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  1. Thanks for the reply mate! If the amp is 100wpc, regardless of how many channels I am running (whether it's 2,3 or 5), I'd do exactly what you're saying and power the 2 fronts, center and 2 surrounds from the new amp. But if I can bump up the power to the fronts (and possibly center) then just let the Yammy handle the surrounds, I'd prefer to do it that way. But I can't find anywhere if the amp is say 100wpc into 5 channels and 150wpc into 3 channels (for example). As for bi-amping, it sort of links in with my first question. If it's 100wpc regardless of how many channels I'm running, I'd rather double the channels to the fronts and using the remaining channel for the center. Theoretically giving me 200w to each of the fronts, 100w for the centre and 40w(ish) to the remaining low demanding channels. This is my first venture into 'higher end' HT and hi-fi. 200w to the fronts is excessive, but I love the idea of the headroom when I switch to more demanding speakers.
  2. I'm currently set up for 5.2.2, soon expanding to 7.2.4. My plan was to use an old stereo receiver I had lying around to power my top fronts. Part 1: My issue... I can get it working if I am powering the front's off the stereo receiver but not if I power the rears. Given this amp is only good for a bout 40wpc, I would rather use it to power my 'top fronts' instead of 'fronts'. I am using the settings in the left picture in the link below for powering the fronts, which works. But how do I tell it to power the rears instead? I've tried all the options and it's not working. There isn't an option for "FP to external amp only" but I know it's possible because plenty of people are doing it. My understanding was that pre-outs are always 'live' so if something is plugged in, it should automatically send out the signal to the external amp. But if this is the case, why have all the choices on the amp? https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1183449/Yamaha-Rx-A3060.html?page=34&term=external+amp&selected=7 Part 2: I have since bought a beefier amp (Rotel RB-985) which is 100w wpc (5 channels). 1. If I only use 3 out of the 5 channels, will it produce more than 100wpc on those 3 channels? ie just plug my fronts and centre in. 2. If not, can I bi-amp 2 of the channels (to my fronts) and the remaining channel to my centre (theoretically giving 200w to the fronts and 100w to the centre channel). 3. In either instance, how do I 'tell' the Yamaha 3060 to output just the fronts and centre to the external amp. The end goal is 7.2.4, with the Yamaha 3060 powering the 8 "surround" channels and the RB-985 bi-amped powering the fronts with the remaining channel being used on the centre. At the moment I'm running Dali Concepts but I'm part way through some pretty hungry DIY fronts and centre where I would love the headroom of the Rotel then just rely on around 40wpc to handle the surrounds. Cheers,
  3. Sold pending pickup on Saturday. I'll update if it falls through.
  4. Item: DENON AVR-1300W AV Receiver Location: Adelaide, South Australia Price: $400 ono Item Condition: Used - Great Condition Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: It’s been kind to me over the last couple years but has been replaced with a Yamaha 3060. Atmos and DTS:X capable. Supports Dolby Vision, HDR, HDCP 2.2 etc. Comes with remote, Audyssey mic and power cable. Great condition in function and looks, haven’t had any issues with it. Would prefer not to have to post but will consider it (at buyers cost) if it doesn’t sell. Located in SA. Pickup in the Barossa preferred but also work north of the city so can organise pickup during work hours. $400 ono Photos:
  5. Would you consider posting? I'd consider jagging this depending on the postage cost.
  6. I just jagged a 3060 for $1,300 posted. Used but flawless visually and from a performance perspective. Albeit it was a good deal, can't help but feel $1,500 is a tad high. Brother picked up an unopened 3050 last year for $1,050. That WAS a steal though. Generally we're not here to tell you what to sell your gear for, but you did ask haha. What did you upgrade to? Other than gaining CinemaDSP on Atmos/DTS:X on the later models and lacking 7.x.4 capability, you're not missing out o much with the 2050.
  7. I'm a little late to the party but check these out at FocusOn. https://www.focusonfurniture.com.au/carlos-electric-recliner-combination/ I am picking mine up this weekend. I got the 2 seater, middle console, 2 tray tables and a tablet mount for $1,844. Was on special for $1,999 at the end of last year then they had another promo on that you got $100 off for every $1,000 spent so I got an extra tray table that was about $70 which tipped it over $2k (then brought it back down to $1,844). You can add as many chairs as you want. Nice and comfy, electric tilt, foot and headrest, the tray tables/tablet holder are pretty cool. 3 year warranty on electronics too which I hope I won't have to use. The cup holders are flush but you can press another button and the pop up further which is useless but rather amusing to use... Was hard to beat for the money. I can take photos and post them over the weekend if you wish!
  8. Flicked you a PM. I’ll take it if you’re willing to post it, I’m happy to pay postage obviously.
  9. I'd jag this if it was in SA... @ 22kg, postage would be horrendous. GLWTS
  10. Item: Black 2 Seater Home Theater Seating Price Range: Ideally up to $400 but will go to $500 if it's a bargain! Item Condition: New or used, just generally in good condition. Extra Info: - Based in the Barossa Valley (SA) but happy to pick up anywhere within 2-3 hours travel. - Black/Mostly Black - Electric would be great but not a must. - Leather or Faux Leather/Leather Look (will consider suede) - Must recline - Drink holders would be nice - Separated by arm rest - "Slimline" (not the big puffy ones) - Attached some images for reference. - Open to 2 matching single seat recliners instead. The Mrs has given me a budget and will let me go out and buy them for $400-$500. If I can't find anything I will just have to wait to buy new! I seem to see plenty interstate but hoping I can find some locally. If found via Stereonet, will happily make a $20 donation.
  11. I still have the LX609A (last of the Kuro's) sitting on my wall after 9 years. It'll be a sad day when it goes but there's no signs of it slowing yet. Someone jag this! GLWTS
  12. Finally a well priced Sub in SA! Too bad it's wayyyyyyyy out of my price range. Great price, great sub! Best of luck.
  13. Item: SVS Sub PB-1000 Location: Adelaide/South Australia Price: Subject to condition. Up to $500. Item Condition: Not bothered by minor scratches etc. Main priority is that it is 100% operational. Reason for selling: N/A Payment Method: Happy with any payment method, happy to pick up. Extra Info: Wanting to buy an SVS PB-1000 sub. A few have popped up interstate, but nothing locally for quite some time. Was unsure if a "WTB" is even a thing on here, mods welcome to delete if not allowed. Open to similar brands models, but believe this sub suits my needs and can be had second hand at this price point. Cheers Pictures:
  14. I'm tempted to drive from Adelaide to get this... lol. I have the 609A and love it to bits... Could do with a 608A to put in out in the outdoor area, which would be wall mounted anyway...
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