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  1. Hi everyone. Started off in HIFI and still have a keen interest in it but ultimately was drawn by a force to home cinema. What a peace of junk people said. With a Denon 3805, NHT T5 speakers and Four monoblock amps. She may not look like much but she's got it where it counts. I made a lot of special modifications myself. Like DIY acoustic screen, DIY 15" sub with Oaudio plate amp.to keep the two 12" company and custom REW EQ curve.. The bass runs strong in the movies, resistance was useless. Some said they found my lack of faith in HIFI disturbing but I knew I had only just begun to find my true powers. The picture looked fantastic running a JVC x7000 projector with CIH scope screen. But your eyes can deceive you. Don't trust them I was told. Well look at the size of that thing I thought. Judge the cinema buy the size of the screen do you. No of course not. I had 7.2 but wanted to go Atmos so I made the calculations and got ready. My son asked me why its taking so long to make the jump to atmos.. I said installing Atmos speakers ain't like dusting crops boy. Without precise measurements we could hit a roof beam or get to close to a 240v wire and that would end our install real quick wouldn't it. So in went 4 ceiling speakers and a Yamaha A3050.. Sorry about the mess I said to the wife. People were taking an interest in my handiwork. In went a Panasonic UB420 UHD player .. I said to my son "common buddy were not done yet. We have to put in the theatre lounge". Four chairs to put in. My wife said "here they come". Son said "there coming in too fast". I said "don't worry we will get them in" I got one in then he got one clipped in. "Great Don.t get cocky" I said. Wife said "still two more out there". My son got another one and I got the last one clipped in. "That's it we did it "said my son. So that about tells the story of how my home cinema came to be. .Its not my fault that I like home cinema, I think deep down I knew it was my destiny. Its a trap
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