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Above: PSE-144 - a point source elliptical horn loudspeaker

(Previously posted as member paulspencer)

Red Spade Audio specialises in room acoustics and loudspeaker design.

Room Acoustics Consulting

The first step in getting the best out of your room is a room analysis. We provide an onsite service in Melbourne but we also offer remote consulting Australia-wide.

We can help with:

  • acoustic treatment advice
  • solving bass problems
  • dealing with difficult rooms with reflection problems

Exceptional bass

We also specialise in achieving exceptional bass, which is a rare achievement. We can help with:

  • do you need bass traps?
  • can you benefit from multiple subwoofers?
  • where should your subs be placed?
  • should you use EQ?
  • custom bass solutions

We recommend starting with a room analysis and bass assessment. This points to the best bass solution for your system. You may be surprised at the outcome and the path suggested to get there. Very often it will prove true that the generic advice given out for free on the internet isn't correct in your case. Sometimes following free advice is the most expensive path of all.

Dynamic home theatre solutions

We offer one thing that is very rare - speakers that are truly well designed for home cinema. If you agree that real home cinema speakers don't fit in a single box anyone could lift, you've come to the right place.

Custom Design

We can design custom speakers and subs to suit your requirements and ambitions.

Paul Spencer - Red Spade Audio

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