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  1. They maybe small, but they are worth the dosh for the improvement imho
  2. beautiful ! .... why does all this lovely gear come up when I'm totally broke 😞
  3. yep, I'm reckoning that this will kick for the money. a crankin' core of a system
  4. thanks for that ... I had been thinking of installing PoE security, and wondered about it's impact on the music
  5. sure the whole system sounds better, digital as well. But the effect was more marked with pure analogue, and I wasn't expecting that.
  6. Yeah I know, but I've heard various incarnations of Snoops systems over time, and this is quiet & transparent / clean for sure .... so I'm not too sure how they do it either ... proprietary technologies
  7. I've just sent them an e-mail, and will await the reply. But if they ~ $1500 they might be out my league, well at the moment. (right in the middle of expensive house projects, and the audio budget has shrunk enormously)
  8. Just looking them up, it looks like they are a kit ... is that correct ?
  9. Yep, that's what I've found. Even if they weren't 'active', the sound improves sequentially as i removed each one .. damn interesting.
  10. good advice ..... go and try before I buy, and support a local store.
  11. Yeah, I'd see this recently, and that's why I mentioned Isotek. ... However, it does concern me that Kevin want's to spank me ..... I've never heard of that in audio gear review before, but I suppose there are people into all sorts of things, and that's OK 😳. So would the polaris be good place to start ? vs the relative benefits of jumping straight to the Sirius or something else ? Also I've read reasonable reviews of the iFi AC Purifier or the Akiko things, but that starts to sound a little voodoo-ish, but i can be convinced by voodoo if it works and is cheap-ish
  12. It's taken me a while, but I'm now realise how destructive those ethernet over power adaptors are. I've been stuck using these adaptors for the last couple of years because the house is double brick and it is a right pain to hardwire. But then I thought I probably manage to optical fibre through the cavity much easier, and so I'm been putting together a (test) cheap fibre network to serve up Roon on a Mac Mini in another room to a SoTM Neo Ultra. As expected, first impressions with a test set up are pretty positive for the digital side of system, and I'd decided that I will make the effort to wire it permanently when I get to a chance. All good, decision made. So then I switched over to the vinyl expecting very little or no difference. Oh, I was so wrong. The drop in the noise floor is incredible, soundstage has wider, and is more empty (more mud removed) but also focussed, if that makes sense. The gain is much more prominent - it can only be in the power improvements in the Graham Slee Elevator head amp & Musical Surroundings Nova II), which both have LPS supply. This kInd of makes sense to me, given the gain required from a LOMC cart I thought I had some reasonable power filtration (Holton DC Blocker + Thoroughbred power filter / sequencer), but they were no match for these evil, evil things ...... Yes I'd been told, and read about it , but I never realised how destructive they are to a good sound until now. I'm a late learner ! Anyway, the question that I have for the forum is what is the next cost-effective improvement that is worth a shot ? I'm open to opinions here. What are people's most cheap power improvements ? different power board ? I was thinking of trying one of the lower end Isotek boards, but interested in other options / suggestions.
  13. i really wish I wasn't in the middle of an expensive backyard blitz ...... GLTWS
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