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  1. I am super happy now that I less boxes and I love the sound atm. I did a fair bit of comparisons with the node 2i via analog, coax into my avr, preamp and finally into my avr pass through via preamp... honestly there was not much of a difference on the Rotel's flagship preamp (RC 1590)...tbh there were more negatives: no subs, and I could also hear an bit of noise / hiss when going through. I spent a lot of time isolating the cause but couldn't really pin point it.
  2. Thanks Snoopy I think you already drew me up a couple of diagrams and told me about the dsp route on proper sub integration on one of my earlier posts [emoji1][emoji1] wilk seek your advice for sure when going that way again. Interesting that one of the dealers I spoke to suggested plugging the node via unbalanced direct into the power amp and HT AVR also direct into the power amp via XLR and switch between the two as required. I would use one of the subouts an d maybe a y connector to double up. His point was the node acts as a preamp (switching and volume and dac) and source so why add another component in the chain... Ultimately I gave up because it would mean I would have to manually adjust the cross over on my subs each time I switch (my preamp doesn't have a cross over like integrateds) and I did not want to listen to 2ch without stereo bass / bass management. Other options explored were rca switches, y connectors and dspeaker. All said it was too much fiddling and more moving parts. As I await the pre-pro I must say I am actually happy with the node playing through my AVR (not even direct mode, it's running through audyssey). I know true audiophiles will disagree but I quite enjoy the way it sounds atm [emoji16]
  3. Thanks guys. I did battle with the 2ch preamp and proper sub integration with my HT and in the end I just gave up. The dealer was nice enough to let me return the 2ch preamp, and I ended up putting an order in for a Marantz 7705 prepro. Basically less hassle for sub integration and works great for both 2ch and HT. My node will now connect via analog and pass through the 7705 so I can get full MQA unfolding.
  4. Thanks mate - I have a good preamp currently being used in HT bypass mode...to clarify my question was if I moved to an AVP would it still make sense to keep it in the 'chain' of components or simply just use the AVP....I also believe the Node 2 is a preamp in its own right, so why plug in a preamp into a preamp into a preamp? Does the sound quality stay better when I use the Node with a dedicated preamp...
  5. Thank you the responses - much appreciated. PS: I currently use a digital source (Node 2) - would a 2ch preamp still be the best fit for sound quality?
  6. Hello members, I am one of those who has a mid-range AVR hooked up to a decent Preamp with HT bypass for dedicated 2ch listening on floor standers. So far, sounds good. Eventually I am considering going the route of a separate AV PreProcessor. If I do, do I still keep my 2ch preamp or just use the pre-pro for HT and 2ch stereo - i.e., hook up the AV pre-pro to the 2ch prepro in bypass mode? Or is this a no-no? Would like to know if I should trade in my preamp for a pre-pro or keep it and buy the pre-pro separately. Your inputs greatly appreciated.
  7. I bought interconnects from RedGum, and I'm very happy running them, from AVR to AMP. They actually publish specs for their cables (few do!), and you get discounts on bulk buys.
  8. Juat thought I'd revive this thread with my recent observations, I'd love to get your opinions please. I think I 'solved' the problem of integrating the sub, but not sure if it's the right thing to do so please chime in. So basically what I have done is from my node 2i, analog out goes to my AVR. As mentioned, the AVR is hooked up to 2 subs. Then from the Node 2i, digital out (coax) goes to my preamp coax 1. Preamp is hooked up to amp and speakers - but the input on the preamp is set to coax 1 (digital). When I play the Node 2i via with preamp on coax 1 input, the FL play as expected via preamp. But because AVR is also receiving an analog signal in, when the AVR is set to analog input, the subs kick in. Benefits I think are the x-over settings are correctly applied as part of room correction despite the signal being analog. Regardless, I have FL playing via the preamp and dual subs playing via the AVR. What do you think? Good or bad? Thanks!!!
  9. I don't know much by way of a scientific explanation. But I was made aware of it after watching this video:
  10. Definitely a lighter wallet [emoji1][emoji1] I wonder if you get any room correction at that price point. I'd expect Dirac ...
  11. One of the reasons I like the Rotel is because it has separate toroidal power supplies for the analog and digital sections...
  12. One I thing I learnt since this post is that bringing the LR speakers closer results in a phenomenon called 'mid bass coupling' - this apparently improves the mid bass performance (200-500 Hz). Thanks for your response!
  13. "...Not here to pick a fight, just to clarify differences, which are actually not really related to the OP's question..." Not saying you are at all it's only through discussion we can learn, so thanks for engaging by providing comments with your experience. Where I think I'm not articulating well is I'm talking about a stereo triangle within which the listener can move forwards / backwards thereby maintaining the soundstage in relation. Now at some point if you're so scrunched up, you will be against the TV - but I guess if that's the situation there are more serious issues with space I am under the impression the soundstage is maintained and 'scaled' with a stereo triangle that shrinks or grows with the listener always at the end of the equidistant triangle - and that most people can 'find their triangle' within their livong space. I believe you are saying this is incorrect? Re. your point about toe in not contributing to the stereo triangle, I stand corrected. You are correct - toe in, while contributing to the soundstage in some way does not influence the 'greater triangle', so to speak. Thanks for the clarification.
  14. Thanks...yes it's becoming increasingly obviously a separate pre is the way to go. The Rotel has a fixed gain feature (their implementation of a HT bypass) which makes selecting between AVR and pure stereo a simple matter of changing inputs via remote. Hopefully that should be easier to use in a shared living environment.
  15. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! Re. "...If you don't need many inputs but just outputs, you could ditch a Pre Amp altogether..." I was also considering a preamp because of a better DAC and the HT bypass feature which doesn't seem to be available in some more expensive external DACs.
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