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  1. Finally something great happened in 2020. This could be the turning point! Fantastic gear, looks and feels top notch. Looking forward to sitting down and having a decent listen to these.
  2. Further information: The inimitable Synergistic Research Orange Fuse. 3.15A Slow Blow 6.3 X 32 mm. New in box. Device that I used it in was sold so I'm never going to use this now. https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/the-synergistic-research-orange-fuse-further-thoughts Photos:
  3. Selling for a friend. These are very nice Ethernet Cables which use Cat 7 VIABLUE EP-7S (solid core OFC with silver plating) and very substantial LINKUP connectors (metal shielded body, gold plated contacts, screw on cable inlet). Total length is 1.5m each (just over actually). Finished in genuine Techflex Carbon sheathing. They sound fantastic in my setup. Price is for BOTH. The cables have been tested on a Network Cable Tester. Cables are quite stiff near the ends but very flexible along the length of the cable. There are 2 up for sale and the seller has indicated that splitting is possible but prefers to sell as a bulk lot - PM me. For the brave of heart - http://www.audiodrom.net/en/special-edition-reviews/104-ethernet-rj-45-cables-shootout Photos:
  4. Item: DH Labs SilverSonic Revelation interconnects - RCA to RCA or RCA to XLR (I'v seen these as an option) Price Range: 300+ Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: For a mate. Let me know if you have a set
  5. Further information: Photos: Audience OHNO RCA cable 1m in excellent condition. I bought 3 sets of these but only need 2 of them. These cables are excellent value for money (in the scheme of high end cables) and they offer a lovely sound. Bass extension and control is at odds with their appearance. Still got the original box and packaging. Shipping included in the price. Photos:
  6. Further information: Bought this to use in a fanless PC (to use with Roon). Eventually decided to go with a NUC instead so no space to fit this into the chassis. Used for about 1 day in total - it was feed by a HDPLEX power supply. Photos:
  7. Further information: Selling for a friend: "I bought these for a 2nd setup that failed to materialise. I have them on my main setup and I have no need for these. New, never used. If you are a fan of SR then you'll know what these do. They transformed my almost unlistenable room into a much more pleasant space to be in. The speaker kit attach to the speaker (but you can experiment with putting them on the walls too). If you have, or if you are thinking about getting an FEQ or an Atmosphere, then these will enhance their action. These are the newest kit that have 7 HFT's in them. The old one had 6 in total. Each kit contains - (3) Standard HFT's (2) HFT 2.0's and (2) HFT X's or enough to treat (1) speaker. The combination of the 3 HFT types is ideal for most speakers. With easy to follow placement guidelines you will dramatically improve your speakers ability to disappear in your room with tighter bass, improved mid-range clarity, and smoother more articulate highs. https://www.thecableco.com/hft-speaker-kit-high-frequency-transducer-set-of-6.html Cost me $1270 AUD shipped from the US." Photos:
  8. These are a really good price - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/PCC88-7DJ8-Tungsram-Hungary-1971-NOS-balanced-sections-ECC88-6DJ8-E88CC-6922-sub/253329000530?hash=item3afb95c852:g:BMgAAOSwR31Zz1kJ And these used ones are even cheaper - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2x-PCC88-Tungsram/402334018272?hash=item5dacf9eae0:g:0SoAAOSwxOlejvYg
  9. These are a really good price - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/PCC88-7DJ8-Tungsram-Hungary-1971-NOS-balanced-sections-ECC88-6DJ8-E88CC-6922-sub/253329000530?hash=item3afb95c852:g:BMgAAOSwR31Zz1kJ
  10. 7DJ8's work very well in the BHK preamp. BHK himself thought that off all the tubes he tried, the Tungsram 7DJ8 was the best NOS. https://forum.psaudio.com/t/bhk-preamp-tube-rolling/3403/241 But he put Psvanes in as he didn't want to supply NOS tubes due to availability.
  11. Further information: Selling for a mate: "Plastic is still on the unit. Used for about 2 hours. . No box, just the modem and the PSU that came with it (this is all you need to run it). There are small teeth marks on 2 of the antennas where my Cat decided to have a chew but this will not affect the operation of the unit. A fully featured modem / router that is NBN compatible (see here https://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/fttn_registered_modem_router#vdsl2_modem_routers_nbn_registered_voip) and supports other advanced features such as QOS and beamforcing that extends your coverage where you need it and reduces broadcasting coverage where you don't. Telstra NBN - https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/Modems-Hardware/Tp-Link-vr600v-telstra-compatible/td-p/791735 - need to adjust default settings. Works with Internode, TPG, AussieBroadband - https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2564036 - need to adjust default settings. https://www.tp-link.com/au/home-networking/dsl-modem-router/archer-vr600/ Photos:
  12. Further information: Selling for a friend "About 70cm long each. This cable really highlight ambient cues very nicely. It has good bass and a very smooth midrange which works well in most systems. Bass is well defined and clean. Treble is well balanced. It's actually a really enjoyable cable and if I weren't hooked on a more forward midrange (Wireworld Platinum) it would be a keeper. A very fine cable that belies its price. In comparison to the Curious Evolved it's quieter in presentation and a tiny bit warmer perhaps but lots of musical information in there - very enjoyable over the long term. There is plenty of musical information that sucks in you in over long term listening. It's a over priced at $1400 RRP but at this price it makes sense. Review: "Frankly, there’s nothing to fault ... The Audience cable seemingly does it all; it is convincingly superior in every sonic criterion ... if you want a no-compromise USB cable, look no further." TAS Buyer's Guide - Don’t listen to the Au24 SE USB in your system unless you’re prepared to shell out the long green. The Au24 SE is expensive, but worth it." http://audience-av.com/cables/au24se/ http://www.vxm.com/AudienceAU24SE.html Post with tracking included in the price. Photos:
  13. Great drivers. Easy to work with (crossover wise) and really good sensivity. GLWS.
  14. Further information: The Bada LB-3300MK HIFI Power Filter has 8 universal outlets (US, UK, Euro) outlets - Black enclosure. This is a Chinese made unit but the quality of components and the design is very good. It features high quality filtering to 6 of the outlets and no filtering to the other 2 which gives you more flexibility (run high current devices without filtering or run secondary filter banks through these outlets for example). All outlets are surge protected. Also have an ON/OFF switch which can be handy. Uses WIMA caps, gold plated connections, solid core cabling and a solid aluminium enclosure. 3000W / 10AMP capacity. Photos:
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