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  1. Not night and day but R2c is incrementally better. It's more than double the price though, probably 3x the price. It's not even close to 3x as good... I'd rather have R2c over LS50 for centre. For HT the centre is doing 80% of the work. You really need to roll off LS50 above 100Hz which IMO is too high to use as anything except surrounds for HT, unless you get special smaller subs that can go to ~150Hz without too much distortion. R3s with R2c is a monster setup. Baack on topic, I had these Q600s crossed over at 80Hz and they sounded great!
  2. Kef Q600c centre speaker. I'm the original owner and have treated these nicely. Literally never moved them since buying and never played really loud. Great Kef coaxial sound. Sealed design, so no placement issues like other centre speakers. I have the original boxes and packing material and front grille (never used). Pickup only from Neutral Bay.
  3. I wish you knew the model of the stands. I don't need the speakers but I do like the look of the stands... GLWS!
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