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  1. Just got another PDX, so three...... I guess I’ll keep 700027 as the baseline and continue to mod the other two to see what works and what doesn’t.
  2. Price dropped to $500. Won’t getting any cheaper than this so grab the deal of the century before someone does.
  3. Let me know if the sale falls over. Thanks, Ben
  4. That is a great price there!! I would snap it up, but two PDX’s are enough, or is it.........?
  5. Picked up the demo unit from Clay today. I’m putting some hours on it at the moment so it’s all good for the headfi GTG next weekend. I must say I really like this!! Especially love the volume control, so smooth and precise. Got it running off one of the new Fein II DAC’s and I must say it’s a winning combination. Going to very, very hard to hand these back after the GTG......
  6. I can confirm that the supplied tubes are quite nice. I have some in my PDX and love em. GLWS
  7. This is also advertised on Gumtree, but I would prefer selling to a SNA member. Hurry up and great a great deal [emoji106]
  8. Also forgot to add in the description that it has the telemetry module installed
  9. Item: DJI PHANTOM II with lots of extras Location:Brisbane Price: $550 $500 Item Condition:Excellent Reason for selling:Lack of use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Ultimate drone setup. Great way to get into this hobby with everything ready to fly. What you get: DJI Phantom 2 A second DJI Phantom 2 for parts 4 x Phanton 2 batteries (with low charge counts) and 2 x chargers 2 x transmitters Zenmuse gimbal mount Gopro Hero 3 Black (with 2 batteries) and remote Colour monitor receiver Fat Shark FPV goggles 3 sets of blades ND filters for Go Pro Plenty of antennas Plenty of spares. Flight case iOSD module (on screen telemetry) Great drone and setup and ready to fly. Total cost of the setup as north of $2500. Grab a bargain. Pictures:
  10. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/hifiman-he-400-or-he-500.673378/ Read that as it pretty much sums it up. You’ll need a decent amp to get the best out of the HE-500, but if you do, they are pretty amazing.
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