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  1. block sound from HT

    That is a lot of information bro but I am sure it would all make sense to my builder. Thanks heaps man
  2. block sound from HT

    Thanks for the advice mate, looks like it will have to be 2 doors. what about the roof and window?
  3. block sound from HT

    I will talk to the builder and try to get a solid core door fit in there. what can I do about the window and roof? can I put the accoustic foam on the roof too and get double glazed window?. The window is very big though 1800 x 2400 but I will be getting wall to wall curtain.
  4. block sound from HT

    yeh, I will be speaking to the builder about how that can be done. that opening is 1.5 metre, dont know if doors come that wide.
  5. block sound from HT

    thanks guys, I will do that once the room is built.
  6. block sound from HT

    If I add the foam, will that make the room much narrow? its only 3.5 m wide as it is.
  7. Hey Guys, My house is now at the framing stage. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to stop the sound from HT leaking into bedroom2. I understand that it would be impossible to completely isolate the sound but I would be happy with whatever I can do to even muffle it. Please see the image to get a better idea, is there any kind of insulation I can put into the wall between HT and bed2? Thanks
  8. Speakers advice required

    hey guys hope someone has heard about these and can give advice. the sub woofer is S250 And the mains are s606, and s60CEN someone selling for $500. Thanks
  9. Speakers advice required

    I found another Jamo's. S420CEN, S426,S420SUR and a SUB200 for $730. does someone know anything about these? Good for the price?
  10. Speakers advice required

    Guys I am getting these Jamo speakers for $450 2 x tall speakers E680 2 x wall speakers E640 1 x centre speaker E 6CEN.5 1 x subwoofer 210 can someone please advise if they are good speakers. Of course I will listen to them before picking up.
  11. Epson tw6700 question

    Thats it. You reckon bad idea buying it considering it will be sitting there doing nothing for few months??
  12. Epson tw6700 question

    No that's brand new. With 2 years warranty. I plan to mount the pj to the ceiling and I will be sitting as far behind as possible leaving just enough room for the recliner to recline. Not sure about screen height
  13. Hello guys, I want to buy my first projector. Heard good things about epson tw6700 and I found one online for $1550. I want to know if it is goid for the room 3.5m x 4.4m. The screen will be on 4.4m wall. Also I don't move into my new house for few more months. Is it good idea to buy now or wait it out and price may go down towards the end of the year. Apologies for the noob questions
  14. Speakers advice required

    Do they have to be same brand or can you mix and match?
  15. Speakers advice required

    That looks so awesome. Tbh I don't think I can convince my wife to paint the room all black so blue/grey will have to do.