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  1. Benjet

    LenehanAudio PDX DAC

    Did this end up selling?
  2. Benjet

    PDX DAC project

    Ok, off loaded some surplus gear and now have some play money. USB interface is on it’s way, so now the power supply is the next thing on the shopping list. Currently the DAC has it’s power supplies onboard (bridge rectifiers and regulators). Would it be of much benefit to move all this off the board and have only regulated DC running around the DAC circuit. Otherwise I’ll keep it as is and just upgrade the power regs. I’m also thinking of getting rid of the plug pack and running the mains into an internal R core transformer (and yes I will be taking extra care in this side of the upgrade as to not electrocute myself or anyone else). Thinking of building a shielded compartment for the AC mains side to keep EMI to a minimum.
  3. And it’s gone. Totally misread the market on these, someone got a great deal!!!
  4. Yeah, definitely the latter. Although they are both a costly exercise. The PDX DAC more so [emoji6]
  5. Item: Gustard X20ProU, Pink Faun pci to i2s interface, Wireworld Ultra Violet HDMI Location: Brisbane Price: $850 Item Condition: Very Good Condition (unit has slight marks on top, otherwise pristine) Reason for selling: I really don’t know... Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (buyer pays fees), Will ship (buyer pays fess) Extra Info: This is the Pro version with the dual Sabre chips. Originally had the USB interface installed and was removed when I moved to the i2s interface. The Pink faun and Gustard are an excellent combination. Really lifted it to the next level. USB interface can be refited if needed, but I would strongly recommend using the Pink Faun. Paid over $1700 for the setup (Pink Faun is under 1 year old and the Gustard would be only 18 month old). I’m kinda in two minds about selling this, so be quick before I decide to keep it. Complete with all accessories and packaging. Pictures:
  6. Benjet

    PDX DAC project

    Giving them a run now[emoji106]
  7. Benjet

    PDX DAC project

    Tad under $300.
  8. Benjet

    PDX DAC project

    Hope so, they were the ones from eBay you told me about 🤞What should I be looking for?
  9. Benjet

    PDX DAC project

    Not for long
  10. Benjet

    PDX DAC project

    Think she’s had a few mods over the years. I’ll probably be adding a couple myself.
  11. Benjet

    PDX DAC project

    Tubes have arrived, just in time for my birthday [emoji512]
  12. Benjet

    PDX DAC project

    There’s a couple I haven’t got yet [emoji6] Also got a 2335 as a backup.
  13. Benjet

    PDX DAC project

    Will get a chance to use some of these [emoji106]