for android, has a really good equalizer and increases output over standard volume. Originally used it on my Samsung Note 5 and now on my Note 8. Has a free trial and only cost $5.99 for the app if you decide to go with it. Highly recommend. Regards Murray