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  1. My local Op Shop coughed up these ones recently also.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I will remove and discard them.
  3. I got a bit confused when I spotted the quadrophonic copy of Dark Side of the Moon at the front of the bin as it didn’t make any sense that it should be there. When I pulled it out to have a look and Wish You Were Here was behind it I became even more confused. And so on, and so on. By the end of it all I was in a daze of incomprehension. I wonder how they ended up there in one batch? Death in the family? Acrimonious divorce/separation?
  4. These were on the same day at $3 each. All discs were perfect. I assume they were from same donated collection as the above Pink Floyd albums.
  5. Over the years of finding the odd surprise bargain here and there at my local Op Shop the universe aligned a couple of days ago for me. They cost me $7 apiece which is more than usual but I didn’t mind paying extra for these. All discs are in near perfect condition. I think I should give up checking again after this - I have used up all my luck for the next decade or two.
  6. Many thanks everyone. I'll get him to chase up all the suggested leads.
  7. A friend of mine has bought a pair of Tannoy speakers but isn’t sure what model they are (some sort of Monitor Gold Dual Concentric type maybe). Can anyone shed any light on what specific model they might be? Thanks.
  8. Thanks all. The budget went out the window as usual once we got listening. ”It couldn’t hurt to listen to the next up in the price range could it?” A pair of KEF Q150’s were what was settled on.
  9. Thanks for the reminder. 300 mm probably isn't enough space for a rear ported speaker. That helps to narrow down the field. Thanks Snoop for the "listening low" advice - something I've never considered. Cheers Rohan
  10. Thanks everyone. I'll get out and start listening.
  11. Budget: $600 (new only, no used as they are a gift for someone) Location: On top of mid height entertainment unit set against wall (would be about 300 mm space behind speakers) Room size: 5 m x 6 m (but seated listening position is about 2.5 m away) Amplification: Harman Kardon AV Amplifier Duties: AV, CD's and digital (MP3's, streaming) Music: Rock (nothing too extreme) and some classical Upgrades: Addition of a subwoofer at some point in the future Would appreciate any recommendations for a short list to audition. I have trawled the web and found the following: - Monitor Audio Bronze 2 - Polk TSX 220 - KEF Q100 (on sale) - Klipsch R-15M - Paradigm Mini Monitor - Tannoy Mercury 7.1 - Dali Zensor 3 (on sale) - Wharfdale Diamond 220, 10.1 & 11.1 - Castle Knight 1 - Elac Debut B5 Is there any I have missed which would be contenders and which ones listed should I concentrate on? Many thanks for any advice offered on this.
  12. All DIY - left to right and top to bottom. IKEA placemat/cork, leather/cork, bamboo ply, LP/skid buttons, leather/bamboo ply and lead cloth/cork.
  13. Given the state that I'm going to leave the top plate in when I mount it I didn't plan on leaving the upper plinth with a clean look - an engineered look will be all I will bother with for now. I do plan on trimming the lower "crossed" plinth up properly on the ends though. I'll post another image of the plinth(s) once I get them bolted together. I think I'll probably purchase a "back up" tonearm as well in case my home made unipivot ends up proving too difficult to set up and adjust - but I did need to try in order to satisfy my curiosity.
  14. My "legs" are 40mm diameter aluminium bar drilled and tapped at each end. I will drill holes at the corners of upper and lower plinths and bolt it all together. Your can idea sounds good. You could fill with epoxy resin and once set you could drill an appropriately sized hole in each end of the can and screws/bolts would "self tap" into it.
  15. Platter is one of the heavy ones - it's been removed, and stripped of flaking paint. Bearing was fine - disassembled, cleaned, relubricated and reassembled. New idler wheel ordered. Idler arm removed cleaned, cleaned and wrapped in clear PVC tube to reduce resonance. Motor seems quiet and smooth - it's next on the block for the cleaning and relubrication process. I think I'll clean the top plate but not repaint it - just leave it with a "rat rod" sort of look. I've started on a new plinth and tonearm (unipivot) to suit the top plate without modifications - the "crossed" lower plinth design will allow me to support the bearing housing from below. All a bit ambitious for a "first timer" I know, but we'll see how it goes.
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