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  1. Is there a simple way of measuring sharpness/resolution that is actually portrayed on a screen during a review? So far its comes down to a direct comparison with arbitrary comments about perceived sharpness with qbf patterns.
  2. If you want to add another level of detail, the lines for each projector could end at a screen size where the calibrated lumens are too low for HDR or SDR
  3. I've been digging through all of the discussion regarding projector releases and seeing the endless debate over the fauxK vs native 4K mix blend into a mess with arguments of lens quality. Given that we can calculate the benefit of resolution vs screen size vs seating distance in a simple graph like below (thanks Carlton Bale), is it possible to quantitatively measure the sharpness of a projectors lens and the resolution created form the 2x, 4x fauxK projectors and the 4k or 2x faux8K projectors? This could be represented by a plotted line for each different projector, so you could determine that at a set distance/screen size their would be no benefit in choosing a JVC Nx7 (4K) over a Benq LK990 (4x fauxK) or an Epson 5050 (2x FauxK).
  4. You’re right, maybe I’ve got too much of a champagne taste on a beer budget. maybe I’ll have to wait until everyone sells their n7 next year when they upgrade to the laser version.
  5. Most new models from any company generally have significant improvement on paper. You’d be a bit concerned if you went to by a new barina and the new model increased to the price of the commodore cos it was a bit better.
  6. If jvc didn’t intend the n5 to be compared to the x5900, n7 to the x7900 etc then why would they use the same numbers for this series? I understand the significant improvements in the new models, but the price jump is extraordinary.
  7. http://www.projectorscreens.com.au/index.php?dispatch=categories.view&category_id=18
  8. Looks like the jvc n5 n7 and nx9 pricing is out. I was hoping to stretch for an n7, now I’ll be lucky to stretch for an n5..... disappointing.
  9. My room is 4.2m x 6m, seating at 4m. 150” scope will leave room for speakers and masking panels to sit either side. We’ve been using the wall for now and loving the size. My wife is getting the bug as well, she gave the green light for black ceiling and all. I’m using an old projector from a friend while I wait for 4k/laser projectors to sort themselves out.
  10. What did you end up going for Tom? im thinking 150” scope
  11. I was hoping for a Black Friday special to tempt me into a purchase
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