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  1. Help me setup a theatre room

    Thanks I dont know much about projectors and its hard to decipher the office ones from home theatre ones. Ill Look out for a benq one I guess. So how does a blu ray DVR work as a tv tuner card as well or are they built in.
  2. Help me setup a theatre room

    just wondering if anyone can tell me if this projector is a piece of junk. I can get one for $150 is it worth it or wait for something decent. http://optimax3d.oraclemedialab.com/products/P800/ Thanks
  3. Hi Everyone Im confused with projectors but im looking at perhaps purchasing a 2nd hand one. I can get the below one for $500 will this be any good for a home theatre https://www.digitalcinema.com.au/epson-eb-575w-wxga-ultra-short-throw-projector.html Also I want to be able to watch normal tv through the projector what do I need to buy to make this happen. Im confused with all the xga 1080p etc etc i want something good by todays standards.
  4. HI Everyone Im setting up a home theatre room I have an onkyo tx616 av receiver with a 5.1 klispch speaker system synergy the big floor standing speakers with a centre speaker 2 surrounds and a 450w klipsch sub. The amp allows me to turn on off zones I would like to place a ceiling speaker in the bedroom and a ceiling speaker in the middle of the house and perhaps anothe rin our outside alfresco unit all mounted to the ceiling gprock. I dont want to spend heaps as I have already on the gear I have im just after speakers to produce some sound for easy listening. Ive checked out ebay can find some cheapies im worndering what wattage should I get as I dont want to blow them if I accidently crank the theatre room and have them turned on also. Can anyone recommend anything good price wise. Also the outdoor speaker will never get rained on etc but will see cold winters, humidity etc do I need an outdoor one? Thanks
  5. Help me setup a theatre room

    I think it looks better and more practical. I mean it sounds alright probably not the best but someone's always gonna have something better than you. Maybe I'm just picky. As previously explained my only real issue has been the rear surround speakers due to my stupid placement. Maybe if I do the audessey mic test I can improve them which I haven't done no mic. I have taken onboard people's advice. It's an awkward room with the furniture I have
  6. Help me setup a theatre room

    Changed it back to original it will do. Now I think I may just go TV no experience with projectors. I'm guessing I want a 4k up scaling had 1080p TV. What's my best bet watching movies last thing I owned was a dvd player back in 2002. Should I invest in a blu Ray. Or can I stream movies online etc etc. can anyone direct me to a write up on what to buy entering the market.
  7. Help me setup a theatre room

    Do you think this is better I can't decide lounges close to sliding door.... I don't know I might just change it back can't win I like the lounge layout better on my original go but didn't like the front unit now it's opposites don't like the lounge reversed but like the unit...
  8. Help me setup a theatre room

    Changed all the furniture around tonight not sure that stupid single chair is just to big to put anywhere functional. Not sure what to do now it really all depends if I go projector or TV. I want a projector probably coz I've never owned one and purely for screen size being large. Should I bother with projector or just get over it before ever owning one. I'm thinking an l shape lounge would suit the room better also. I've stuck the speakers against back corner walls I'm a bit of a freak for neatness don't like them sticking past the cabinet
  9. Help me setup a theatre room

    I have an onkyo tx616 av. My other issue is if I do this I cant run the wires down the north wall. Its the edge of the house steel frame and is the only wall that has insulation in it. I guess I could probably drop it down the cavity wall though. Painful
  10. Help me setup a theatre room

    North wall 4.2metres west wall 4.7 metres long. South wall only 3.2 m long should be able to jam my 3 seat lounge in there just..... I might do this and just leave the current surrounds on the ceiling on the north wall but use the 7.1 channel and have some other surrounds behind the lounge. I think also onve the door is opened in the room it will give the room a much larger looking appearance. Annoying though as I already had the wies run down the south wall with a hole cut in the gyprock oh well issues issues.
  11. Help me setup a theatre room

    What about if I changed the layout around on the north wall I would have my entertainment unit big floor standing speakers on the sides in the corner of the room. I would probably leave the 2 surrounds off the ceiling on that wall. ( YesI know this is pointless but couldn't be bothered changing them now ) I could then have the 3 row lounge against the south wall which contains the only power point in the room. I could easily run an extension lead to power my av receiver along the wall. I could then have the single chair offset out to the side well past the entrance door into the room. The sub woofer could go in the back corner behind the lounge and I would have existing power point there to plug into. I could then buy another two klipsch surround speakers and fit then just above the lounge on the wall. Im thinking I could then go a projector mounted to ceiling above the lounge and run the power back down to the power point? I think the glass sliding door and the entry door kill the room and turn it into something not so great for what I want.
  12. Help me setup a theatre room

    Pic attached of rumpus room which is now my theatre. I'm okish with the sound. Back surrounds may be a bit poor don't really want to change now because of holes in ceiling and re patching painting etc. I'm a bit stuck I do t really see the room working any better any other way with the current furnishings I have etc. my other idea was to add some side speakers to make 7.1 but this time place them where they should be placed. I have moved the sub into the front corner of the room and the floor standing speaker next to it. I'm thinking of going projector but it could look funny with those tall floor speakers...... 3.2 metre small wall 4.2 metre back long wall 4.7 m Other wall
  13. Help me setup a theatre room

    Hi everyone I was also wondering if I should bother with a projector or just go a TV. My entertainment unit is 1800mm wide as you can see the klipsch floor standing speakers go up pretty high. I'm thinking my projector screen would be smallish. What size could I go and what height should I mount it etc etc how far off the floor for good viewing angle
  14. Help me setup a theatre room

    Yep they are omni brackets pretty much fixed they have a golf ball clamp so i can move them around a bit side to side and up and down. I have them pointed down pretty much as far as they can go which isnt much angle before they hit the gyprock wall. The seating is off the back wall its about 500mm off the back wall that way the lounges can recline back without banging into the wall. I might go a solid door
  15. Help me setup a theatre room

    The lounges are lazy boy and recline so I have a space approx 500mm of the back wall so you can swing them out without hitting the wall. reversing the setup is a good idea I thought about it also but I have no power along the current back wall and not really willing to change the setup now although in theory you are probably 100 per cent correct. The room is seperate and has a hinged door reversing the setup would leave me little room for lounges. i will try and sketch the room tomorrow and post. Would the sub be any good in a back corner behind the lounge with the baffle hole facing the wall this way it's out of site and will make the room look cleaner just empty space anyway behind the couches. The door is also hollow cheap project builder crap. I was thinking of getting a solid one with frosted glass in it good or bad idea in regard to the glass. I'm also thinking of increasing the main speaker wire and moving them a bit away from the entertainment unit and angling them I guess the centre seeker can be placed at the edge of the cabinet and I may chock it up a bit to reflect the sound up towards the listeners ears. In my opinion the centre speaker at the moment plays a big role in the overall sound