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  1. @tweakey, how do you turn on BT1886 to show in gamma menu
  2. don't take any notice of the sales person, when I was shopping for my 75" they were all trying to tell me to buy a samsung. I think they are paid a higher commission to unload the samsung tv's. when I went into HN the second time to look at the pansonic I stated to the sales person I wanted to look at the panasonic and he stated very good choice. I asked him wasn't he going to tell me samsung was a better tv. this guy knew what he was talking about.
  3. am still suffering with the audio on this tv turning back to tv audio almost every time I switch the tv on. have tried to set the harmony to get the devices to switch on first as the panasonic have this feature to switch back to tv if devices are in standby. everything is cabled to the denon. anyone else getting this problem, been putting up with this since I purchased this tv in july 2017
  4. I haven't changed my tv to the new settings as yet as everything goes through hdmi2 to the denon and too much trouble to do it on hdmi1 to see the difference. any reason I can't just change hdmi2 to the new settings and take photos before I change them
  5. my hours are 3452 which seems a bit low since I had my tv the longest - purchased july 2017
  6. although the stores don't have the ex780 listed it's still a current model on panasonic's web site. https://www.panasonic.com/au/consumer/televisions/premium-ultra-hd-tvs/th-75ex780a.html https://www.panasonic.com/au/consumer/televisions/premium-ultra-hd-tvs/th-65ex780a.html Its also the last 3D tv. you would have to get the store to order one in if you wanted this model I love my 75" and even though I had it for 12 months the size of the tv still looks big while watching it. unlike the samsung 60" I had it looked big at first but after 6 months it looked small.
  7. wags, it was only a network update, probably youtube as per panasonic web site.
  8. my update settings are right and so is my network but no update as yet. no update on UB900 either. may have to update with usb, its always update automatically previously
  9. no update for me still have 4.142 but mine is 75 inch, I assume the firmware does get sent out to all sized at the same time. http://av.jpn.support.panasonic.com/support/global/cs/tv/download/fw/asia_2017/down_asia_oce_me_02.html
  10. I still get no audio at times switching between devices, my sound comes from AVR and the tv switched back to tv audio instead of cinema . there is a setting under viera link intelligent auto standby. this tells the tv to switch back to tv audio when it detects a device is in standy, switch this to off. it may or not make a difference to your setup. you can also over come this if you switch on the device first before switching over. I improved this by making some adjustment with the harmony to delay the tv switching on first. as far as your clouding at night switch on your light and it's not there. I get a bit but not as much as I did with the samsung tv's.
  11. ebay are the only place to pick them up, go for the wrap around rechargeable ones . they are classified as the universal ones
  12. yep old post, it was just for a small bedroom tv and power was at skirting level height and didn't justify the costs to raise the power point.
  13. ever since I purchased my 780 in july last year been having problems with the tv switching from home cinema back to tv sound. thought it was due to some devices being in standby and the tv comes on first with my harmony activity. changed some settings in the harmony remote so the devices start up first which worked fine but if you have the tv on and switch on another device the tv is back to tv sound. finally fixed this issue by switching off intelligent standby in the vierra link settings. hope this helps if anyone has the same problem when connected to their av
  14. your previous pana wasn't 4k. since you are using hdmi2 which has the arc you maybe with having a handshake problem. a guy on whirlpool was having a issue with his media box and found by disabling the 13th pin solved the problem.
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