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  1. That Simple Control Blaster is identical to the Global Cache Flex. The configuration pages are identical and all the ports are in the same position. Looks like it's made for them under licence. The price is identical too. So I can pretty much guarantee this will work with the Simple Control Blaster.
  2. I purchased a Global Cache iTach Flex WiFi to control my home theatre, lights and air-conditioner. Unfortunately these devices are all spread around the room like so: https://i.imgur.com/NxLWASJ.jpg and the wimpy little Flex IR "blaster" could only control one of them at a time when pointed directly at it. So I designed my own IR "hyper-blaster". This works exceptionally well. I can point it anywhere in the room and control any of the devices. I can now mount it out of the way on top of my projector. The IR LEDs are being driven at over five times their rated DC current but because this is only for a short pulse they can handle it .They're rated to much more than this (1.2A) for very short pulses (1us on, 10us off). I'm sure I can feel it heating up the room when in use It's still a bit of a prototype mess at the moment but I'll take some in-situ photos when I receive the final part - a USB power splitter cable to enable me to run it and the iTach Flex from the same 5V 1A plug pack. Construction details below if anyone else ever needs such a device: Note: I wanted some 0.33uF caps for the 37kHz bypass but they are huge so I ended up using three groups of three 0.1uF caps. Three on the front of the PCB and six on the back.
  3. The rules have changed. It used to be that an open 200mm diameter shroud was required. There are now provisions for covered shrouds but both the shroud and light fitting have to comply to the requirements of AS 60598.1 and AS 60598.2.2 when covered with insulation.
  4. Hopefully this won't get mistaken for spam as it is my first post with this new account (Vermin is dead long live Vermin2) but thought Hobartions may like to know that Mick Peaker from AVICAL Australia will most likely be in Hobart next month. I found this archived topic the other day when I was looking for someone to perform a display calibration for me: http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php/topic/11557-home-theatre-display-calibration/ It's from a while ago (2004) but thought I'd let you know that I have been in touch with them and it is very likely Mick will be here in Hobart next month (for an unrelated promotion) and now would be a good time to book in for this service if you ever thought about having it done. You can do it through their website: http://www.avical.com.au/request/
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