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  1. that was quick. good gear at the right price generally doesn't last too long
  2. agree .... don't let them go for a song (pun intended for a hifi forum)
  3. I cant believe the number of great speakers that have come up in the last week or so. PMC, Spendor, ATC, etc. Never rains but it pours. GLWTS
  4. when I started looking at the Matrix line a little bit bit more seriously I came across this. He loves reviewing dacs, and it's worth a look. It the X and Sabre-Pro, not the M, but it does have the Mytek
  5. No, but I'll very interested to see responses here. I would love to simplify my stupidly complex setup, and the 'M' is semi-serious option
  6. it's all here ... https://ifi-audio.com/products/ac-ipurifier/
  7. great pre, actually. love mine & I can 't see mine going anywhere in a hurry. hope the transaction is easy on both parties !
  8. sorry all ... distracted cataloging disks on discogs (finally !!) So yes the unit comes with a wallwart that powers it up and charges it. You can use it straight away in 'non-battery' mode and it's all good. When its fully charged a different light comes on and you can flip between the dc input or the battery .... however, you don't have to wait. it runs really well while it's not fully charged and it works off the battery, but really I'd leave it charge up for several hours or overnight before you went full tilt on the battery . But as I said before. It's a pretty good phono regardless. Hey, It's not top of the line, but to get that you need to spend stupid $$$ that are way beyond my beer budget 'hobby' limit too !!! The Nova sounds fine on the wallwart, and the gain in SQ from battery mode really can be a little academic, that's unless you are really getting in the 'zone' and settling in for a session .... well, at least that was my approach to using the battery mode. My thoughts and limited experience are that Andy is correct ... the load makes a huge difference to MC carts, I suppose as their outputs are really low ... perhaps take up his offer & play around if you like ? ... and/or put an ad in the 'wanted to buy' borrow short-term a MC phono stage locally in Sydney before you commit .... there are friendly folk around who might loan you something for a while, and a nice bottle of vino can go along way .... just a thought ! 😉 I'd also consider experimenting with the interconnects where you can. With such low level outputs, they can make a huge difference in my limited experience ... they can close various parts of the sound off, or allow it to shine. .... it's all about experimenting to find synergies in gear that make it sound right for you. that's my two bobs worth for the moment
  9. Thanks for the plug @markm1111, yeah it's a good one, and you should know 😉 .. No, it never sold, although I did sell the Geisler PSU that Clay made for the unit.
  10. If you have the real estate, that’s a lot of speakers for the coin.
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