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  1. appreciate all the suggestions Just to clear things up I’m look for integrated amps can be either new or used if in excellent condition cheers
  2. Hi Can i get some suggestions for amplifiers under 10K that would match with the B&W 804d3 Cheers
  3. i forgot to mention im looking for something like the nordost purple flare or isotek premier cable
  4. Item: Figure 8 power cable 2m Price Range: around $100 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I’m looking for a 2 meter figure 8 power cable suitable for the bluesound node 2 streamer something like nordost purple flare or isotek premier Cheers
  5. Hey mate, can you please message me i think your message box is full Kind Regards
  6. Item: Audioquest Carbon 1.0 M XLR AES/EBU Balanced Digital Cable (PAIR) Location: NZ Price: $180 free shipping Item Condition: LIke New Reason for selling: Downsized no longer required Payment Method: Paypal Extra Info: Photos:
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