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  1. Heavytrevy

    Hello from Cairns

    Welcome from Atherton
  2. Heavytrevy

    Scan Speak\Dayton, PRICE DROP x5

    wow they look great . GLWTS
  3. Hi Guri , I cant get the speakers to you , but thanks for the offer anyway your a legend
  4. for sure ive never had much luck with couriers
  5. I may have a need for your generosity
  6. Heavytrevy

    F.S. tannoy precision 6.1's

    ah yes i remember you getting rid of the Dali's after listening to your Dads tannoys , i have a set of the precision's as my surrounds I bet your golds sound fabulous good luck with ur sale , doubt ul need it
  7. yes please if still for sale
  8. Heavytrevy

    SOLD: FS: Yaqin MS-34D Valve Amp

    no probs mate totally understand
  9. Heavytrevy

    SOLD: FS: Yaqin MS-34D Valve Amp

    no post bugger .......
  10. Heavytrevy

    Please help to identify the speakers

    thats pretty cool looking
  11. Heavytrevy

    Marantz SR5012: Good, Bad or Fantastic?

    I have a 6007 , with the right speakers the 5012 should sound fantastic
  12. Heavytrevy

    Toeing in speakers.

    While dependent on the recording ive found most conventional designed speakers lacking in the soundstage depth/imagining department, they tend to throw a wall of sound at you . Ive found speakers that use point source or concentric driver designs to be vastly superior for 3d /holographic soundstage.
  13. Heavytrevy

    SOLD: FS Fostex Headphones

    yes please if still available