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  1. Best advice I can give you is don't hook up karaoke equipment to home audio gear unless you know West your doing with levels and mixing. Ask our takes is one overly enthusiastic singer to squeal in excitement or make a loud pop sound on a consonant and you could kiss goodbye to your speakers. Pro audio speakers have large rubber surrounds and deep travel with much more robust voice coils that are designed to take the dynamics and excesses that come with live music (including karaoke). If you must do it at home, use good quality mics, pop shields on the mics and use a mixer with tone controls so you can eq out any nasty frequencies from room reverberations or people who don't know how to use a microphone properly. Check out the Behringer xenyx range for affordable mixers, run everything through that and RCA into the back of your amp. Start with your amp volume around 20% and gradually bring the gain and channel volume up incrementally until you achieve a balanced sound. Then turn the gain down more than you think you need to and try shouting into the mic. If it does into the red turn the gain down some more. Turn the amp volume up to an acceptable level and try again. Once you have it all sounding good remember the settings on the mixer and amp and don't let anyone else play with the mixer or turn the amp volume up for a joke. Dead speakers will be yours in short order. Having said that, good luck, have fun!!!😋
  2. Goldenear and deftech are both superb with built in subs. The goldenear designer left deftech to start goldenear. You won't get as much slam with a built-in sub as with a separate one but still great in a small to medium room with even bass response much easier to achieve. Deftech speakers seem to come up fairly regularly second hand on gum tree. Better imaging and a more sparkly treble from the goldenears but otherwise tonally similar. No other suggestions in your price range though, sorry.
  3. Been trying to figure this out myself. I run an external dac from my sonos and am looking to upgrade to a better streamer. Really like the look and feel of the BS stuff but would rather buy a BSN2 second hand than a 2i new if there will be no discernible change in SQ between the two when running an external DAC. Update here if you find any information this!
  4. Item: Arcam SonLink DAC for Sonos Connect Location: Perth Price: $210 Item Condition: Good, but no box. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup/postage- Cash, Paypal. Bank Transfer Extra Info: The Sonlink is based on the well reviewed Arcam rLink DAC. Essentially the same DAC in a case designed to specifically match the Sonos Connect in style. It has served me well for many years and still functions perfectly but since my amp upgrade is sat doing nothing and it's time for it to go to a new home! Sonos Connect pictured for illustration purpose only and not included in sale. I dont have the original box anymore but will package securely and send anywhere in Australia included in the $210 by recorded delivery. Pictures:
  5. Item: FS: Audioquest Type 4 Hyperlitz 2.5m Pair (Factory terminated) Location: Perth Price: $180 inc recorded shipping anywhere mainland Australia Item Condition: 8/10 Reason for selling: Too short for my setup Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (friends transfer), bank transfer Extra Info: Purchased from Gumtree, unfortunately I underestimated the length between my amp and speakers!! They are not gonna work for and have to go! They are in great condition, factory terminated, with audioquest boots and heavy duty 'z' banana plugs. I just de-ox'd them for good measure too. The cables are solid copper so I will post them in a box to ensure they arrive safely and don't get manhandled by the postie! Cheers. Brendon. Brendon. Pictures:
  6. Love mine too! Awesome amp, haven't tried with an external dac or balances inputs yet, but that's my next upgrade. Good luck with the sale!
  7. The Goldenear Supercinema 3d speakers have inbuilt cross talk cancellation to improve separation between right and left channels. It works very effectively. Having 3 centre channels so close would have a very confined sonic image and may be quite muddled. I suspect (although I don't have any direct experience of this) that they would be quite difficult to integrate with the rears to give a really seamless surround sound experience. Having them upright if you can, will work much better, improving separation as the sound will be coming from a vertical and narrower point source, increasing sound stage height and presenting a wider and more focused sound stage.
  8. Recently purchased a 340i, first introduction to Simaudio Moon gear, if the 220i sounds anything like the 340i then it's a bargain especially at your advertised price. GLWTS!
  9. Hi Volkan, I'd say this depends more on your speakers than anything else. The T7i is a bit faster than the T7, but otherwise very similar in terms of sound and depth. If your drivers are very small (under 6") then you may find the t7i will be easier to integrate with your system, but I don't think you can go wrong with either. I used to work in the industry and sold more t7s than any other sub. Rock solid in a small to medium room with bookshelf or small floorstanders. Other comparable option but costing more second hand is the B AND W PV1D.
  10. Sounds like a very interesting piece of kit. Have you tried it with Roon? Can it run Roon Server, or can it function as a Roon end point if you have a server somewhere else? How do you rate it as a DAC? How does it sound? Would love to hear a bit more about it from your own experience.
  11. Don't mind the box count if they are compact. Don't have room in the TV cabinet to add full size components though unfortunately. My wife is pretty cool with my hobby but draws the line at changing the furniture to suit!
  12. Thanks for the recommendation, I see you are based in Perth. Would you be prepared to bring it up to mine for a listen? I'm based in Butler 6036. If you are please pm me with your phone number and let's see if we can't tee something up!
  13. Hi Jeremy, welcome to the forum! Im a relative newcomer here too, but you are posting in a very audiophile based forum centred largely around domestic and high end hi-fi. I could be wrong, but I don't think you'll find many gamers or recording engineers here. Your question may be more suited to the forums on computeraudiophile, home based music production or podcasting forums where people will have more experience of the type of gear you are talking about. Hopefully someone here can help, if not I hope you find what you are k looking for.
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