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  1. It will be interesting how this compares to the JVC X5000, will have to pop round for a demo Rich, what are your first impression?
  2. Hi All, I've just moved into a house with a media room and was looking for a screen, I have an old Panasonic PTAE 1000 projector but will be upgrading this year, so was thinking of a 140" Majestic screen, are they a good screen? Better than the eBay screens? Also they have 10% off for a referral, can anyone here refer them? Cheers.
  3. Hi, I am having a house built with a dedicated media room 6.5m x4.4m 2.7m, I will be using a Marantz Av8802a with ATC C4 (7.1) speakers, now, which in-ceiling speakers would be best for Atmos, Triad In-Ceiling Silver, Jamo IC-608, Krix Atmospherix a20 or Monitor Audio CT380-IDC? Also should I add front heights al well? Many thanks, Phil
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