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  1. Can I ask if the signal booster you suggested plugs into the wall antenna outlet or does it have to be connected to the antenna itself. Antenna is inaccessable to me- too high.
  2. OK. I've given up on this. Scrambled picture when using the dual tuner PVR returned at the usual time today. I've been fiddling with cables for hours and tried the PVR on another TV, one I seldom use. That TV isn't getting any signal at all. It was the last time I used it a couple of months ago. The PVR when connected to the wall plate where that TV is manages to pick up a broken signal but won't let me watch one channel and record another without scrambling the picture completely. The antenna has obviously moved during high winds or the cockies have gotten to it again. What really annoys me is that I told the man who came to fix it twice in the last two years I wanted a permanent solution because I couldn't afford to keep getting it fixed all the time. I still have the same damn problem. I expect the signal will just keep getting worse until I can afford to have it fixed again or I'll drive myself nuts with indoor antennas.
  3. I had already tried a different RF cable but just tried another, from another set in the house, with a slightly different connector. It seems to have fixed the problem. No longer getting scrambled picture while recording one channel and watching another. The real test will be tomorrow night at around sunset when this problem has been particularly bad. The antenna had been looked at twice in the last two years. It's hard to get to as it's on the roof of a double storey house. I was surprised he didn't replace the cabling to the outlets when he looked at it (they're 30 years old) but the signal seemed to be strong enough. Surprised to have had the problem now after being trouble free for a while. Also have problems with cockies perching on antenna and pecking at the cable. Thanks so much for the help and suggestions. I'm glad I didn't have to go to the expense of getting someone out again or replacing equipment.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I'm going to try some of the things suggested if and when it starts happening tonight. Picture quality would always be variable during the early evening at this time of year in my area back in the analogue days. Antenna cable has always been from wall to PVR (Humax 7510T) but I've started by removing the cable that links the antenna signal from the PVR to the Samsung TV seeing as I usually only watch through the PVR and use the TV when two other things are recording. HDMI cable from PVR to TV is still in place. Will see how that goes. I assumed the Antenna signal to the TV would be weaker if I was linking it from the PVR so was confused as to why the picture would fail on the PVR and not the TV. Perhaps a better quality tuner in the TV or the dual tuner in the Humax drains signal strength? EDIT: This appears to be happening when both tuners are in use- watching one channel while recording another. Signal strength seems to be fluctuating wildly. Will I lose all my recordings if I do a factory reset?
  5. I'm having reception issues through a Humax PVR. Since daylight saving started the reception keeps dropping out and scrambling on the PVR but not the TV, particularly during the early evening. Signal strength and quality are 100% when I check on the PVR. I've tried checking the connections and retuning the channels a few times. Can anyone help with a possible fix? I've also noticed a neighbours's Foxtel Hub recently started appearing in my wifi network connections since this started happening. Could this be causing the problem?
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