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  1. Paper machè horns.

    Don't drop it!!
  2. Gumtree Seller - NS2000, Diatone, JBL 4344

    eBay profile appears to be deactivated Edit: might have been my poxy connection, can see it on my pc, returning pitchfork to pitchfork holder
  3. Pm sent with offer to buy what you have listed so I can have friends over for a bbq and listen to music and stuff..... packing boxes not required........ Happy? A guideline is just that, a guideline. Surely?
  4. thin double sided carpet tape? https://www.bunnings.com.au/capitol-5m-carpet-joining-tape_p6650122 lay the cork strips on exposed sticky side, trim with sharp knife, peel off backing and stick on braces, sticks like poop to a blanket bit late for suggestions sorry
  5. I have no doubt these will be awesome but why does the manufacturer continue to use those hideous big bubble gum multi coloured lights? Awful looking things IMO for the price
  6. My new speakers are sometimes too bassy.

    Got it thanks
  7. My new speakers are sometimes too bassy.

    I get the biwiring at the speaker end but how does it work at the amp end? Two wires into each speaker out terminal?
  8. Every time I look at this thread I just think "man, these are insane"
  9. The sad state of Australian music...

    Actually saw a live concert he played, think it may of been NYE while I was home slashing my wrists due to my boredom. Was actually pretty impressive, totally changed my view of him, a very good musician
  10. Any Idea on SpeakerBits.com

    I doubt they will need to worry about "clients" for much longer
  11. Using 2 AVR's - noob question

    Lots of compromises, I see now why power amps are just amps with no other processing in the mix. Was just hoping to piggyback the 2 avr's but can see now why it wont work without compromises.
  12. Using 2 AVR's - noob question

    Will try the pure direct tonight to see if that makes a difference L&R are B&W LCR60 S3 so quite small - and old http://bwgroupsupport.com/downloads/specsheets/bw/LCR60 S3 InfoSheet.pdf Thanks
  13. Using 2 AVR's - noob question

    Sounds confusing
  14. Using 2 AVR's - noob question

    Yes and yes, was a bit disappointed with the sound of the centre and was putting it down to lack of power driving it, plus a very basic avr
  15. Using 2 AVR's - noob question

    Thanks, I think I will try the 659 just to see how it sounds with a little more power I'm not sure how that HDMI switch works as the 659 doesn't have HDMI ports (ancient)