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  1. lumholtzii

    Album I can't get sick of playing

    Always !!
  2. lumholtzii

    Album I can't get sick of playing

    ah, but the last chance texaco
  3. Agree. The Holton / Hulgich combo at the show in Oct was a winner for me.
  4. lumholtzii

    FS: Rel T7i

    i have a t5i as the 2nd
  5. lumholtzii

    FS: Rel T7i

    very musical sub. I picked up one recently on the boxing day sales & absolutely no regrets. damn good price. if i need another
  6. what ? I thought they were your keepers too ! It must be some helluva upgrade path that you are considering. btw @Snoopy8 is highly trusted seller GLWTS
  7. lumholtzii

    Album I can't get sick of playing

    https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/b7/Aerial_Boundaries.jpg Michael Hedges - Aerial boundaries
  8. lumholtzii

    Album I can't get sick of playing

    Gotta to love the Feats [emoji6]
  9. I'll take emmylou harris - cimmaron , linda ronstadt - dont cry now, & fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac if going
  10. lumholtzii

    FS: Benz Micro Wood H2 high output MC cartridge

    just damn, double double damn
  11. lumholtzii

    FS: Benz Micro Wood H2 high output MC cartridge

    damn, damn, double damn
  12. I should have also provide some idea of the digital set up - might be helpful. Roon Core on Mac MIni > LAN > SOTM SMS 200 Ultra Neo with clocked switch > Matrix SPDIF convertor > Exasound e32 dac
  13. Sure. Here goes: For me 4.5 is much clearer and more transparent across all frequencies. It's the usual thing of people describing the lift in the veil when introducing a new bit of kit into their system. It's like that, as if another layer has been removed been you and the music. And it's very pronounced across several different genres. There's also a total tonal shift for me: I found the 4.4 more warm and muddy compared to the 4.5, which is much more neutral. Initially it seems it's lost some of warmth but'd you'd hardly call the sound dry. It's a more cool, clear sound, with wider & deeper soundstage than 4.4. It certainly not at all harsh, very little digital glare. Bizarrely it actually feels softer than 4.4, and much more analogue-like . The soundstage is also wider and more sparse, yet the sound is more focused, possibly due a lower noise floor, as well as the different tonal setting / soundstage changes. Maybe not. I actually don't know why beyond what firmware upgrade indicates, and I kind of don't care right at the moment. This is easily the best digital sound I've got out of my system so far. All from a zero-cost firmware upgrade. Bargain. Happy camper ! Whatever those firmware engineers are doing, it's nice work that pays off in an improved music experience. I hope they keep doing more improvements like this.
  14. I actually did a roll back yesterday arvo just of interest. I had the old boot card sitting there. For me there is significant difference with the newer firmware