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  1. Im pretty dead set now on buying another pair of speakers.. so options of bookshelfs or floorstanders Im falling out of love with the Focals after listening to them for extended periods -- a bit too bright for me Suggestions on options to pair with the CXA80, ~$1200-1500ish Some of these im not able to audition - Dynaudio Emit 20 - Dynaudio Emit 30 (used) - B&W S606 s2 Anniversary - B&W S707/706 s2 (a bit out of my price range new) - Deftech D11 (on sale $1500) - Wharfedale Evo 4.2 - Magnat 1003 (used - on this forum) - So
  2. I was under the impression that if speakers are rear ported it needs alot more space from wall (at least 60cm+) but front ports can be closer to wall? I'm pretty happy with the sound at the moment with the current set up Anyone have experience with the deftechs? What did you end up going with? What amp are you using? Do you have a sub? I personally find 6.5" mids are perfect size and struggle to convince myself otherwise
  3. Hmm ok If I applied the 1/3 rule to my room, my speakers would be 1m from the back wall, couch would be 1m from rear 'wall' (theres no wall).. so my speakers from couch would also be 1m away ? Ive experimented a bit more, and moved speakers ~45-50cm away from rear wall and side walls/windows, moves speakers closer in towards each other, so now its about 2m apart. Its really opened up the soundstage, and mids sound a bit clearer/punchier. Unfortunately doesnt resolve some slight brightness in the speakers, but I think its a Focal thing I demo'ed some speakers yester
  4. Thanks for all suggestions The picture is decieving ? The speakers are currently about 33cm from the wall with toe in, I'd estimate about 15* With better measurements, the speakers are 2.5m away from listening position, which is also 2.5m away - forms a triangle I've been experimenting with toe (have a wider sound stage now and happy with it) but not position (will try moving closer to couch) as I was trying to keep speaker distance same as speaker centre or as close as possible. I prob read this somewhere ? The focals are front ported, and the fronts o
  5. This is the mutually agreed setup of the room with the other half ?
  6. Awesome, will add to my list Thanks for comments. Im at the starting point of trying to pick the right setup for my room size (my first dedicated audio room) so its a learning curve for me. Been doing a bit of reading but alot of conflicting info. In saying all this, my setup doesnt 'stretch' across the entire room due to a weird angle in the wall. So centre to centre of speakers is only 3m apart, with the listening position about 2.5m away
  7. Hi all I'm currently in two minds about my current 2 channel audio setup My room size is on the small size being 4m wide and 3.5m long, but the rear of the room opens up to our front entrance and a dining room. My current setup is Yamaha RS700 (soon to be replaced by a Cambridge audio CXA80+CP1) Focal 716v floor standers Dali Mentor 10" sub I feel like its too "big" for the room, and would benefit more from bookshelves. Thoughts? If I do pursue the bookshelf option I'll be looking under $1500 (new or second hand)
  8. FOUND Thanks for offer but have bought something
  9. Hi all. I thought I'd try keep all my questions to one post instead of cluttering the forum Question 1 - is there a golden ratio you work with when purchasing an audio setup? For eg. Amp = 50%, speakers = 30%, sub = 20% of budget Question 2 - I've been tinkering with the idea of changing my Focal 716v (2.5 way) for bookshelf speakers (2 way). Would not having the extra midbass driver be noticeable? I am using a sub Or should I stick with 2.5way floor standing speakers?
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