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  1. 'J' Joni Mitchell - Ladies of the Canyon
  2. agree @aussievintage. Also it is very easy to overstate the shortcomings of a well performing IC, such as the one in the topic of this thread. Nothing inherently wrong with ICs at all.
  3. https://www.nanovolt.ch/resources/discrete_opamps/ "Although IC technology is mature, there are still situations where discrete design beats ICs—typical advantages of discrete amplifiers are potentially high supply voltages, high maximum dissipation, much extended options with respect to choice of passive components and the possibility to tweak even the last bit of the amplifier for the task at hand. Here you’ll find several schematics and links about this topic." I.E. greater tweakability / scope for customisation of a circuit to suit the exact purpose/outcome/spec which makes discrete solution potentially a better choice in certain situations. For example, my 80s vintage Onkyo amp has a kickass phono stage based on a discrete design - no ICs at all.
  4. https://www.nanovolt.ch/resources/discrete_opamps/
  5. If you can get a hold of the doco "Genghis Blues" - it's well worth it. It recounts Paul Pena's ( wrote the "Jet Airliner," a major 1977 hit for the Steve Miller Band) accidental discovery of the throat singing from Tuva while listening to a SW radio. It then documents his trip to Tuva and participation in a throat singing festival there. Goes into lots of throat singing history, nuances etc... Well worth it, both for the story and the music.
  6. Patti Smith Group - Because the Night
  7. Naomi Watts ~~ Cate Blanchett ~~ Carol (2015) ~~ Todd Haynes (dir) ~~ Safe (1995)
  8. Shame ~~ dysfunctional family relationships ~~ 3 generations (2016)
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