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  1. I'm in Melb Alan and I'll jump on the roof tomorrow and have a look at the antenna There are 2 separate holes in the wall - 1 for Foxtel chord and 1 for the antenna chord I've tried both plugs to tune the tv but no success
  2. So when I go to the menu of my TV it has an option for channel tuning with the following options: - auto tuning - dtv tuning (digital i assume?) - avt tuning The auto tune simply goes through both dtv and atv options all at once but it doesn't seem to pick anything up
  3. We have an antenna, a new one it looks and I texted the house owner and he said he just put it in back in 2014 The tv only has one hole that isn't a red/yellow/white option so the cables must be correct surely? Unless the actual cable is broken??
  4. Hey Everyone, We've just had Foxtel turned off for the time being but I can't tune my TV into the FTA channels1 The house has an aerial and we have the chord all plugged in...I've tried the manual tune on the TV nut nothing comes up. Do I need a box or an adaptor or something? I've had Foxtel for 20yrs so I've never needed to tune my TV before but this is a TV we got from some relo's and thus we don't have the instructions manual or anything. Thanks
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