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  1. Hi Brad, As i dont know decade etc of these records i would like to add. The Dehorning process some times but not often may be at fault. Also the quality of recycled vinyl is variable. Using a Shibata type stylus on previously played records that look clean but maybe not at the bottom of the groove. Elsewise it can be as simple as treble lift coming from somewhere that will make things more noticeable on some systems. Richard
  2. Down load the manual from the web site pictures are bigger. Yes it looks awkward thats why you have given up but it really is not it is just time consuming. Take your time do a jumper when your happy do another make notes if needed 4 jumpers and all done! You cant be going to shop trying different loadings or back to STD not practical and they may make mistakes! A magnifer can be helpful. Richard
  3. Hi Metal Beat, Early Linn cartridges were possibly made by Supex (to lazy to check my archives) Asak, Karma, Troika, I have email from David Griffin at Goldring to recon my Troika as follows. Replace Cantilever and diamond, Rewind coil, Replace tie wire suspension etc. GBP290. I always keep my posts to my actual experience. Richard
  4. Normally it is Goldring that does tipping /reconditioning on Linn cartridges. Richard
  5. Hi bigev, Without reading every single post you are over thinking this. The new brush should simply clean the old hairs off, hold the record vertical while you do it. NEVER use any rag and cleaning solution products WARNING! WARNING! The Spin Disc cleaner is cheap and quite effective and may even repair some of the damage you did with the cloth. Richard
  6. Apologies A9X I thought you were the original poster my comments refer to someone working with basically zero technical knowledge. Richard
  7. Hi AX9, It was a system design you dont have the design amp. Yes you can fool about with it maybe risking your amp or you can go straight to the end game NEW spks. God knows there are thousands of spk out there all different prices. Why is there conversation do you not value the makers warning? if not you may have a career as a design engineer. Richard
  8. Hi, These spk came off a Music centre and were designed to work as a system. Read what it says on the spk label -Use spk with ONLY the recommended system else amp damage may occur! Bin them immediately there is no sound reason they will even work as well as they did on the music center and you will solve all your problems. Richard
  9. H i, S, I have only read first page of this topic. You may have got slightly off course with the Ytuber it is not practice to put a full size sheet under spk or sub as the center of the bottom panel is where the resonance happens it is a must there is zero contact here or spk will sound muddy. Only use cnr support 20mm square or less depending on density under spk or sub. Or put a carpet square full size under them and use the original supplied feet (my preference). Richard
  10. Item: HI FI EQUIPMENT STAND Location: Brisbane Price: $175 Item Condition: As New Reason for selling: Not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: OAK SHELF WITH PINE LEGS 420W X 660L X 550H This Table was made specifically to sound good (not just as a support) As one of the last two of several prototypes it works very well equal units around $1000. Prefer pick up Pictures:
  11. Item: HI FI EQUIPMENT STAND Location. Bisbane Price: $275 Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: Not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Oak Shelves and Acrylic Legs (manufacture cost of legs was $195) 420W X660L X570H This Table was made specifically to sound good (not just as a support ) and sounds better than much more expensive units. Prefer pick up Pictures:
  12. Item: ISOTEK Location: BRISBANE Price: $495 Item Condition: As New Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: paypal Extra Info: INITIUM MAINS CABLE RETAIL $129 PREMIER EVO 3 MAINS CABLE RETAIL $249 POLARIS EVO 3 6 OUTPUT POWER CONDITIONER RETAIL $799 TOTAL $1177 SELL $495 plus shipping. Hi-Fi CHOICE 5 STARS GOOD VALUE Original Packaging Condition As New. They seem to work best using one Brand all the way through. Pictures:
  13. Item. Hi-Fi EQUIPMENT STAND Location: BRISBANE Price: $895 plus $25 shipping Item Condition: As New Reason for selling: Now to Small Payment Method: Paypal Extra Info: 1x Base Shelf 1x 210mm Shelf 1x 160mm Shelf ALL 40mm Thick Bamboo L600mm W400mm H550mm Best Equipment Rack 2016 WHAT Hi-Fi AWARDS Totally unmarked and now not big enough for my needs. RETAILS $2200 so a rare opportunity! Pictures:
  14. Hi, So much advice i dont know i should add to it have a look at the posts by EEGCUP and ANDYR my MDF stands have nothing more than folded glass fibre? speaker filler in them. Kitty Liter from the Supermarket will definately give you some idea where you should be going before you get to involved. Richard Tremain
  15. None of these cables are likely to be accurate even at twice the price. A cables signature is only relevant to your system sound when it is in place. Sorry you will need to test what you can borrow. Richard Tremain
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