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  1. If you can stretch your budget a little or try to find some second hand you will struggle to go past these at their price point: https://djcity.com.au/product/jbl-lsr-3-series-mkii-5-inch-studio-monitor-pair/ You would need to allow a little extra for some XLR to RCA converters also, I am fairly certain they can be had pretty cheaply though.
  2. Thanks for the food for thought all! @A9X I hear what you are saying, I nabbed it at a bargain price and although I don't see myself parting ways with it anytime soon it should by all rights be worth more than I paid for it when the time comes to sell. @Jakeyb77 I have been thinking the same thing after I saw some pre-made ones for sale on one of the sites I was looking at while hunting for binding posts. For the time being I will probably just leave them be, I will possibly change them over down the track however at the moment spending money on binding posts to allow me to spend more money on expensive speaker cables to possibly only see minor improvement isn't really a priority for me right now. There are lots of other bits and pieces I can do which would yield a lot bigger change for a similar outlay.
  3. Reminiscing my youth and commiserating the passing of another music legend.....
  4. @Hal Saunders That is sort of what I was thinking, if I am going to go to the effort of swapping them out I may as well use something decent.
  5. Go for a holiday pick up a bargain rack while you're there.
  6. No I meant if you were to use them underneath the screw down section where you would normally insert bare wire. You could poke them in the holes in the back however the connection would be pretty poor there is only a small amount of metal in the bottom of the hole the interior is all moulded plastic. They are pretty similar to the ones in this vid:
  7. @fenda they would fit, but the connection would be poor as you would be trying to clamp a flat surface to a cylindrical one, these are more designed for the spring type terminals.
  8. No sadly, I did a bit of research when I first got the amp, the only thing I could find that people with older style posts had success with are these things: https://www.amazon.com/Eastone-ES537C-Mcintosh-Adapter-Quality/dp/B00AMVA08E I don't think they would work though as there is a plastic skirt at the bottom of the post which would (I think) prohibit these fitting in. I might pull the amp out and have a bit of a measure when I get home from work tomorrow. As I say I am leaning towards just upgrading the binding posts though, doing it that way I am removing limitations on what cable/termination I end up going for.
  9. Unfortunately although it appears that way, those binding posts do not accept banana plugs. They are designed for bare wire terminations, the holes are not big enough in diameter and even if they were they as far as I know they don't connect through in the same way that a binding post designed for bananas does. Oddly enough the first step I took in deciding whether or not I could use banana plugs with them was to um.....try and put banana plugs into them.
  10. Haha, no stress mate. It won't be happening for a little while, I still need to find someone reputable out my way to do the work as I would like someone to give the amp a once over as well given it's age.
  11. I ended up going a different direction however these were on my shortlist of speakers that have come up for sale on SNA, you've done a great job with them GLWS.
  12. @BATMAQN Thanks Seb, and yes if you can chuck me a link that would be awesome.
  13. Howdy all, My system is pretty much where I want it to be now, and the next focus is to get the cleanest signal I can between components, and to dial in the room acoustics a little more. On the list of things to change will be speaker cable however I have one issue that will need addressing before I can move forward. I am using an older Accuphase (E302) which does not allow for banana plugs or spades to be used, leaving me to either make a bare wire connection or upgrade the binding posts on the Accuphase. I have found a few older posts on the topic regarding the problem but no real resolution, I am leaning towards updating the binding posts to something more modern although the same thoughts keep running through my brainbox - Will changing the binding posts potentially diminish the value of the amp as it will no longer be in original condition? - Does it really matter if I remove the terminations from one end of a more expensive set of speaker cables to allow connection to the amp? - Is there some solution that I am overlooking that would let me use bananas/spades with the older style binding posts? I know ultimately I'll have to make the decision but I was hoping some of the folks more experienced with vintage gear might be able to offer some thoughts/ideas. As always any help is appreciated. Cheers, Terry
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