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  1. Anyone heard of weconic speakers?

    PSB Alpha LR1, any good as a desktop speaker?
  2. Must be in my genes, my dear old departed grandfather used to say the same about the 2nd WW "Just move on, that was in the past, no good dwelling on the past, look to the future". He held no animosity toward the people he fought or those who kept him in a POW camp. That was the past, he would say. He never went to marches, never much spoke about it, just let the past be past, lived in the present and looked forward to the future.
  3. HF or LF

    So three separate wires per side at the speakers but they all terminate into one plug each at the amp?
  4. HF or LF

    Hmmm, might be one for the myths & misconceptions thread to discuss! (If they haven't already)
  5. HF or LF

    How then do you run 2 sets of cables from the amp that only has 1xL and 1XR speaker outputs? And why would you do it (for what benefit?)
  6. My System this morning

    Serious $$ amongst all this lot, makes me feel very inadequate! Damn my big fat mortgage
  7. And they settled the land, what part of this don't you understand? What is this nonsense? One moment, I will get my violin I am sure there are lots of people who share your sense of guilt, I am not one of those people. Nice use of Latin btw Who is living a lie? Everybody accepts what has happened, unfortunately some feel the need to get on their soapbox and continuously shout about it, like it will help in some way. Move on, it is common knowledge what happened in the PAST. Learn from it and make the future better. Wow, threatening someone who doesn't agree with your way of thinking, good to see you showing your true colours. I wouldn't want you to hit me with your handbag so will decline your offer, thanks anyway.
  8. Not sure why you are misquoting me and altering my wording but as others can see, my original post has not been edited
  9. Not sure sometimes what would make people happy. We all know Australia was settled by white folk 230 odd years ago What those white folk did 230 years ago to the indigenous population in no way reflects on the current generation, so why feel bad about it? What happened sucks but that was then and gay people couldn't marry back then, people also died of scurvy. We are not talking about a tiny isolated island in the middle of the ocean that was never going to be found. Just think, if not Captain Cook, then maybe Christopher Columbus' successor might of found it earlier? Australia could of been America and we could have Trump running the country. Does it make people feel all warm & fuzzy when they don't associate themselves with being Australian because of what happened over 2 centuries ago? Move on. Or pack up and nick off. I hear Syria has some nice B&B's.
  10. Use for this cable?

    No, I think there is a little too much oxygen in that copper cable to be suitable for speaker wire
  11. Who remembers?

    My local Laminex warehouse has only just replaced their ancient dot matrix printer! It printed on double sheet paper with the first sheet having carbon? backing which transferred through to the back sheet, cover sheet had most blacked out for security. They must have bought a 20yr supply of paper and felt the need to use it all up before they went to a laser printer.
  12. Wife wants another dog... so...

    I like plan 2 as well , plan 1 with the six seater, whoever gets the far seat is going to have a crappy viewing experience, some big tv's have a pretty lousy viewing angle
  13. Just found this whilst googling the LS50's, probably common knowledge for many http://soundmag.com.au/2017/01/4132/exposed-kef-price-goughing-hi-fi-gear-in-oz/
  14. SOLD: SOLD: SVS SB13 Ultra Subwoofer

    ha ha, i asked the same question on a different thread OP had, weird looking thing! GLWS to OP