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  1. Greetings Why is it that the same track streamed from Tidal via an external DAC does not sound the same as it sounds when played via a good CD transport and CD despite Tidal HiFi being CD quality (44.1/16)? I am told the CD + transport option is superior quality (less 'glare' - whatever that means) but tbh my ears prefer Tidal streaming as I feel it has more clarity - maybe I perceive it as such because of more sibilance. Nonetheless, why do they differ in quality when they are both 1s and 0s going to the same external DAC and they are both 44.1KHz/16bit? TLDR: why do CD transports sound different compared to streaming, quality and track being the same? Thanks!
  2. Maybe stick a small round fresnel lens on the port It's recessed enough inside that the lens will further magnify the display. https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32234292310.html?pid=808_0000_0131&spm=a2g0n.search-amp.list.32234292310&aff_trace_key=&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=2245wrCfshWzUWUUG8L0EsUAQiCD4RumsedACvSVARSDQvs-UTCRqFwe3XoC3R5iE_VP1578990058285&browser_id=3adad7d06dc54ed8b08c2c2843071ef1&is_c=Y
  3. Interested in the Kraftwerk PSU if you're considering selling separately? PM'd.
  4. I know that @Sime was keen on bass management so I would wager he's got it hooked up to one of the inputs in section 13. BTW I am pretty sure it doesn't make a difference whether it is a 'CD' input or another input in section 13, correct? It sounded like you specifically meant the CD input. Thanks Betty!
  5. Thank you betty - this is all extremely good information. I suppose it doesn't make much of a difference that I run the Node with fixed output volume. I really appreciate all this insight from everyone, I will likely be reconnecting the inputs back in section 13 of assignable inputs (CD). Thanks!
  6. Thank you for this detailed explanation. 1/. If I connect sub directly from Node, I lose out on my second sub (only one sub out from Node). 2/. If I use the input for sub in from section 14 of the diagram, the prepro duplicates the signal to dual subs - would you say this is more ideal? 3/. I am looking at external DAC, so I do not want the 7705 to do the decoding...after the external dac (dac stacking) ... hence my exploration of different ways to connect it...
  7. Thanks for the input (bad pun!) Much appreciated. I had it originally hooked up to one of the inputs (CD) from section 13 Betty. But apparently inputs from section 14 are the only ones that bypass the Marantz dac. In other words no dac stacking, and what gets sent via analog from the Node goes through untouched...the marantz just auto disables audyssey in this mode. The reason I am performing this exercise is ... you guessed it, if I have an external dac, I don't want it to run through my prepro's dac again... If only I could get the subs to integrate well Sounds like I might have to just run my speakers full range...
  8. Thanks Betty. I have it set to attached subwoofer on the bluesound interface. To be clear, I am using the section marked 14 in the diagram below. I have only my node's LR attached to the LR input in. If I hook up a coax from the Node to 7705 I get a signal... Hope I'm not too OT....
  9. Thanks Betty! Just a bit puzzled I am not getting any sub out signal from the sub preouts from the 7705 when I hook up the Node LR to it via 7.1 ch in. Must be misunderstanding something here... 😕
  10. A follow up question - do you ever use the sub out from the Node 2i? Currently I have the analog LR from the Node connected to the LR of the 7.1 ch analog in of my pre pro. I can see there is also a sub in in this section (the .1 part). I do not get a signal to the sub if the Node's sub out isn't connected to the prepro in this topology. Assuming I connect the sub out from the Node to the sub in from the analog section, if I had an external DAC, does it matter that the sub still connects separately from the Node to the prepro's sub in and only the front LR connect from Node to Dac to analog LR in? I want to use my subs Apologies if this is not coming across as well articulated...
  11. Thanks Betty, for chiming in with your expertise. I am close to getting a Klein iii dac for pairing with the Node 2i. I imagine I'd require the spdif version
  12. I did a lot of research on the C 658. Variable crossover, HT bypass, room correction. Looks like a terrific spec sheet, let me know how it goes!
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