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  1. Thanks womble66, but I have looked into non-genuine, and am not willing to take the risk of damaging the projector, even though it is old, as I live in a rental, and if the pj was damaged, I would be liable.
  2. I rent a house with the above projector installed. Have been using it for 18 months, but now the lamp needs replacing at a cost of $396 for genuine. Am wondering if it is worth replacing, considering the projector is now 8-9 years old? I don't want to fork out that amount of money if the projector is going to fail due to age anyway. Could go out and purchase a brand new big screen t.v. 55" for only around $800. Any assistance appreciated.
  3. Hi Peter, I have it all set up, bought a hdmi convertor box from Jaycar for $80, and it's done the trick. Thank you so very much for all of your advice and patience
  4. Thanks so much Peter, I had to go to work sorry. After work, I did drop into our local hifi chainstore, but their words "Projectors aren't very popular anymore, due to the great quality t.v.'s these days"............ they didn't have what I needed. They have directed me to another store, which I will try on Friday. What you are telling me does make sense to me, hence why I am just going to purchase what you suggested. I have nothing to lose hahahaha Will let you know how it goes on Friday, thanks again for your advice and patience!
  5. How is this diagram? Please note the soundbar does not have HDMI, it only has a jack or RDI (if that makes a difference?) With Convertor.pdf
  6. have attached 2 drawings, hope it is clear enough. Without Chromecast.pdf With Chromecast.pdf
  7. If the soundbar is plugged into the pvr, wouldn't that mean the pvr would have to be plugged into the transmitter? So what is suggested is that I purchase the powered convertor, plug that into the transmitter HDMI, then the Chromecast into the second HDMI on the transmitter, that should do the trick............ so I don't really need the pvr at all?
  8. Soundbar is plugged into the PVR with the red and white audio plugs. There is an option for optical on the remote, but having never used "optical" am not sure what to do with it.
  9. Thank you so much Peter, that makes sense. However just one more question? I have a HDMI going out to the PVR (so vision is enabled on the big screen), and the Chromecast plugged into the other HDMI slot of the transmitter. Where would I plug the powered convertor for audio?
  10. I have no t.v. in my theatre room, only an Epson EH TW projector with Actiontec transmitters. What I have been doing is watching t.v. through my Teac PVR, with the HDMI plugged into the transmitter and PVR. I have a soundbar plugged into the PVR for audio. I purchased a Chromecast which I plugged into the Actiontec transmitter and PVR, so I can watch Netflix etc in the theatre room. Installed just fine via mobile phone and tablet, and have a fantastic picture. However I am at a loss as to how I can get sound through my soundbar. I have tried using a 3.5mm plug from mobile/tablet to soundbar, but just picture with no sound. Actiontec transmitters does not have any audio out sockets. Any assistance would be much appreciatedl.
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