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  1. FS: Primare BD32 MK2 Universal player

    Your view @hotJ I'm sure there is stil l plenty of people out there still using disk format. Primare leaving the Aus market makes sales a little tougher I think.
  2. FS: Primare BD32 MK2 Universal player

    I'm very surprised as well @scobb, I would have thought at this price it would have found a new home by now.
  3. Item: Focal Chorus SW 800 V W SPECIAL EDITION SUBWOOFER Location: Perth Price: $900 Pickup only Item Condition: Great condition 9/10 functionality 7.5/10 cosmetically Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: This Special Edition Focal Subwoofer has the world famous 11" 27cm W composite sandwich cone. Bought in 2013 for $2400 has slight swirl marks in gloss finish but very hard to capture with camera. Powerful reasonably compact lovely looking subwoofer with the SE W sandwich cone. To get a Focal Subwoofer with the W sandwich cone you will have to step up to the Electra range and pay around $6000.00. Details from Focal Specification sheet. Bottom Firing Port. Front control Subsonic, Boost and Night modes. 350W Bash amplifier Max power 500W Acrylic body Black High Gloss Finish 32hz - 160hz Low frequency 27hz Adjustable LPF 40hz - 160hz Night Mode Subsonic Mode 35hz, 24db/Oct Phase Inverter Boost Mode +3db @40hz lfe (mono) and stereo input 456x324x426mm HWD 18.8kg Pictures:
  4. Item: Primare BD32 MK2 Universal Player Location: Perth Price: $1680.00 discounted price for stereonet subscribers, includes postage to Aus capital cities otherwise message for shipping quote. Item Condition: Excellent only 5 months old Reason for selling: Hoping to upgrade to Yamaha CD S3000 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought new from Lifestyle Store, I paid $2420.00 so a bargain at asking price, lowest price currently available online is $2600.00. Supplied with all original accessories: remote, owners manual, packaging. This is an audiophile quality music player which has only been used to play USB thumb drive and to watch YouTube. Disk drive has been opened only a couple of times. Advertised elsewhere. Donation to SNA if sold here. Pictures:
  5. Item: Oehlbach XXL Fusion Two B High End speaker cables 2m pair x 2 pairs One pair sold Location: Perth Price: $350 includes Express Aus Post and Paypal if required. Item Condition: Ecellent Reason for selling: Gone bi-wired with Oehlbach XXL Fusion Four B Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:These are Oehlbachs top of the line series of cables, in as new condition, each pair are only a couple of months old, very lightly used. Great opportunity to get a taste of high end cables for a modest price. I was so impressed with these cables that I upgraded to the bi-wired option. Will be shipped in Oehlbach boxes as per photos. I have 1 pair left for sale @ $350 as stated above with express shipping and Paypal if required. Pictures:
  6. Photos of actual item would help the sale.
  7. No No keep your eyes open for twice the satisfaction
  8. Copied from an online review And where it counts – on sound quality – the Primare has everything going for it, whether one plays concert or opera Blu-ray discs with DTS-HD or Dolby HD soundtracks, one of the growing range of audio-only Blu-ray discs, SA-CD titles or even CDs. This is a player capable of thunderous bass weight allied to as much agility and low-end speed as anyone could ever want, a treble fully able to make the most of the extended frequency range available on higher-resolution discs without ever becoming hard or strained, and the most appealing midband, combining expression and openness with a beautifully natural flow. That’s as true when playing music from an external drive, or streaming from a network: the Primare is dependent on the quality of the files it’s playing, and thrives on higher-resolution FLAC or WAV, but it’s not too hard on low-bitrate MP3s.
  9. Agreed....Which is why i originally had it in the audio section but was moved by a moderator i guess!! I used it primarily for audio.
  10. It certainly plays Aus BD's and upscles to 4K
  11. Haha yeh thanks for the heads up
  12. Item: Primare BD32 MKii Player Location: Perth Price: $2180 includes shipping Aus wide and Paypal fees if required Item Condition: Excellent 10/10 Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought from Lifestyle store early August 2017. Used primarily as an audio device to play music from my USB stick and to watch hifi reviews - music videos. Selling to fund pre-power setup. Original box and owners manual. Due to heavily discounted price I will not be taking offers. Donation to SNA as per usual once sold. Pictures:
  13. An offer has been made so these are SOLD PENDING payment.