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  1. I'll see what Santa brings me....although I need more tubes as much as I need another hole in my head. GLWS
  2. Price drop just in time for Christmas 🎄
  3. Hi, what would the freight be to 4155? Thanks, Ben
  4. Benjet


    I’ve owned several Tektronix CROs and have found them to be great piece of kit. It wasn’t until I’ve recently began to restore an old 7000 series, that I’ve appreciated how beautifully built these things are. I haven’t had much to do with their later scopes, due to their inhibitive cost, so I can’t comment on those.
  5. Benjet

    Headphone EQ

    I’ve just ordered a MiniDSP EARS headphone testing rig. Should be interesting to see how good these are. At worst it should be a handy tool to quantify what changes I make to my system and if it works well it should give me the ability to squeeze some more goodness out of my rig. I’ll keep you informed how it goes. Once I get my head around the ins and outs of this device, I might offer to make some custom filters for other people’s gear. They would have to be in Brisbane and willing to bring over their rig over to my place and also make a donation to this site. Anyhow early days yet, I’ll put the call out once I’ve proved it’s worth.
  6. Am I that predictable....Guess I am... Do you take trade ins? Got those Mullard CV4003 looking for a home....
  7. Benjet

    Headphone EQ

    Life would be pretty boring if all headphone’s had a flat frequency response.
  8. Benjet

    Headphone EQ

    I've never been a fan of EQ's until I started playing with convolution filters in Roon. My current setup is a PDX dac running NOS with tube output stage, hybrid HP amp and Focal Utopia's. Up until recently I've been content with rolling tubes to achieve my desired sound signature and apart from losing some sanity, I've had some really excellent results. I starting looking into convolution filters and though I'll add yet another variable to the equation. From my experience I've found if you don't tweak the sound too much you can get great results. With my setup i'm chasing the 1% gains not the 10%. I think this is what most people fail to take into account. Any EQing should be there just to nudge the sound signature in one way or another. If you don't like the way your headphones sound, an EQ won't fix that, but if you want to enhance or subdue any slight variations, an EQ might help.Anyhow that what I've found..
  9. I've got a TX-sr876 and I can't bring myself to part with it. Awesome amplifiers!! GLWS
  10. What else will be up for grabs?
  11. Geeze that was quick! Thought they’ll be low, being planers. We new to do another headphone meeting to get some ears between these!
  12. What’s the impedance of these?
  13. Benjet

    PDX DAC project

    fixed up some stray EMI with the addition of an earthing wire so now the whole case acts as a shield. Gradually ticking off everything on my to do list
  14. Benjet

    PDX DAC project

    I’ll have to get my ears on a Killer DAC one day, although that could be an expensive exercise....