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  1. Benjet

    PDX DAC project

    Back together....was a bit of a journey. Lost the left channel during the procedure. Took me 2 hours to find a broken wire. Anyhow all good now with it’s new fancy DAC chip power supply, along with a few other tweaks. Also put in two sets of output caps and a switch to swap them. First impressions are mainly an increase in the attack on low end. Listening to a bit of Roxy Music and the drums are so precise and defined. Really snappy, really nice [emoji106] I went into over time with this today, so I finish off the tidying up another day. Just glad to have her firing again [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  2. Benjet

    PDX DAC project

    Bit of open heart surgery on the old girl, hope she pulls through.....
  3. Benjet

    FS: Fostex Hpv1 portable tube amp

    I’ve heard one of these and was very impressed by it SQ. Unfortunately every time one comes up for sale I’ve been a bit broke [emoji854] GLWS
  4. Benjet

    Gieseler Headphone Amplifier Release

    It’s there for the use of everyone. I’m sure Clay would like as many people to experience his latest creation.
  5. I’m in a bit of a transition at the moment. Going from tubes to SS and DIY to store bought. Not bad so far, but something has to be said about tubes done well.
  6. Benjet

    Fein dac - impressions

    If the post ended in a ? Rather than a ! You might have a point. My 2 cents anyhow.
  7. Benjet

    Fein dac - impressions

    Excited to hear this!!!! Can’t wait
  8. That’s a beautiful piece of kit. GLWS
  9. PDX DAC through a AMB M3 SS amp and also through a Bottlehead Crack, Dragonfly Red and a couple of other setups. It’s not that the veil has gone, but it’s more transparent. Might be a bump in the highs that produces this, the result is a smooth mids with plenty of detail in the top end
  10. Benjet

    Gieseler Headphone Amplifier Release

    Meet will be either in Birkdale (my house) or Capalaba (my work), depending on numbers.
  11. Benjet

    Gieseler Headphone Amplifier Release

    Hi Bill, Clay is already suppling a HP amp and also a new, upgraded version of the Fein DAC for the meet. There will also be at least one Grob and it has the new LSP from Clay, I believe.
  12. Benjet

    Amanero mystery

    This might be a long shot, but I have a vaguely similar problem with a USB interface in my DAC. I was getting distortion, mainly from windows sounds and I found it to be an issue with the volume level of the device. For some reason if it’s set to 100% the sounds were getting garbled. Wound it down and found a sweet spot where this doesn’t occur. Anyhow give that a go, like I said, it’s a long shot.