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  1. If you are using the Fiio as your source and amplifier, I wouldn’t tip too much money into high end cans. You really need the DAC and amp to get the most out of them. Look at the Hifiman edition X V2. Easy to drive and designed more for portability. Sounds close the HE 1000, just a little less refined.
  2. Are you looking for pretty good or for sublime? Plenty of pretty good cans out there.
  3. My new obsession, get the right DAC and amp and these things are astonishing. Mind=blown [emoji2962]
  4. I’ve bought for Minidisc and would recommend them. Just wished I lived near them.
  5. Background noise can be an issue to a point. I listen to my headphones in the next room to my wife watching TV. Hasn’t really been an issue. As far as taking them outside the house, I don’t feel comfortable wearing several thousands of dollars worth of headphones out in public or taking them elsewhere, and besides, not way will my amps and DACs ever leave my place. For a portable rig, I’m happy with a pair of Apple AirPods. They are convenient and sound ok and makes my appreciate my rigs at home.
  6. Coming for speakers I would forget closed back headphones. In my opinion you take a big performance hit with the isolation. So that leaves you with the question of what open backs to aim for. I’ve owned HE-1000, HE500, HD800s, HD800, HD650, HD600, LCD3 and Utopia. This is my top 4 and why. 1st place. This would of been my Utopias up until recently. Now top billing is shared between the Utopias and the HD800. Utopias are incredibly musical. They present the sound just the way I want it. I have them running off a tube amp I built and have spend a lot of time tweaking it’s design get the most out of these cans. I would call the sound signature smooth, detailed and rich. HD800 are another story. I’ve done the SDR mod to them which smoothed out their notorious frequency spikes. I’ve also replace the standard cable with a Black Dragon. These cans are very sensitive to your setup. You’ll need a good DAC and amp. I have the 800’s are running off tricked up PDX and a modified Bottlehead Crack amp. I’ve found tube selection is critical, but get it right and the cans are simply mind blowing. Soundstage, detail and separation are the best I’ve ever heard and by a huge margin. They’ll punish a bad recording but with the good stuff, pure magic!!!!! 2nd place. HD1000. I’ve only heard the V1 so I can’t comment on the V2. Excellent headphones with a nice wide open soundstage. Does pretty much everything thing right but was missing a little body. I only had these for a few weeks and didn’t really have the right amp for them. I sold them to my mate and he brings them around every now and then. With my current setups they sound a whole lot better and probably could be improved on. If it wasn’t for the HD800 I would probably own these again. 3rd place. HD650. Value for money these can not be beat. I use these in my rig at work. I’m astounded how good these sound and have found myself doing overtime listening to tunes. Again you’ll need to pair these ups with a suitable amp. I’m using a tube hybrid I built. As you can see it’s not just the headphones that you need to choose, but the DAC, amp and cans. So I hope this will give you some direction. Of course these are all my opinions and you might think differently. Best thing is to have a listen yourself and make up your own mind. What part of Australia do you live in?
  7. I’ve been messing around for the last few day rolling some tubes through my amp. The 800’s really need the right combination of tubes to sound their best but once you find it... oh Lordy these thing sing. Mind=[emoji2962]
  8. Yep, also got some Black Dragon cables on the way. I’ve always liked the HD800 but couldn’t get over the shrillness of its mids. Mod had gone a long way to fixing this and hope the cable puts it across the line. Loving the pairing of the tubes and these cans.
  9. Found some HD800, brand new ones at that. Modded them last night and sounding real nice [emoji106]
  10. This is a pic of one of my other PDX. This one started off the same as the one for sale and shows what mods I’ve done.
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