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  1. Hi - I have found this very informative and made modifications to my home, a new Antenna VHF/UHF digital - replaced the 4 splitters that were in the roof with 1 x antsig 8 x outlet powered splitter with 2 inputs. It has lots of stuff in it to assist and a gain control. I have re-cabled all my tv outlets with new RG6 Quad Coax cable - all of these are run up and along rafters away from any electical cables. The reason for this is a few months ago my image started distorting on my main tv and ocasionally at other tv's -we started with the antenna and worked through - it has driven me crazy. We still get pixel issues, square blotcing white lines a few times an hour on any tv. Ch 9 is the worst sometimes not available followed by 7 - usually abc is fine but it has its moments. My main device is a panasonic DMR-PWT550 - I thin it has some serious issues and was purchased mid august, I can turn on my kitchen lights and it losses the plot pixels going everywhere, sound squealing or non existent. (The only thing different in my kitchen to any other lighting in the house is LED strip lights - so I wonder if the newer drivers are causing an issue). It doesn't matter which antenna point I run the unit on it still plays up, I even ran a second rg6 quad line down the wall a little further over just in case it had some other interference but it still goes crazy. I am taking the unit to Panasonic for repair as it does it at a friends house too. BUT that doesn't explain why the other 4 tv's play up every now and then. I am thinking of putting a second antenna up as I live in the middle of Bribanes Mt Cootha location and the Sunshine Coasts Bald Knob location, just to see if that helps. The antenna is in the middle of my roof and there are no big trees for about 50m and they are not in line of sight. There have been some major high rises built in North Lakes which is in line of sight but that its like 5km in a straight line away and shouldn't be an issue. I have a mains power surge and power cleaning device at my mains so I shouldn't have power issues causing problems. Anyone with any ideas please let me know....
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