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  1. What extra gain would you get from two WISI antennas as compared to one?
  2. I am in an obscure rural area called Martinsville, a valley surrounded by mountains and known for poor TV reception. MySwitch indicates Mt Sugarloaf as the relevant transmitter and that there is likely to be mountainous terrain intervening. However I am slightly elevated on a hill and can see Mt Sugarloaf. How does a "site survey" differ from the rooftop signal survey that I have just had done, and what is the approximate cost?
  3. These look like two WISI antennas but oriented at right angles, is this correct? What is the significance of the right angle orientation? Your use of two MDA20U masthead amps is interesting, what overall gain does this achieve?
  4. Is it possible to have two WISI antennas at different locations on one's roof, connected, so that they act as a single array for TV reception? The reason I ask is that I am in a fringe area (country NSW) and a signal survey across my roof could find no one location where all 5 channel groups (2,3,5,6,8) are good, there is always one or more channels that fail. So i was thinking that if you had two locations were, say, 2,3 6 were good and a second location where 5 and 8 were good, if you could have a WISI antenna at each location and connect them in some way so they formed a single array (i.e. one antenna would not interfere with the other) then one should get good reception on all channels. An antenna tech who did the survey today said it is not possible, but I thought I would ask here anyway. TIA
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