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  1. Plaster all done (we're doing our PCI tomorrow actually, so potentially keys this week). We got them to put their highest available option (R3.1 110mm soundbreak accoustic glasswool batts) in the ceiling/walls, so just matter of it actually being done properly (never know with project builders till we're in). Yeh, the 127" scope was about 100" 16:9 in my calculations as well. Going into this, I was expecting 100" to 110" at the maximum for a 16:9 screen, however with the theatre builder, there was a price option for a 120" 16:9 that was "doable" in the room.
  2. Just got the cables put in there (as back of room I can run directly from receiver), so was just the option of it being there/could be moved around at front. Was considering with putting a foam spacer/cover on the gaps. Idea of the sound isolation was to minimise noise to the rest of the house (our main bedroom is above the theatre room, and I often will be up later at night than the wife). Cables have already been run. I had thought about conduit at the time, but given limited nature of conduit selection (it was either have conduit or not..), ended up getting the
  3. With the house rebuild currently finishing up now, time to do a sanity check on considerations for our Home Theatre room (a few things like budget pending as we have some post handover things to do, such as driveway/landscaping). Room dimensions Length: 4.54m Width: 3.36m Height: 2.70m Initially got a consultation from a local Home Theatre builder (and am still considering going through them, but keeping my mind open to potentially DIY on this, so I can get pieces at a time and start to use the room instead of getting it all in one go through them) to get
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