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  1. I'm interested in purchasing this. Pm on the way
  2. I recently picked up a proton d1200 for under 400 which sounds great and plays stupidly loud and havent even wound it past halfway with some magnat vintage 720 speakers. Awaiting a new preamp to arrive any day now in the post to match it with. Was running an ax500 yamaha before that which sounded great with 85w a channel and can be had quite cheap. Running a rs700 yamaha receiver in the bedroom which i scored for a bargain 250 and got given a sweet pioneer turntable for free as a bonus! I do wish to try some of the sony es gear as stated above as I've only heard good things about them. Good luck in your search ☺
  3. Is there a purpose to sitting the cables on egg cartons off the floor?
  4. Hi there Dan here introducing myself. I have been getting into hifi for the past couple of years and am slowly upgrading my systems. I have a particular interest in yamaha gear and have managed to track down the separates to complete my system which includes an ax500 amp, kx500 tape deck, tx500 tuner and cdx500 cd player running a pair of magnat vintage 720 speakers. Also have a second bedroom system which includes a yamaha rs700 amp, marantz cd63 cd player running tdl rtl1speakers.
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