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  1. Hi Cafad, I have definitely considered this but unfortunately my cabinet prevents me from moving up the line due to the height and space for cooling. If it wasn't for that I would have a lot more options and I would probably be looking at the luxman range of gear.
  2. Thanks for your input blybo. TBH I don't mind if an amp isn't particularly civilized, I'm looking to capture the energy of a front row seat in the performance. However it needs to do this while retaining iron grip and control of 4 x 12" drivers. Interestingly, with my Peachtree, I can turn the music up seriously loud and it never loses its composure in the bass or treble. Just gives very even handed presentation of the music as high as I can stand to listen to it, but in all instances compared to the Naim, Roksan and Accuphase amp's it sounds thin by comparison with less fluidity and ease of reproduction. All of those amps that I like though sound great at low volume but seem to become hard edged when turning up the dial. I'm starting to wonder if these amps are pushing the compression drivers on my spatials to reproduce frequencies they haven't been asked to perform before. Maybe the compression drivers need further running in with these amps? Maybe my Peachtree rounds of some of the frequency extremes... Any other spatial owners here had similar experiences?@luc
  3. So today one of the SNA forum members kindly came over to my place with an Accuphase e260 with DAC40 module. What a beast of an amp! Never heard my speakers sound so engaging at mid-low volume. Two issues however prevented me from pulling the trigger. When increasing the volume (never got past 10.30 on the dial) the treble on my usually incredibly smooth speakers became a little hard and shouty, and the bass became a tad muddy. Despite this, the speakers sounded, rich, powerful, musical and was no doubt an improvement on my own Peachtree Nova 150, especially in the DAC section. The search continues but I'm getting closer. Still dying to try out Parasound, Hegel and Moon... Anyone in Perth with the above that want to bring some great up for a listen and a beer?
  4. Brendon Foster

    Listen to Spatial Triode Masters in Perth?

    I had thought about that, hadn't tried it though. Will email him this week. I tried asking another dealer a similar question recently with no response.
  5. Hey everybody, Just wondering if anyone out there has a pair of Spatial M4 or M3 triode Master at home in Perth. I own the M4 turbo S and am considering upgrading to the M3 TM but unfortunately I can't get a demo anywhere in Perth. If you have a pair of the Triode Masters, I'd love to have a chat about your experiences or even come and have a listen if you are amenable? Looking forward to your responses. Brendon.
  6. It looks like it's gone already unfortunately... [emoji52]
  7. Brendon Foster

    Building first hi fi system

    Where do you live? Do you have any real hi fi places near you? Spend a little time getting some demos of gear in a similar size room to your own. Work out what you like and what you don't. That will make selecting good second hand gear easier. If you are lucky there may be some stereo net members near you that will be happy to share their experiences with you in person over a beer and wine music on their own systems!
  8. Brendon Foster

    Tube Buffer?

    For what it's worth I have one off the new gen Peachtree Nova amps (no valve buffer), all class d. I was suffering from the same problem. I have a MF X10D in the loop output, it has added some warmth and bloom to the vocals along with increases sound stage depth and width with minimal effect on the bass. I think it's a great piece of kit, added more musicality and soul to the system but you can still tell it's digital class d. There are other issues in my system, it's not just the amp but the X10 went a long way to adding what I was looking for, even if it wasn't the dial solution. Highly recommended bit of great for me but of course YMMV.
  9. Brendon Foster

    DEQX Owners Thread

    Anyone selling a deqx unit?
  10. Have searches alerts on pretty much every site or there for a Caspian but seem to be rarer than rocking horse poo!
  11. Brendon Foster

    need advise re auralic aries mini

    I don't own one but, a tried to buy one recently from gumtree. The vendor was kind enough to bring it to my place, we tried everything to make it work with Android but no joy. Research on forums also says no plans for an Android app. Auralic are working on an HTML controller protocol that you will be able to use from any browser though including Chrome on your Android device. Right now though, it's apple or nothing to the best of my knowledge.
  12. Hi, does this model function as a Roon player?
  13. OP here. Wow! Thanks for all the recommendations and comments everybody. Haven't checked this post for a while and lots of interesting comments since I was last here. I'll try and respond to a couple of the comments over the weekend. Update on my situation. I have been trying out a slightly different direction over the last few days. I have borrowed a chord electronics qutest and two REL T5i subs in stereo pair from Douglas Hifi (great shop and superb service btw, highly recommended). The qutest has given a little more of the front row delivery I was looking for. The subs have added a fuller, richer bottom end and also fleshed out some of the vocals. The sound stage is wider and deeper but loses the focus that the spatials and the qutest (through the MF X10D into the Peachtree) give on their own. This combination has gotten closer to my requirements than any of the amps I have tried but still isn't quite there. TBH, I am considering selling the Spatials at this point. Perhaps a pair of KEF R3's on stands with a pair of REL subs might get me where I need to be or possibly a pair of KEF R500. The amp still needs to be resolved/replaced but I don't think it's the biggest issue in my system. I am feeling like I might be better to have some colour from the speakers and a neutral amp rather than trying to add colour to the very neutral presentation of the Spatials. Cheers. Brendon.
  14. Brendon Foster

    FS: Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista pre-amplifier

    Hi, unfortunately I've decided that it's the speakers that need to be upgraded first. Good luck with the sale though.
  15. Did you already have your Topaz when you you bought the speakers, or did you select the amp after buying the speakers? I'd be interested to find out if we have similar ears, tastes or experiences with the spatials.