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About Me

G'day!  I'm Steve.  From a young age I had a penchant for technology, especially sound systems.  I recall playing records on my fathers HMV timber Stereogram which sounded remarkably good!  My grandmother had quite an old record player/stereo in a timber cabinet of which I listened to all sorts of music from Nina Simone to Kids Audio books!     As the years went by, I became more interested in electronics, pulling apart clock radio's, building speakers and even fixing the odd amplifier.  In church, I gained experience running the sound desk and all that entails.   I was once a member of the QLD Audio Club of which I'd like to join again.  Today, I love music and music, in particular the sound reproduction side. NAD has a the philosophy of "music first" which I totally agree with - it means Music reproduction quality must be paramount above Theatre Surround Sound.  I own an integration business that Sells and Installs AV equipment from meager TV installs to High end stereo & Home Theatre.  I prefer audiophile quality components for obvious reasons however it can be difficult at times convincing the general public!   Speaker repairs is something I dabble in when I find a worthy item and I either keep them or sell on to people who will look after them.   Look forward to meeting you on StereoNet.

My system consists of;

NAD AV716 Receiver, NAD 512 CD Player, Quadral Taurin MKIII Mains, JBL Centre, Polk Audio M3 for Rears, B&W Solid Sub, Philips Cineos 47" LCD TV, Apple TV 4. Monster OFC Cable, Kordz EVS HDMI.




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