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  1. Hi PB, Im interested, have pm'd you a few days ago but heard nothing back.
  2. Gutted, I can't afford these at the moment! Looks like a great deal though!
  3. Further information: Photos: 1x pair of Anthony Gallo TR1 Subwoofers in good condition for age. These are excellent subs for music and have fully adjustable crossover and phase to perfectly integrate with your system. Well suited to bring out a more full range sound with bookshelf speakers or small floorstanders. Nearest equivalent might be REL t5s. A well setup pair of subs in your listening space will make a massive difference to your 2 channel audio system. The feet have been replaced with high quality, levelling feet with qualit
  4. Anyone out there interested in swapping their HDP-4 for my silver premate plus? Though their night be someone who would value the one box roon functionality. I use a separate streamer and dac anyway and have plans to build a 2 way active open baffle speaker and subs. Message me if you're interested. Don.
  5. I have a deqx pre-mate plus, with 2 quad platinum monoblocks, driving a pair of spatial audio hologram turbo S4 open baffle speakers and a pair of Anthony Gallo TR1 subwoofers. The (less than ideal) source for the moment is the optical out if my Samsung TV running Spotify. I am having some troubles with calibration of my speakers. I'm not sure if it's because they are open baffle or more to do with the room. I've done a ton of measurements and calibrations but despite hearing a more focused and deeper soundstage with better bass extension and punch, I always feel like I'm taking a
  6. Hi All, I'm hoping the more trechncally minded of you will be able to help me find a solution to my pre/power issues. I own a pair Of Quad Platinum MonoBlocks and a DEQX Premate +. I am using the Premate Plus as the Preamp and streaming source. I have included links to the manuals below in case they are useful to anyone in helping to solve.... https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1005413/Quad-Platinum-Series.html https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1726275/Deqx-Hdp-4.html#product-PreMATE Problem 1 - I get loud pops from
  7. Hi, I went looking for info on the Pure Audio Project speaker on Stereonet and came across your old post. Was wondering if you ended up having any experience of these?
  8. Hi, Was wondering if there is anyone in or around Perth that has a pair of Pure Audio Project trio 15 speakers in their system? I'd love to have a chat/pick your brains or maybe even come for a listen (will supply your choice of beer and or takeaway!). If you are not in Perth, old if you own a pair of open baffle of any sort, I'd still love to hear your experiences! I currently have Spatial Audio Hologram Turbo S4, which I love but I find they are a lacking a little energy and excitement. Classical, vocals, acoustic tracks all sounds awesome, but they lack low end slam
  9. A place for those with a pair of these magnificent speakers to share their experiences and othee gear that goes well with these!
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