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  1. I bought mine from Just Projector lamps..They have both OEM and generic.. The lamp I bought from them has just turned over 4000 hrs..!
  2. Take a look at this...http://www.dspeaker.com/en/products/20-dual-core.shtml I think that might solve your problems.. I use one to equalize my sub..
  3. For acoustic panels you need Bradfords Ultratel..50mm. thick
  4. The more power you can afford..the better..
  5. That to me just said he was a "fruit cake", considering he had slaughtered the crew because they wanted to go back !! Not exactly a God like thing to do...
  6. The first thing that made me laugh was when he fell off the space station thingy and plummeted to Earth and then opened a parachute... Whatever happened to floating in space !!?
  7. It seems to me that some of these Directors and Producers are outsmarting themselves and are losing the plot !! They are trying to produce something different and are failing..
  8. Hi Anthony and welcome aboard...
  9. HaHa..You beat me too it HI-FI Whipped !
  10. I wouldn't be too concerned about it.. Providing you can have some clearance for the rear port, they shouldn't be a problem.. Also you don't get much bass in surrounds, so I don't think you will lose much if any..
  11. Hi Paul...I hope you get the help you need....
  12. Polyesters aint polyesters !! 😀 There's a huge variety under the name "polyester." If it isn't 50mm. or more thick, then forget it...
  13. This is what I used to hide speaker cables and coax cable that ran from the front of the room to the back wall.. It just attaches to the skirting boards.. https://au.rs-online.com/web/p/cable-covers-cable-protectors/2983474/
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