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  1. Reason for asking is that I'm down to 2 options of how I want to set up my lounge for a projector setup. I have already a thick, bleach white curtain in my lounge that I wish to use a projector on. It would allow an image size of 105" at the 16:9 perspective. I had planned to get the Epson TW5300 and have it at 4.5m away but, after doing the throw calculations this projector will not allow a view size of 105" that far away. My other option is to bring it forward and make a cabinet for it so I can get it the right distance but I would rather not have to do this. Roof mounting will be too messy, the ceiling is concrete and my wife is dead set against having it displayed on the roof so this isn't an option. My question is, if I spend more on a projector that will allow a throw distance of 4.5m, will the picture quality be much the same as using the tw5300 closer? Only just starting looking for a projector that would allow such a throw it seems it'll cost me at least 3 times the amount. The specs of the projectors that would allow such a throw distance have much better specs as far as contrast/lumens/features etc.... but does this diminish the further away and more zoom I use to get the size I'm after? I was really hoping for the 3-chip idea as the rainbow effect from single chip designs would drive me crazy. I edit/reconstruct images alot and one thing I can't stand in a picture is chromatic aberration which after viewing a benq at a showroom a couple of weeks ago it reminded me when I saw it of this.
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