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  1. So how does one control the volume in these setups? I'm thinking of adding a pre amp to it however it doesn't seem to have any potentiometer.... So would I have to add a passive tone board inline somewhere to be able to control the volume from the amp rather than the source!?
  2. Cheers @zog Good to know as mentioned this is a time filler project an I love tinkering. Appreciate your input
  3. Exactly mate I'm just keen to get the components and start building. I've even bought the DIY boards so I can swap out caps etc for better quality ones and be in control of the assembly and make sure tolerances and soldering are done right
  4. Don't worry mate I've just found a bunch of interesting articles on the subject. I will go with my original switching unit and if I encounter too much emi then I will work out a solution for it. Appreciate it @mwhouston
  5. Could you please expand on everything? Or point me to a resource that would explain the differences? As I haven't bought my psu yet and power is important in this build.
  6. I've already got my boards on their way and they are not the T4 as mentioned What's the difference between the two power supply
  7. Yeah I've been looking at this unit https://connexelectronic.com/product/smps500rxe/
  8. I've unfortunately had a very baf accident recently and as such I am unable to return to work for a long time so I've decided to order some parts online and have some fun and build a class D amp for home listening with loud speakers. I haven't seen too many projects with people using IRS2092 based boards that have a lot of details. Many of them are simply short you tube videos which don't go into any detail. Does anyone have any experience with these boards for DIY? Pro and Con? My build is consisting of 2 of the 150w units for stereo sound and I have als
  9. Thx MBZ I thought a recap wouldn't hurt it due to its age. But I think that's about as far as I'll go with this unit i feel. I like your idea of working on a vintage unit and I have actually been looking for one I like. Fingers crossed one pops up
  10. Hopefully all is okay at your end mate. Thanks for posting as this has given me a few ideas for my build which I am currently sourcing parts for and especially ideas on the case itself. I'm glad others are also working with wood. However working with wood is new to me so it will be a challenge. Take care
  11. I recently had a very bad work accident and now I've found myself unable to work for many months so my audio equipment is getting some much needed attention. I only have one amp that I use for everything (music/movies) which is a yamaha Htr6030 and I was thinking about opening it up and looking at modifying it in some way. Maybe play around with opamps (have done 5his before on portable headphones amps) if it uses them or install an internal Bluetooth adapter.... What kind of mods or work has been done before on these units it would be good to know what I
  12. Hey guys I recently received my iMM-6 calibrated microphone and was wondering which device and software you have used and recommend as dayton don't provide any software with their hardware. I have both an iPhone 6s aswell as a Huawei nova 3
  13. I would really like to get in and build some speakers with a bunch of driver I have here at home. I've been playing with some drivers which didn't come with specs so I bought a V3 DATS system and have been playing around with it. So now I've got measurements and data etc etc, which software packages do you recommend to use to design the box and the cross overs ? I had a quick look at vituixCAD 2 and winisd ... however I'm sure that there are many of you that have gone down this path already and can recommend what to play with and what to stay away from Chee
  14. Hi all I picked up a pair of these speakers in great condition today fir $25. I've hooked them up to my amp and wow they are a great pair of speakers and I've had a great little listening session with them. However I'm struggling to find any information on these soeakets as to when they were made and any other useful infirmation. Where would be the best place to look??
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