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  1. I have been through many iterations of thinking on this, I was in the same boat as you. I have also sought advice from more experienced members such as snoopy and betty. I'll outline what I think is the best solution. 1/. 2ch Source to preamp. 2/. Preamp to XLR input on a power amp that has both XLR and RCA (XLR must be true balanced). 3/. Sub out from preamp to Line Level in of sub (s) 3/. Dual or mono sub out from receiver or prepro to LFE in of sub (s). 4/. Preout L & R of receiver/prepro to HT bypass input of pre amp. 5/. When playing 2ch, the AVR is not turned on. A dedicated pathway exists from source to preamp to poweramp, with subs active via preamp sub outs to Line Level in. *** For this, select XLR switch on power amp. 6/. When watching movies, the pathway becomes AVR/prepro to preamp HT bypass to poweramp, with subs active via avr/prepro sub out to LFE in. This is all bass managed as usual. *** For this, select RCA switch on power amp. 7/. So - now we have 2ch sources with a dedicated pathway and full range subs. But there is the issue of bass management. You have 4 options here: A/. Manually adjust sub cross over dial to low pass frequency of choice when listening ro 2ch. Revert to full range LFE when watching HT. B/. Get a sub like PB 3000 which has crossover presets that you can adjust via a remote app, depending on 2ch or HT. No manual adjustments of the x-over dial on subs required. C/. Get a sub like the REL which has 'sticky' cross over settings only for line level in but automatically applies full range LFE lowpass for LFE in - thus keeping the x-over dial setting only for line level in. The SVS unfortunately applies the xover dial setting to both LFE in and line level in. D/. Get a preamp with a crossover built in, such as the NAD C 658. My preferred option would be D, as I love the Bluesound app and also because it does Dirac Live - but mainly because I only listen to streamed sources. It is a 'better Node 2i'. This I believe is the best solution IMHO for integrating 2ch and HT, as it keeps a dedicated pathway for 2ch + subs + crossover and you can switch to 2ch and HT by switching to RCA or XLR on the amp itself - *and* have bass management across the board. For anyone starting out, I'd give these points proper consideration before buying gear for future upgradeability. Good luck
  2. Thanks snoopy. What's the equivalent of Dynamic EQ on Dirac/NAD? Do you use it as well?
  3. I don't think there's anything super special about prime elevations - I'd say go for stand mounted ones as they can *also* be eventually mounted on the walls at a location of your choice once you know where to put them for best sound. Whereas with the primes I am not sure you can put them on a stand. With the right mount should be able to angle any bookshelf, so IMHO a stand bookshelf gives you more options to trial positions and commit to position when ready.
  4. Gene also reveiwed the x3600h - and called it one of the best 'pre-pros' on the cheap. Apparently the internal amps in this receiver fully disengages when hooking up the preouts. See the full video: And read the comments section. Good luck!
  5. Just curious if anyone's using the Auromatic upmixer for listening to music? What are your thoughts? Did you switch back to pure 2ch or keep it on? Which types of music recordings align better? Thanks.
  6. 2 x PB 2000s will have enough slam and pressurisation, no questions. However, if you can - go the PB 3000s. One of the cool features of that thing is the ability to select presets via a remote app. This means you can have dedicated crossovers set for movies and music. You will NO need to adjust the crossover settings dial manually when switching between 2 ch audio and HT if you ever combine HT and 2ch listening and require subs.
  7. Yup I'll try and source it from a local shop. Cheers.
  8. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience and describe what it could sound like. Shall give it a go.
  9. Thanks mate - sounds like at the very least I should try it, sounds like there's some room for actual perception in sound quality. It does concern me that dynamics could be worse off.
  10. Hi folks Is it worth investing in isotek power strips and power cables or do you consider this snake oil? Please share your thoughts especially if you own either. Thank you!
  11. Update: the newly released NAD C658 will fit the bill for my use case and price point perfectly. It has dedicated subwoofer crossovers AND Dirac. Still keeping my eye on the early reviews. https://nadelectronics.com/product/c-658-bluos-streaming-dac/
  12. Welcome to forums. Looks great, I love how clean and tidy the cabling is How do you find dual subs that are different in size and capability? Also...win on the 805 D3s! I can only dream about them at this stage in my audio journey. Keen to hear your impressions on them.
  13. Thanks for the input. I however do not understand how relay modification for switching the subs would help with independent xover settings which is what my problem is. With the connection set up as in my previous post there is no need to switch the sub. I am also not a big fan of modding gear I just bought on many levels, warranty issues being one of them. Apologies if I don't fully understand your post.
  14. Okay let me explain - I am trying to approach it from the point of subwoofer integration for both HT and 2ch. If I have HT bypass set up for my preamp, then when I switch from the AVR to preamp, I lose my subs connected to the AVR. To offset this, I can have the AVR connected to the LFE and one set of analog outputs from the preamp to the line level connection of the sub (one for left sub, one for right sub). The preamp would also directly be connected via XLR to my power amp. This way, when I am in 2ch mode, the AVR does not come on. It's a pure 2ch chain. When in HT mode, it works as usual. The problem is the xover. In 2ch mode I have to adjust the dial in the sub. But will need to reset it for HT mode. This manual process of adjusting the xover would be eliminated if my preamp had a xover setting dial, similar to my avr. It would have been great if the subwoofer's xover dial settings only applied to line in (but unfortunately it also applies to LFE in. Some stereo integrated amps do have it, but most 2ch preamps do not. AV preamps do, but not 2ch preamps.
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