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  1. Great topic, am finally starting to understand the whole idea of a DAC. I didnt realise there were good dac's and bad dac's as far as pc/laptop based ones or that the difference between using an onboard one compared to a dedicated one would be so great.
  2. Any Quality 4K / UHD Media Players?

    never actually used a media player apart from pc! So not entirely sure what they do or how they do it better than pc based server?
  3. Could try Euro Signs too, they have cut out mdf lettering for me before and were reasonably priced from memory joint really depends on what finish you are going to use for the boxes and strength of course, looks from your rendering you are going to veneer them? Not really worth using fancy pants joints unless they are going to be a feature.
  4. I wonder a bit on your choice of finger joints. Normally used on the same plane for butt joining timber. Not sure about a 90deg joint, especially in mdf, I can see all the fingers breaking off Might be a good idea to test run one first Dont think I would bother with the dowels for the bracing either, will make it a pig to assemble. Just use plenty of glue and screw through the bracing into the side panels & top & bottom, maybe a timber batten if needed and if it doesnt effect the volume of the cabinet Dunno, just my 2 bits worth Where in Hobart are you going to get these cut with the finger jointing as well?
  5. looks like a rabbeted mitre joint, you need a router bit set to make them http://techtalk.parts-express.com/forum/tech-talk-forum/41357-infinity-lapped-miter-joint-bit Alternatively a single bit https://www.carbatec.com.au/routing-and-shaping/router-bits-individual-and-set/joint-making-bits/lock-mitre-bit-70mmd-1-2s-suit-stock-15-28mm-cmt these are big bits and dangerous! need to be set in a router table I would be considering a different way to join them
  6. Any Quality 4K / UHD Media Players?

    A lot has changed since the start of this thread! I use Plex media server from PC to app built in to 4k Samsung BD player connected via 20mt Cat6 cable (tv upstairs, pc downstairs) Movies stored on dedicated 4TB external HD. It's just like having a juke box full of movies at your fingertips (remote control) Laze on the couch and scroll through 100+ movies deciding which one to watch. I use Wondershare Video converter ultimate to upscale std BD, 1080P, dvd etc to 4K prior to storing on HD Occasionally I get a little bit of buffering but I put that down to my PC specs being a bit light on Win10 Intel i5-6400cpu @ 2.70GHZ 16G RAM
  7. Tannoy westminster se build

    Holy crappamoly, they look stunning, as does the rest of your collection! And your model/partner looks the part too! You may need a bigger house
  8. I will stand by my original comment "Face sanding Craftwood® MDF is supplied from the mill typically with a 180 grit finish on the surfaces. This provides an excellent smooth surface - ideally suited to the direct application of most veneers and plastic foils. Scuff-sanding with the object of increasing adhesion is not recommended. For the economic application of paints or printed effects, and for very thin foils, a further light sanding with 240 grit or even 320 grit belts may be advisable. Deep sanding of the faces of MDF with the objective of reducing thickness is not recommended. It will result in an asymetrical board profile causing bowing and loss of structural properties."
  9. how thick does the material for the arm board need to be is my question
  10. Not sure where you got that info from but incorrect. The outer skin of MDF is actually harder and if you plane or sand back the outer face to the inner layers you will find the MDF has a "fluffy" finish, totally different from the standard outer finished layer which contains more resins for the smooth surface it has.
  11. Audio dropout

    yep, correct, but I also replaced the one from the receiver to the tv at the same time. 100% sure my issue was HDMI cable as the 2 older ones I had tried had different issues. One was ok with ARC but the other not, one kept dropping out audio but the other didnt. On another note I watched a movie last night streamed from the pc via plex media server and I had zero buffering and zero dropouts. Buffering has been a bit hit and miss lately and am wondering whether it might of been HDMI cable related? Probably not but will know after a few more movies.
  12. At the risk of subjecting myself to on-line bullying and being ostracised from the SN community I found them all to be rather forgetful honestly. I went through them all again just before the last one came out (whatever it was called) in order from 1 onward to refresh the memory before watching the latest one. Was all a bit meh. Ok to watch for entertainment value but that's about it for me. I think the one I remember most would of been The Empire Strikes Back, might of been one of my first movie dates with a chick!
  13. ok, so have googled what an arm board is and it looks like just a board that the tt arm screws to? does it have to be a certain thickness to fit flush into those rebates? Would of thought thickness would be a good place to start to work out best material, ie: mdf doesnt come in 22mm thickness and if you plane one side you lose the structural integrity of the board and it will curl up
  14. Audio dropout

    can confirm my issues now solved with new hdmi cables
  15. seems like the foam ones are more about reducing echo & deflections rather than absorbing bass, might be handy in a room with very little soft furnishings