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  1. Bought a Sony tv a few years ago 3D capable, never bought glasses and have never watched a 3D movie on it! The last 3D movie I saw would have been as a kid in the cinema and I have no idea what it would of been. Whatever was showing around 40+ years ago I guess
  2. Cracking bargain, the mains alone retailed for near $2500, would definitely be on my shopping list if local
  3. Way too many precious people who get easily offended by others point of view. And way too many who think it is my way or the highway.
  4. Agreed, but once you have read and understand the gist if the banner, there is no harm in hiding it. Perhaps a paid membership which allows you an ad free experience as many other websites do? edit: getting off topic soz
  5. A whopping big red banner that runs the full width of the page certainly takes away from the experience for me, but that is ok, I can block it and choose to do so. I seem to have struck a nerve....
  6. Perfect example of why I use uBlock origin, those banners drive me nuts. Good for those that need to know the rules I guess
  7. I remember the original well, my first 15 minutes of fame, (and probably last), was winning the Storm Boy lookalike contest at the local Myer store in 1976...pretty sure my grandmother forced me to enter. A ⭐ was not born that day
  8. Sounds like you need to start up your own forum and classifieds, then you can do whatever you like
  9. As others say, I think you need to work out your current draw and go from there, there maybe some things you dont need to plug into it I have one of these: https://www.centrecom.com.au/cyberpower-value-2200e-lcd-gp It does fine for what I need. PC, 2 x monitors, Synology NAS, router, 2 x external hard drives. Auto shuts down NAS when low battery Not sure what "Half-load / Full-load (mins)8 / 2" means but am assuming full load of 1320W will run for 1 minute? I probably get close to an hour run time, apart from 650w (maybe) pc power supply and maybe 40w max for the NAS, not using much. Was bought mainly to protect pc & Nas from crashes as often get power outages which sucks when you are part way through a CAD drawing
  10. I would avoid drilling the marble if possible If you have underfloor access can always drop the cable down from the amp then back up to the speakers? Either that or run cable sideways through cabinet and drill hole through the side of the marble to the speaker If none of that works and you want to get rid of all the crap on top of the cabinet and hide it, then use some rectangular rangehood duct or similar and a couple of 90deg bends and cut plaster to suit (size depending on how many cables you need to run)
  11. Damn, this guy has been around forever, think I visited him 20+ years ago, very knowledgeable
  12. Yep, same same, using Synology DS918+ NAS as server with 4 x WD red 8TB HDD, only hassles I have with it is transcoding subs
  13. I dont think this receiver has a pre-out to run a separate power amplifier??
  14. Really depends on what you want to use the lead & plug for The bulk of hand held power tools do not run an earth but still use a 3 pin plug so your 2 wire lead connected to a 3 pin plug will be fine. Of course, provided your connections are to the correct pins. (Assuming you just want to use the cable to hard wire to a power tool, not something that requires an earth) If you want to use it to run something that needs an earth then it will be unsuitable. This is easy to determine as your appliance or whatever you want to use it on will have a 3 pin socket connection or 3 wires running to it
  15. Thought the same, especially with the "click bait" title Thread got old very quickly
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