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  1. Hi thanks for responding. I did go through the placement suggestions first thing when i bought the speakers. And because of the room size constraints I can't really position them based on the calculations given in the manual If I had to go by that, would have to have it close to 4' from the front wall which in my case would be impossible. The distance from the side walls are more in line with the recommended guidelines. 35" recommended and the placement I have is 32" measure from the center of the panel. I had to position them a little far apart for imaging, everything sounded cluttered in the center before so had to move them further apart. I read on the owners forum as well that if the positioning is closer to the wall one could add some absorption behind the speakers which is why I asked the question. As for the sub, will definitely go to the lifestyle store to have a listen provided they have the electromotions on display. Will call and ask, thanks for that. On a side note, do you think in your experience that trying to get the speakers to sound like they should is a lost cause in such a small room? I could just move it to my living room where I would have a lot more flexibility with placement but wanted to have them in a dedicated space hence the spare bedroom. Thanks again everyone for the suggestions.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Read the blog and there seems to be a push for the sealed sub for smaller rooms because of the room gain. Also, compared the specs for the SVS SB-1000 and the RSL, the obvious difference in the driver size. Freq extension seems similar though. Power rating are a little more for the RSL and a lot of reviews seem to be stating doubling up improves the performance even more but I doubt I'll be doing that any time in the near future till I can setup in a much bigger room. The feature that also seems to entice me is the wireless transmission, anyone with experience with any subs having setup wireless? Want to know about the sound quality and did read a few reviews with intermittent drop off issues. RSL: 24-200 Hz ± 3db, substantial output down to 20Hz (CEA-2010) SVS: 24-260 Hz +/- 3 dB Also, as I mentioned the room dimensions are quite small and the lower frequencies do boom and when I tried the clap test, I did sense some echo. Is it better to treat the room before I actually purchase the sub? Attaching a few pic of my setup so that you all have some idea.
  3. Thanks for welcoming me. Thought about the SVS but was considering something a little cheaper. The HiFi shop where I purchase my gear from has a special on the Dynamo 700 for about $890 and the RSL shipped from eBay would come out to approximately the same if not a little cheaper. So was looking to limit the cost to about $800. Would you recommend the ported or sealed SVS?
  4. Hi All, Wanted to take the time to say hi. A novice to HT & stereo, I started to collect components for my system in 2014 and build up on it every year by adding in small bits and pieces. Equipment list so far L/R - Martin Logan Electromotion ESL Center - Martin Logan Electromotion C2 Surrounds - Martin Logan Motion FX Receiver - Anthem MRX 310 Projector - Benq HT1085ST Screen - None, on wall for now Gaming - Microsoft XBox One S Source - Custom HTPC Intel Core i5 running Windows 10 + Foobar + VLC All of this is crammed in a really small room 3.5m W + 2.9m L + 2.5m H. As usual not the best room size especially considering Electrostats that I've read require a lot of space to sound their best. I am trying to make things work as best I can considering I live in a rental and there aren't too many options for room treatments. Would love to hear from the seasoned gurus here on what can be done. On the list of things to be done would be to use some kind of absorption behind the Martin Logans since these are placed really close to the front wall. On a separate note also looking to purchase a subwoofer, thinking either the RSL Speedwoofer 10S or the Martin Logan Dynamo 700. The RSL seems like a better proposition based on reviews but would like to hear from the experienced people here and would be willing to explore other options too if funds permit. Not looking to spend a lot maybe around $600-800. Thanks & Regards
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