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  1. I reckon that projector looks mighty fine, this whole "I can pi$$ further up the wall than you" because my setup is better than yours is really quite boring however. Just because that's what you have doesn't make others choices right or wrong. Those short throw projectors would be ideal for a general purpose room where having an ugly looking box hanging from the ceiling looks ridiculous
  2. swervyn

    Inline ads in a thread?

    Well that sucks, everyone else is getting exciting ads for things to buy and you got lumped with an ad for a nursing home alternative!
  3. swervyn

    Inline ads in a thread?

    Hilarious, browsing the site on a pc with an ad blocker running is the only way too browse! Trying to view on an android device is a very unpleasant experience and not worth the grief IMO I get that the site wants revenue from advertising btw..
  4. swervyn

    2019 projector releases ?

    My goodness, how do you fit $60K AUD worth of electronics and optics into something the size of a couple of shoeboxes?
  5. swervyn

    THE BEST 4K Laser projector

    This thread has made it quite clear to me that I have no interest whatsoever in ever entering the world of consumer home theatre projectors! Thanks to all for the insight 🙌
  6. swervyn

    THE BEST 4K Laser projector

    Ummm...at what point did you start this thread?
  7. swervyn

    My System this morning

    A few of those Donald Bradman's went into that monster build
  8. swervyn

    Kicked in KEF LS 50's :(

    Good thread here if you wanted to remove the driver and try to push a few of the creases out yourself: https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/115980-procedure-to-change-driver-on-kef-ls50/
  9. swervyn

    Can I use two AVR's?

    Thought of doing this once previously, problem was my less power AVR had no pre-outs
  10. Wow, so much work! (and awesome work at that) At what point do you think you will be happy enough to sit back and just enjoy the speakers for what they are? Or is this a never ending quest for nirvana which actually doesn't exist?
  11. This is seriously a cracker of a cabinet, the fact you get the speakers as well makes it a mega bargain but at the same time will limit who wants it unless they can make use of the speakers or modify to suit their own. Can easily see $4k for this custom built unit. Yep, I am a cabinetmaker who knows naff all about the speakers but know a good job when I see it. glws
  12. swervyn

    Paper machè horns.

    Translation issues aside, I want some of what this dude is smoking
  13. so much work and then kapow! it's all gone life sucks sometimes, glws
  14. swervyn

    B&W advice needed

    I have, I guess it is more about matching the series with the centre I currently have, though not entirely necessary
  15. swervyn

    B&W advice needed

    Good point with the sub. The plan is to have a couple of subs to replace the B&W ASW 600 I currently have so the larger 683's may be unnecessary and the 684's most likely be fine.