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  1. that's quite a collection that you've been stashing away there 😉
  2. a lovely amp to had for a very good price
  3. thanks for the lead Mr Buzzard Stubble. this afternoon i've discovered Stuart McCallum, Dinosaur and Slowly Rolling Camera - new to me, and interesting stuff
  4. good selection here, try before you buy via Bandcamp
  5. Item: Apple TV 3rd Gen Location: NE Melb. 'burbs Price: $50 Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: upgraded to 4th gen 4K Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: A fully functional Apple TV with no issues. Upgraded, but really the only reason for upgrading was the speed of the video, not the audio, which is damn fine. The unit would ideally suit an airplay endpoint into a nice system that can accept optical or hdmi output. Prefer local pickup, but can post at cost Pictures:
  6. lumholtzii

    Tidal Holiday Offer

    can't beat the price, and if you use Roon it slides right in, which is real treat for those recordings that you thought you had once ...
  7. lumholtzii

    Tidal Holiday Offer

    yes, I'm giving a(nother) go for that cost. I had previously signed up for free intro, and then realised I had so much music anyway that I'd never get my $25 / m worth .... so I cancelled ... try again
  8. lumholtzii

    FS: 9 as new Windham Hill records

    wow .... it seems Windham Hill records are popular after all .... amongst some after all
  9. lumholtzii

    FS: 9 as new Windham Hill records

    I've just been re-virginising my WH collection and they sound great when they are cleaned up ....these would have been a bonus
  10. lumholtzii

    FS: 9 as new Windham Hill records

    @spider27 you are always so quick !
  11. lumholtzii

    FS: Magnepan 3.7R

    good luck with the sale @Maggie stunning gear, that will difficult to part with
  12. lumholtzii

    Linear Design 2500 amp

    I had one of these back as my first hifi system in my teens in the mid 1970's. It has emotional value and baggage, but not regrets, I wouldn't be going back .... I remember the pots in particular were awful.
  13. GLWTS Spider, very nice speakers at a top-value price.