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  1. I am still interested as well Tony if you make it to Canberra.
  2. I am interested to see the new movie Midway. The rest of the world has seen Midway, except for Australia for reasons only known to the local distributor. I contacted Roadshow and they wouldn’t provide a reason other then to say it would get a theatrical release in Australia on 30 January, three months after release all over the world. The movie was poorly reviewed by critics but sold well in all markets and was number one in US for a period in November.
  3. I have had B&W CM10 s2 for a few years and originally used an Emotiva XPA-2 Gen 3 but they never sounded right. The Emotiva amp went Phht one day during a listening session and the local repair guy here in Canberra said it might take some time to get parts as it needed a new switch mode power supply. Being impatient I went looking for an upgrade and settled on one of Arthur Rappos’ Elektra HD Reference two channel amplifiers. The change was very obvious.... the bass is much better and the sound I get from the speakers is much much better. I am a big fan of Elektra now! BTW, still have the Emotiva and it is doing a great job in the home theatre setup.
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