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  1. Wow, yeah my room pretty dark, I have an existing screen made from tauris do you think if I take off the existing skin and putthe spandex over the little knobs will have to break skin then stretch on corners and work my way around thst should work?
  2. Triad platinum 18inch you just making a frame for the velvet or just stapling it to walls
  3. yeah im actually changing speakers to triad speakers and 18inch subs March can't wait. Im going to put a large rug 3.5m x 4.5m and i think i will have aborstion just around speakers and will cover the screen area with absorption just wondering if that Scotte voice 6ml panel will be ok around screen.
  4. your right there. don't know will ring up tomorrow
  5. I just looked up this product would this be good to cover my dedicated movie area, walls and ceiling? I have tiled floors
  6. Im looking into buying a Majestic screen 110 inch 16 x 9 Transparent does any body know if the material is perforated?
  7. Hi all I’ve got a problem , I’m getting a triad system installed and I’ve used up all my coin. The guy that’s installing my system wants 3grand for a transparent 110inch 16 x 9 perforated screen. I do understand you need the right screen but this is what I will buy in the years time. I think the sound is way more important. Question I want to ask is I have a normal screen by Tauris 16 x 9 110inch. Is there a company that sells cheap transparent material that I can put on my existing screen, like take off the normal materials snd put on spandex transparent materials. I don’t like the bed sheet
  8. Hi all I am in love with these speakers, which I heard yesterday. But the speakers not bad price it’s just everything else that goes with the package. These are 4ohms I’m going to purchase a anthem but what amp can I use to run these speakers. I got a price fir new which was $3500 I’m wanting to buy a second hand trying cut the cost down ! Any advise would appreciated
  9. Hi there the Epix Krix in wall speaker comes in a large back box which is about 1700 long would any one know if it can be cut down at all. I want to put in my wall but from the ground up to 900ml is concrete then from 900 to 2.1 is cavity can it be modified , i really like the look of these speakers, especially with out the grille.?? look forward to your response
  10. Hi all just wondering if any one has these speakers by krix the Megaphonixs flat and centre what they sound like, i am going to living sound soon to get a demo, just thought i would get my feelers out there might be someone driving these on the gold coast? look forward to hearing back
  11. Hi there. has any body auditioned the Dali M 375 in wall speakers. I went to Brisbane hifi and spoke to Aiden great bloke knows his stuff. I auditioned the M & K wow very impressive and expensive! so he came up with the Dali M 375. In walls he had none in stock. I would like to put speakers behind screen. Quite cheap $1600 a speaker. Well cheap compared to other speakers there! The Dali speakers are very wRm sounding compared to the Krix in wall that I heard at living sound., the sound was so piercing! Then I told him the size of my room which is quite large 13.8 long. H
  12. Hi there thanks for your reply. that would be awesome, I would really appreciate that. I’m on holidays for a week. When I get back will message you. And make time. Thanks heaps for your help.
  13. Hi all a lot of people are telling me I need to have 2 x 15inch sub woofers for my size. which is 13.8 m x 4.5 x2.1 height. I went to a hifi store at morrochydore and spoke to Andy he said I only need 2 x 12inch. Sunfire subs. Is he right. ? plus need to be sealed.
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