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  1. I'd look out for a Cawsey Powerboard. They come up here SH occasionally for $200 to $250; they are about $500 new from Garry in Brunswick who custom builds them to his design. These are the base units with essentially a Kambrook outlet strip, and these spurred me on to check out even better ones that he can build to order (shielded case, shielded leads, etc.) Impressive increase in SQ ... IMO they are worth the $$
  2. These units do a great job, even as a USB de-crapifier without a separate power supply ! GLWTS
  3. Audio Principe Signature Power Cables x 4: 2 cables @ ~600mm & 2 cables @ ~800mm These cables require no introduction to SNA folks. An excellent, high performance cable at an affordable price especially considering the Furutech gold plugs. All cables are in very good condition with little or any signs of wear, but please take into consideration the short lengths and stiffness of the cables for your intended use. These cables are also very well shielded to minimise EMR. Have a look at the thread by @ikhuong where he tests a bunch of different cables.
  4. Me thinks this might be a bit of bargain. Looks like a good build. And Anthony's 'house sound' as you put it is so spot on. This will make someone very happy for not much coin. GLWTS
  5. I remember it well .... the beast that got me sucked into vinyl in the mid-70's ! GLWTS
  6. Further information: I bought this from @GalacticSoap several years ago and it lived up the expectations. A great Australian-designed and built amp by Hugh Dean / Aspen The previous owner provides background on the heritage of the unit & he had some great links so I've copied them below. You'll see it has the Darko tick-of-approval 😉 High Praise ! I also think the Darko review is correct on how it is very musical & renders voices very nicely, but also that It does appreciate more sensitive speakers. That was the only reason I moved on as I need mo
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