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  1. FS: linn sondek lp12

    This is a good deal. Perhaps understandable price in current market etc... but there's $2k5 of value here easily.
  2. Dunno for sure but they (the drivers) give a B&W vibe. ??
  3. An interesting article that's along similar lines to what I think... https://www.cnet.com/news/digital-vs-analog-audio-which-sounds-better/
  4. What I firmly believe is that vinyl can be (and is) subpar (pops, crackle, SNR) and superior (analogue integrity, bass extension, warmth) to digital/CD (cleaner, higher SNR) at one and the same time. They are just better at different things / aspects. Any recording can only be captured via analogue mic and this signal can only be fully reproduced in analogue form hence vinyl. Digitisation regardless of how sophisticated always truncates the signal and something is lost, whereas analogue remains faithful to the original in its flawed way.
  5. FS: Burial + Four Tet - Nova (12")

    Trying to find more info on this - found some but not sure - is this a single 4-5 minute track record?
  6. WTF $1.2mill and $5mill for a set of speakers. Hard to believe!!
  7. For what it's worth.... I don't ever compare CD and vinyl as I don't think that's where it's at. Yet I enjoy both and really enjoy different light and aspects of the music delivered by both (plus flac and other high end digital). And I think the strength of vinyl is precisely there. While CD/digital is clinical and clean, there are aspect of music unavailable to it, yet clearly achievable with vinyl. I also like the more tangible aspect of vinyl playback, as you have to place the stylus on the medium (in non auto TTs). Hence to me, linear trackers and autos don't appeal as much. This is all purely subjective, but most things are unless under RDBT conditions.
  8. FS: Pioneer PLX-1000 turntable (W.A.)

    WA is certainly rich in quality TTs here on SNA.
  9. Man, this gives serious time capsule vibes. A great bit of gear.
  10. SOLD: FS: Epos ES14 Speakers

    Didn't have a clue Epos existed until my search for a good centre speaker resulted in a purchase of M8i Epos [email protected] here on SNA. They are paired with Krix mk3 equinox bookshelves in A + B speaker config, driven by late 80s/early 90s vintage Onkyo stereo amp. My main intention was using the centre to boost movie watching experience. I've found Epos sooo pleasant, fast, detailed and musical that I find it difficult to exclude even when just listening to music. This goes somewhat against my stereo-centred dogma, but the damn thing boost the soundstage and depth so nicely that it's surpased all expectations. GLWTS and whoever lands these will not be dissapointed. The description by the seller reads as though written about my Epos.
  11. adsr are giving away focal speakers

    Thanks for that. Only could not decide if the answer was -sneakers or controllers
  12. SOLD: FS: Rega Planar 2

    I may be interested. PM sent.