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  1. Hi Guo, thank you for posting that photo of your very nicely redone SP10 Logic Board. That is neat work to put in sockets for the ICs. I think I would only do put sockets in if I replaced my ICs. I would be a bit anxious about damaging them when removing them if they are ok to start with. I do use sockets in any new builds of course. My SP10 came from a radio station and at present is not mounted in a plinth. I think because it was in an air-conditioned radio studio and turned on a for most of it's service life it is ok for now. For the short term I would li
  2. Sorry for the late reply, I am approaching the end of a short intensive summer semester for uni. I'll be finishing that assessment in the middle of next week and am looking forward to getting back to the SP10 after that.
  3. Thanks Warren, once I check the scope calibration and get a new DMM I will be sure to follow that test sequence you have kindly provided and post my results.
  4. Thanks Warren, I just did a quick set up with my DMM. It's not a true RMS meter. Testing at the output of the power supply circuit board before it goes to the DC output jack for the 5v line I got (5.08v DC / 0.029v AC). For the 32v line the AC was jumping around and I couldn't get a reading. So it might be time to get a true RMS DMM to redo the voltages and also have a look with my analogue scope. I'll try and get it to it this weekend but if not it will probably be the following weekend. This will be my first proper use of a scope an
  5. Thanks Warren. The power supply caps look pretty good with no bulging, signs of leaks or excess heat on the components or boards. They look to be mostly original except that C410, a 1000uf 16v smoothing cap immediately after the rectifier on the 5v line, has been replaced with a 100uf 250v Jamicon. Testing at C2 and C4 inside the unit and turning the trimpots in the power supply 'lock to lock' after a dash of electrical 'clean and lube' spray I get: 32V = 27.1 - 36.4 5V = 4.37 - 4.97 So the 5V line is still within spec (4.
  6. Thank you Chris and Warren for sharing your experience gained the long way (if I may respectfully put it that way) along with some excellent advice and encouragement. Following that advice, I think I'll conservatively recap the original PS for good measure and also do an LM317 based one using parts from Mouser, element14 or RS. I've already had a look inside the main unit and the caps look ok so I'll stick to C2, 4 & 6. Purchasing the SP10 was the catalyst to get a scope. I bought a 20Mhz 2-channel analogue one in good condition so I'll see how I go with that.
  7. Good Morning Warren, I've been admiring your work since I recently discovered it whileresearching SP10s and if I may I would like to ask a few questions. With regard to recapping the power supply and with reference to the SP10 recapping list that is going around that was posted above by Ian I note that the list has uprated capacitance for most of the replacement power supply caps by a factor of (x5 - x7). From my basic knowledge of recapping power supplies gleaned from the web it appears to me that the rules of thumb for recapping a power supply are;
  8. Hi Ian, I purchased an SP 10 Mk2 just before Christmas 2020. I am in Brisbane. I will be doing a power supply recap, replacing C2. C4, C6 and an LED strobe soon. A power supply recap doesn't appear to me to be a particularly large, difficult or expensive task. I would happy to assist with yours, if I can, after I do mine. I know it's a couple of months after your initial post but I didn't become an SP10 owner till late December. I'll send you my contact details so please let me know if I can be of assistance.
  9. Thanks for the welcomes guys. Yes, the shop is still there. It was the first time I have dealt with them. I think it's great that I can ring up the guys that made a valve preamplifer ca. 1979 to ask if they can repair it and get a ''no worries send it down, we'll be in the workshop next Tuesday'' type of answer. Christopher Lees was a pleasure to deal with and went the distance with a full assessment and service of the phono stage, line stage and power supply that included a rebuild/reconstruct of the phono stage due to a previous owner's ''improvements''. He also provide
  10. Hi to all members and admins, Thank you all for participating in Stereonet. If you'll allow me a few lines about myself; I am just getting my vinyl out of storage and am also looking at repairing/restoring my TT's and setting up a decent system or two. I have two SL-1200's, one is waiting for parts to arrive from Kabusa for a tidy up and the other, sitting in a drawer, was bought with a knackered arm as a slow burn project. Planning an outboard power supply for at least one of them. I have just received my Trevor Lees ''Positive Vibra
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