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  1. Hi all. I thought I'd try keep all my questions to one post instead of cluttering the forum Question 1 - is there a golden ratio you work with when purchasing an audio setup? For eg. Amp = 50%, speakers = 30%, sub = 20% of budget Question 2 - I've been tinkering with the idea of changing my Focal 716v (2.5 way) for bookshelf speakers (2 way). Would not having the extra midbass driver be noticeable? I am using a sub Or should I stick with 2.5way floor standing speakers?
  2. I picked it due to not being able to tell a difference with screens 😂 It's in a window lit room and also runs android, so Google Play Store is available to rent movies easier? That's what I was told In my opinion the picture looked a bit more vibrant and saturated than the Samsung Honestly it seems so minimal to me that either would of been fine
  3. Ah OK. So might be a subscription issue. I've hear Netflix has a premium but not sure.. Ive only just got on to Netflix recently haha My TV has Dolby atmos, so assume it can play it? Otherwise nothing looks weird with my setup? I assume optical can do atmos?
  4. Hi guys, I'm new to home theatres and been learning alot recently so hopefully not too much of a silly question.. I've set up a fun sized 5.1, using a pioneer vsx1123 receiver connected to a Sony X80H via optical (I tried ARC but couldn't get it to work so reverted to optical) From what I read, the receiver has DD+, TrueHD, DTS:neox etc. Now from my understanding, this receiver should be able to decode Atmos and play it as DD Surround (5.1) It's been working great with Netflix 5.1 HD content.. However the other night we watched a movie (Enola Holmes) on Netflix wh
  5. Item: Focal Chorus SW 700 V Price Range: $300-500 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: looking for good condition, in black Will prefer local but will think about shipping Open to other 10-12" subs, around 300wrms
  6. I can close enough blinds to be semi dark, or just watch at night time haha
  7. Hey all, Im having a problem with picking between the Sony X80H or Samsung Q60T in 65" size They are roughly the same price, and same specs The TV will be used for mainly movies/netflix in 1080p to 4K and occasional watching the news/cooking shows on free to air It will be paired with an entry level amp and 5.1 setup (usually content is streamed rather than bluray/xbox/ps) Ive watched youtube videos, read reviews and spoke to guys at the store, but wanting to get a third opinion before I pull the trigger on either Thanks in advanced
  8. Item: Dali zensor centre speaker (I think it's called vokal) Price Range: happy to nego Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: black, must be in good condition both working and physical. Must come with grill. Happy to pay postage from wherever. TIA
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