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  1. I know Gattaca well - don't reckon the still is from it
  2. Oh crap.... couldda kept guessing until the cows came home. Those 50s sci-fies were a dime a truckload it seems.
  3. Last go and I quit on this film: Shadows
  4. Spiders! I'm just blindly guessing but it's fun
  5. Just going off Willcos hint: The Yardbirds a complete blind stab in the dark
  6. Rolf De Heer > The Tracker (2002) > Alexandra's Project (2003) > a woman scorned > Fatal Attraction (1987) Not my favourite film, however it's interesting how times have changed - these days Glenn Close would probably be deemed too old to play that role (at her age back then). Of course a flawed movie, some aspects could be seen as misogynous and exploitative of mental health issues etc.... a beast of its time
  7. Metallica > Alcoholica > Piano's been drinking > Tom Waits > & Bette Midler - I Never Talk To Strangers > Nina Simone - Strange Fruit
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