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  1. Hi Paul...I hope you get the help you need....
  2. Polyesters aint polyesters !! 😀 There's a huge variety under the name "polyester." If it isn't 50mm. or more thick, then forget it...
  3. This is what I used to hide speaker cables and coax cable that ran from the front of the room to the back wall.. It just attaches to the skirting boards.. https://au.rs-online.com/web/p/cable-covers-cable-protectors/2983474/
  4. Hi Kent and welcome aboard...
  5. Hi Ryan, Good to hear from another Adelaideian!! ☺️
  6. Hi Peter and welcome, The number one consideration when buying AV gear are your speakers... To help you make a decision on which speakers to buy and to have a balanced audio system you need to spend almost half of your budget on speakers.. That should narrow the field down for you !
  7. The Sony being an outside projector, could have even been caught in the rain..you wouldn't know.. You would really need to do a thorough inspection internally before parting with any money..and considering the distance away..I would give it a miss..
  8. Placing the gear in any corner is not good... You know you can put your AV rack in any room in the house..You just need an IR repeater and you're good to go.. I have my rack in my wardrobe cupboard in the master bedroom .It's out of sight and with easy access..
  9. This is a very popular design software in the US.. https://www.sketchup.com/products/sketchup-pro/new-in-2018?ds_rl=1257435&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiISszIav3QIVBayWCh3rGAAKEAAYASAAEgKLufD_BwE And another one that might be of some help..
  10. I used to have dark greyish / blue walls in low sheen..It looked good and was effective..
  11. You will at least need speaker cloth on the bottom, for the sub.. The top and sides can just be something like velvet curtaining..or any material you like..
  12. A lot of people in the US use Spandex and seem quite happy with it..It just needs to be backed with black Spandex.. I personally use AVSeymours XD AT screen material and built the screen myself.. I sit 9' from the the screen and don't see any weave..
  13. Star Wars opening theme...Best film music ever!!!
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