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  1. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/mermaid-waters/stereo-systems/rotel-rb1582-stereo-amplifier-2-x-200watts-rms-8ohms-class-ab-/1223691587
  2. This is excellent advice. I used to own an x3300w myself - it is an excellent receiver and I wish I hadn't sold it. I guess the main question is - and pardon me for asking - do you really need an amp? How loud are you listening and what changes are you expecting with the addition of an amp? When I added an amp to my x3300w, I noticed a slight improvement in dynamics but the Denon itself was great for music/movies. Most listen at levels that require 10-20 watts max. That said I wanted to 'graduate' to an amp, and curiosity got the better of me so I went ahead and got myself a Rotel RB 1582 mk II. They are solid amps and I eventually went to a preprocessor/amp combo instead of an integrated amp because you will run into issues with proper sub integration using an integrated amp with HT bypass hooked up to your Denon. The other shortcoming with 2ch integrated amps is that almost all won't have room correction built in. The Denon will give you that if you don't mind the processing from analog input from your source back into the digital domain to manage xovers, etc. and then via analog out to your amp. Or you could just use digital input for music (optical, coax) as well and stay fully in the digital domain. IMHO my vote would be Denon ---> 2 ch Amp ---> L&R.
  3. Not really - I use the Auro 3D upmixer on stereo music streamed via Tidal. Auro 3D on jazz in particular sounds amazing, I generally prefer it to other upmixers as it is not 'aggressive' and you won't have the tin can / reverb effect that is common with other upmixers. The front stage always dominates and surround effects are subtle which enhances the music listening experience. Do try it :) Without Atmos speakers, you only get Auro 2D (still great) but adding Atmos speakers allows Auro 3D which sounds even better. However as I have only upfiring Atmos speakers I was wondering if what I was hearing really could be considered 3D surround with a bigger sound stage or just time smeared music that is not accurate as it is upfiring and not a discrete in ceiling speaker...
  4. Greetings While I am aware that upfiring atmos speakers can be a bit hit or miss for movies, I have heard that for music (particularly when using Auro 3D upmixer) it can enhance / open up the sound stage. In my own eperimentation I felt it did indeed open up the front soundstage, but what I don't know or have is a frame of reference - am I hearing a wider sound stage or just 'smeared' sounds which sounds louder? Please share your opinions especially if you have or have heard surround music on upfiring atmos modules.
  5. Mine are mini towers, they measure 32.6cm deep, leaving behind just over 30 cm from baffle to back of couch...which works well, within my constraints :)
  6. All great input from everyone - thank you. I have 65cm behind my couch (I had to pull it forwards) and managed to use bookshelves for side surrounds toed in from room corners and tower speakers now for the rears (thanks Betty). They barely fit with room, but I managed to put them together. All four speakers are positioned such that no matter where one sits on the couch, there is no speaker directly behind you - less localisation and more dispersion. I have removed the front upfiring atmos modules for now. First impressions are spectacular. I watched 1917 on BluRay (my AVR decided on Atmos upmixer when I chose auto). The separation that 7.1 provides really does make a difference, as Betty said that 'hole in the rear sound field' seems to be plugged. Obviously dependent on mixing, but I will try out with other material moving forward. Next was music (Karen Souza, Katie Melua). I prefer Auro 2D for music generally (sorry, purists!) but the ambience was terrific, it felt like the performers were there in front of you - and Auro 2D is never aggresive just very subtle but the surrounds enhanced the body and presence. Once I switched to stereo still great, but lost a lot of the sheen - it felt like the sound stage just shrunk and felt one dimensional. I guess I was surprised at the difference those rear speakers made despite having not much room to breathe. But here we are. If you can wing it - go for 7.1.x
  7. Thanks Betty. I would like to use the towers because these used to be my mains...I don't have any other stand mounts other than my previous 2 side bookshelves that have now moved to rear surrounds. I'll keep experimenting. When watching DTS Master Audio 7.1 or 5.1 do you recommend Neural X (or any) upmixing? I don't quite get why or how upmixing would work when you already have a 7.1 set up and the bluray is also DTS HD 7.1...so what is exactly is the upmixer doing in that case? Thanks!
  8. Thank you very much for this detailed post, Betty! I found it very useful. I am now convinced I need to hang on to my 7.1 bed channels and when the time is right I will consider a 2ch amp for my upfiring modules, and eventually move to in-ceiling. I am concerned the room is getting a bit too overcome with speakers I don't have too much room behind my couch, I measured 65 cm (2 feet approx). I have my rears behind, but my sides are just forward of the rears and are facing forwards (as they are towers there is not enough space to turn them sideways to face MLP). My sides have been elevated though, so the high and mid range frequencies are not overly obscured by the couch itself. With this sort of a layout (space starting to crunch in) is 7.1 still ideal if you can manage it? I can hear the separation very well on all channels without localisation and hotspots at the MLP. I know this is not exactly as per Dolby spec, but it's the best compromise at the moment without me either pulling the couch forwards further or downgrading to a 3 seater. Choices! Thanks again for your input.
  9. Thanks Betty - I am certainly keen to hear your thoughts, based on your years of experience Please do educate when time permits.
  10. Thanks for sounding off. I am using a 7705 prepro with 7 channels of amplification provided by Rotels. Using two 35xts for back surrounds and Motion 40s mini towers for the sides. The front firing modules are Motion AFXs and I believe these to be the weakest link as they sit on top of the fronts and are not ceiling mounted. My dual subs and center are well integrated atm - don't get me wrong I love the 7.1 for music but I think I might be missing out on the '3D' immersion from Atmos for movies with dedicated Atmos tracks - even using upfiring modules (which many say you might as well not!) I say this because Atmos effects can be 'steered' around vs. with 7.1 you are only going to hear what was mixed in those channels. As I only have 7 channels of amplification I will need to choose between 5.1.2 or 7.1.
  11. Thanks for your input - unfortunately that is not an option at this stage. I already have atmos modules I am trying to use...
  12. Hi folks, hope you are well. Which would you recommend for immersion in movies? I am having a hard time deciding between using front upfiring modules in a 5.1.2 atmos config or put to use an additional pair of bookshelf speakers in a 7.1 configuration. Going 5.1.2 will see me put away the 2 bookshelf speakers (for the time being) as I have only 7 channels of amplification (and therefore cannot do a full 7.1.2). I will be obviously conducting some listening tests but am seeking some advice here. I feel there is less native material in 7.1 than 5.1 so maybe atmos on 5.1.2 might actually be better but am usure. My room is about 5.5 x 3.5 so I can manage a bit of space behind the couch but not on the sides. Thanks.
  13. Greetings Why is it that the same track streamed from Tidal via an external DAC does not sound the same as it sounds when played via a good CD transport and CD despite Tidal HiFi being CD quality (44.1/16)? I am told the CD + transport option is superior quality (less 'glare' - whatever that means) but tbh my ears prefer Tidal streaming as I feel it has more clarity - maybe I perceive it as such because of more sibilance. Nonetheless, why do they differ in quality when they are both 1s and 0s going to the same external DAC and they are both 44.1KHz/16bit? TLDR: why do CD transports sound different compared to streaming, quality and track being the same? Thanks!
  14. Maybe stick a small round fresnel lens on the port It's recessed enough inside that the lens will further magnify the display. https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32234292310.html?pid=808_0000_0131&spm=a2g0n.search-amp.list.32234292310&aff_trace_key=&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=2245wrCfshWzUWUUG8L0EsUAQiCD4RumsedACvSVARSDQvs-UTCRqFwe3XoC3R5iE_VP1578990058285&browser_id=3adad7d06dc54ed8b08c2c2843071ef1&is_c=Y
  15. Interested in the Kraftwerk PSU if you're considering selling separately? PM'd.
  16. I know that @Sime was keen on bass management so I would wager he's got it hooked up to one of the inputs in section 13. BTW I am pretty sure it doesn't make a difference whether it is a 'CD' input or another input in section 13, correct? It sounded like you specifically meant the CD input. Thanks Betty!
  17. Thank you betty - this is all extremely good information. I suppose it doesn't make much of a difference that I run the Node with fixed output volume. I really appreciate all this insight from everyone, I will likely be reconnecting the inputs back in section 13 of assignable inputs (CD). Thanks!
  18. Thank you for this detailed explanation. 1/. If I connect sub directly from Node, I lose out on my second sub (only one sub out from Node). 2/. If I use the input for sub in from section 14 of the diagram, the prepro duplicates the signal to dual subs - would you say this is more ideal? 3/. I am looking at external DAC, so I do not want the 7705 to do the decoding...after the external dac (dac stacking) ... hence my exploration of different ways to connect it...
  19. Thanks for the input (bad pun!) Much appreciated. I had it originally hooked up to one of the inputs (CD) from section 13 Betty. But apparently inputs from section 14 are the only ones that bypass the Marantz dac. In other words no dac stacking, and what gets sent via analog from the Node goes through untouched...the marantz just auto disables audyssey in this mode. The reason I am performing this exercise is ... you guessed it, if I have an external dac, I don't want it to run through my prepro's dac again... If only I could get the subs to integrate well Sounds like I might have to just run my speakers full range...
  20. Thanks Betty. I have it set to attached subwoofer on the bluesound interface. To be clear, I am using the section marked 14 in the diagram below. I have only my node's LR attached to the LR input in. If I hook up a coax from the Node to 7705 I get a signal... Hope I'm not too OT....
  21. Thanks Betty! Just a bit puzzled I am not getting any sub out signal from the sub preouts from the 7705 when I hook up the Node LR to it via 7.1 ch in. Must be misunderstanding something here... 😕
  22. A follow up question - do you ever use the sub out from the Node 2i? Currently I have the analog LR from the Node connected to the LR of the 7.1 ch analog in of my pre pro. I can see there is also a sub in in this section (the .1 part). I do not get a signal to the sub if the Node's sub out isn't connected to the prepro in this topology. Assuming I connect the sub out from the Node to the sub in from the analog section, if I had an external DAC, does it matter that the sub still connects separately from the Node to the prepro's sub in and only the front LR connect from Node to Dac to analog LR in? I want to use my subs Apologies if this is not coming across as well articulated...
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