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  1. Hi All, I'm hoping the more trechncally minded of you will be able to help me find a solution to my pre/power issues. I own a pair Of Quad Platinum MonoBlocks and a DEQX Premate +. I am using the Premate Plus as the Preamp and streaming source. I have included links to the manuals below in case they are useful to anyone in helping to solve.... https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1005413/Quad-Platinum-Series.html https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1726275/Deqx-Hdp-4.html#product-PreMATE Problem 1 - I get loud pops from
  2. Hi, I went looking for info on the Pure Audio Project speaker on Stereonet and came across your old post. Was wondering if you ended up having any experience of these?
  3. Hi, Was wondering if there is anyone in or around Perth that has a pair of Pure Audio Project trio 15 speakers in their system? I'd love to have a chat/pick your brains or maybe even come for a listen (will supply your choice of beer and or takeaway!). If you are not in Perth, old if you own a pair of open baffle of any sort, I'd still love to hear your experiences! I currently have Spatial Audio Hologram Turbo S4, which I love but I find they are a lacking a little energy and excitement. Classical, vocals, acoustic tracks all sounds awesome, but they lack low end slam
  4. So an extended listening session at my place today has resulted in a direct swap with another SNA'er for a pair of monoblocks. Hence the listing will be marked as sold. Thanks to those of you who contacted me individually. I'm still looking for appropriate subwoofers if anyone had any ideas or things to offer!
  5. Item: Location: Perth 6036 (Far Northern 'burbs) Price: $4000 Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: NLR see below Payment Method: PayID preferred (reliable, instantaneous, traceable and no fees, check with your bank) will also take Cash on collection, bank transfer and Paypal at buyers expense for fees Extra Info: Selling my beautiful Moon 340i. Only selling as I am moving towards a DSP based setup and recently purchased a DEQX pre-amp. This means that the exceptional internal pre-amp, DAC and balanced diferential circuitry are all being bypassed at the moment and being
  6. Hold that hought, I'll do some research and Potentially sell my Isotek Polaris and replace. I'll pm you. Cheers.
  7. Hey this looks really interesting. What are the dimensions please? If it will fit in my cabinet with room to breathe it might be worth discussing further.
  8. Heard lots of good things about NuPrime but not looking to spend that kind of money. Perhaps up to $4500 max but ideally less. I would still like to get a sub to augment the system at some point too and use the DEQX to integrate it. So not having to put more money in on top of the sale $$$$ from the 340i would be preferable.
  9. Ok, nice looking unit although it would be completely hidden from. View in my setup. Having said that it would fit under my cabinet nicely. How much are you looking for to sell?
  10. Cool, thanks I've seen similar devices but everything has to have acceptable WAF, as it's not solely my listening space. I haven't opened the chassis up yet, perhaps that should be my next to to. Was purchased from another SNA'er with a very high reputation who says he never had any trouble with it. I am talking to Alan Langford of DEQX as I am also getting a pop/thump from my speakers when switching inputs. He seems to think this may be a grounding issue. Perhaps there's something else at play here. I'll video it in action and post it.
  11. Item: B&W PV1D White Price Range: $800 to $1000 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Based in Perth Ready to go up to a $1100 if in VGC with box, manuals, cables etc... Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  12. Cool and Interesting gadget, thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately... - the amp would be switched off completely when not in use - it takes about 25 minutes to reach good operating temp from cool - I feel like I would be wasting my ISOTEK power cables by putting that in the power chain - my amp would stick out of the front of the cabinet with that behind it!!! Sorry to shoot down another excellent suggestion. B.
  13. Thanks both for your valid input @sir sanders zingmore and @Hydrology, but I definitely need to move the 340i on to a new home. Not mentioned in the OP but it also does not have 12v trigger in (only out) therefore increasing the likelihood of damaged speakers when my wife is using the system. I am having to take the amp out of protection mode every couple of days at the moment because the DEQX keeps getting switched off first, even I've done it a couple of times. Prevention, in this case, is definitely better than cure.
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