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  1. glwts .... I have the same, and I'm not getting rid of them any time soon. great speakers !
  2. lumholtzii

    SOLD: FS: PS Audio DirectStream Junior DAC

    pics of the week, definitely !! GLWTS, altho not needed
  3. lumholtzii

    FS: Schiit Valhalla 2 amp

    I have one of these as my set up at work, modi multibit dac. A great way to block it the world, and get some work done. GLWTS
  4. lumholtzii

    Resonance vibration issues

    I tried this today. One pad was good, two were better. It's reduced boominess, and allowed me change the crossover to produce a much more even sound .... thanks for the tips !
  5. nice review @RussB
  6. lumholtzii


    nice idea - thanks
  7. lumholtzii


    Brilliant Jon .... just playing catch up !
  8. lumholtzii


    It's taken quite a while to figure out how much glue to use, and where to work from i.e. the outer to inner, or vice versa. I'm still struggling when coating the outer edge without going too far so that it catches when you pull it off. Also too much glue and it dries too slowly as others have said. Too thin it seems more likely to string / fall apart when lifting it off. Now here's another one - where do you start pulling it up ? I started first from the lead out track, but recently found it easier to minimising the stringing by persisting from the outside edge It's slow progress, and worth it for some pressings, and for others I've realised they were too far gone & probably not worth the effort. Onto my second batch of a dozen or so at a time (over a long w/e here in Melbs). .... Not too sure what the WAF is tracking at the moment with the current drying methods (upside down bowls), but I think she gets the idea of a vinyl 'facial'.
  9. lumholtzii

    Advice: Next steps for vinyl upgrade ?

    I thought I'd follow up this thread I started a while ago. I'm now quite glad that I took the advice of @andyr, @MattyW , and others that the equipment should be fine, and that upgrading might be a folly. I had made a few tweaks including Psvane tubes in the EAR, but last friday I received an off cut of stone kitchen bench & used some cut down squash balls underneath it ( .... soon to be replaced with complete ones for even better effect !). It radically changed the sound. I really thought the base was a very solid cabinet, and wouldn't cause grief, but I was wrong. I didn't need to flip gear afterall. This was cheap way of improving my vinyl sound without spending squillions. I'm a happy camper
  10. lumholtzii

    SOLD: FS: Turntable Weight by Turntable Lab

    I'll take it if you can post.
  11. lumholtzii

    SOLD: FS: Vibrapods x4

    Oh, you are quick off the mark !
  12. lumholtzii

    Vinyl disillusionment

    thanks for the offer Andy, probably just as easy to pick some up at the local sports centre ..... last time I used double yellow, but happy to take advice.
  13. lumholtzii

    Vinyl disillusionment

    Thanks Andy ! Yep, I get your logic ..... my next tweak coming up
  14. lumholtzii


    I was intrigued after reading this, and had to give it a shot this week. It works ! And cheap as. I've just got to learn to put less glue on the surface so that it dries more quickly .... Thanks for the tip !