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  1. Hi George , Good thinking mate , thank you for the input Regards Loz
  2. Thankyou , eases my mind , shall head over tomorrow to Mona Vale for a listen with some $$ in hand . Regards Loz
  3. Hi there folks , Mona Vale Hi fi currently have advertised a Krell S 500 integrated amp for sale at $3500 , I am looking for something to beef up my Paradigm signatures. ?? Very little in the way of reviews online anywhere , are there any members who actually have one of these for some input please. There is the odd mention of "HUM with these . Also these units are made in China Regards Loz
  4. Hi all, Can anyone please let me know what I am doing wrong . Logging on as a member gives me just the initial ad / classified and the attached comments I can't see , there is just a long orange 2 inch wide line . When I just go thru as a non member , there is not the same problem and all the comments are there. Regards Laurence
  5. Item: EMOTIVA 5 Channel Amp Location: Ryde / NSW Price: 2350 Neg. Item Condition:Mint - Used Twice Reason for selling:NLR Payment Method: All Extra Info: Had this amp for 8 weeks , its a beast . Powers my Paradigms easily. Used only twice, paid $2700. Changing direction , no longer going to be used unfortunately. . Pictures:
  6. Hi there , Live locally at Ryde , is this amp still 4/sale , have a pair of Paradigm 30th anniversary towers that need a boost.
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