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  1. Sure no probs they are yours 👍 I'll pm foe payment and pick up/Shipping info.
  2. I agree @seano given the power section is the same as the $6000.00 Amp2 and you get a whole lot more than just the preamp for $2500.00 less, it is a relative bargain 👍
  3. Item: Classe Sigma 2200i Integrated 200w Amplifier/Dac/HDMI RRP $7500.00 Location: Perth Price: $3500.00 Item Condition: 8/10 Ex Demo Reason for selling: Keeping my 50w Class A Integrated as I am unable to keep both. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought the Classe Sigma in March from West Coast hifi for $3500.00 on sale as an ex Demo whilst my Gold Note Integrated was in the shop being repaired. This is an outstanding performer with 200w at 8 ohm. Ity has bass management for your subwoofer and also has a comprehensive 6 way EQ function. Both Bass management and EQ can be adjusted to any HZ. I have shown photos of the settings I currently have set up with my Morel DIY 3 way bookshelves. I believe the adjustment is up to +3db. This is a fun Integrated if you like to fiddle a bit, if not just keep the settings set as factory settings. It has a built in Dac as well as HDMI inputs for 2.1 movies watching. It has a very user friendly app to control things like volume-bass-treble-filter-source-configuration. There is a great 15 min instructional video on Youtube for those interested. It does not come with a remote control but app replaces the remote, nor does it come with a CLasse Sigma 2200i box as West Coast supplied it in a Classe AMP2 box. I am asking $3500.00 for the Integrated as this is what I paid only a couple of months ago and am passing on the savings to someone else. Their are a couple of surface scratches on the casing which is pretty much standard fair when purchasing ex demo hifi goods from hifi outlets as such massive discounts. No marks on the facia though. More than happy to demo to Perth locals and can ship for roughly $50 insured. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Item: Morrow Audio MA7 XLR 1m Interconnect Pair Location: Perth Price: $500 + shipping Item Condition: Good 8/10 Reason for selling: Using RCA cables Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These are the original silver over copper cables. I had these made with the white sheath rather than the black. Will be supplied with the Morrow Audio cloth bag. These cables are very flexible. The RRP for these are USD $1399.00 plus shipping and import duties and taxes. Pictures:
  5. Item: Morel Supreme Tweeter ST728 Pair Location: Perth Price: $350 + shipping Item Condition: Good 8/10 Reason for selling: Converted 2 way bookshelf MTM speakers to 3 way using Morels new TM 4055 tweeter midrange dome plate Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Superb Tweeter from Morel. I purchased these April 2018 for my bookshelf speakers, these are in very good condition. There are a couple of marks around the screw holes as can be seen in the photos but does not impact performance in any way. These have a 72mm face place so can be placed close to the midrange driver. 8 ohm. Roughly USD $420 a pair plus 20% import taxes and duties and shipping so roughly $650 landed in AUS. Happy to ship at buyers expense which will be around $25.00 Pictures:
  6. I don't have measuring tools hence the reason I am using plug and play crossovers. Yes I am using the exact same enclosure, the baffles are interchangeable which allows me to experiment with a 3 way . I will be using the current 2 way crossover if possible and adding a dedicated bass crossover. This is the question I am asking forum members - will adding a bass crossover to my 2 way crossover work, and if so, how would I connect the 2 crossovers together.
  7. I intend on converting my mtm 2 way bookshelf speakers to 3 way wtmw bookshelves, keeping the Morel tiw 634ft drivers ( 4ohm in series = 8 ohms) but using them as woofers and replacing the Morel ST728 tweeters with Morels new tm 4055-8 tweeter/midrange combo in a 150mm plate. I currently use a Kasun JX-22c 2650hz 2 way bi-wire crossover and am very happy with the sound. As i have reasonably little understanding in the crossover domain my question to the techy's is this: Is it possible to connect a dedicated low frequency crossover Kasun JX01c 680hz to my 2 way Kasun JX22c 2650hz crossover? And if so, how would i connect the 2 crossovers together? Also if connecting the 2 crossovers will the midrange only play from 680hz? Schematics for each are below. Thank you in advance for any advice provided.
  8. Great thanks @Mendes I will call tomorrow 👍
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