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  1. correct ! The converter just arrived and indeed in introduces an amount of delay which i cannot eliminate so there is a slight echo through the room, however it does work by simply connecting it to the mono input channel on the converter and the delay that you can add to the yamaha is for all channels and not separated into F/R/C The only settings on the sonos are to extend the delay even further which is of no use with this setup oh well it was fun trying - instead now i have the optical out of the PS4 going into the sonos and it activates from there when playing games and watching videos from there which is a bit of fun so technically i now have a 13.1 system when Im playing games ... hahaha
  2. Thank you - that is a very valid explanation of what could happen on a technical level ! food for thought This is also a good point and im sure I have latency settings in there somewhere that I can play with
  3. incorrect 2 wires is 2 wires .... standard speaker wire ... +/- however i will simply terminate the wire into an RCA plug (which I have already done) and then connect it to the A>D converter i linked above If you look at the diagram the Monitor out RCA you reference is in the Video outputs ... so i doubt that will work I assume that would be similar to an S-video signal
  4. That is always an option also .... its only a small room so its fun to have the surrounds right next to your head. If i was going to go for a 2.0 or 2.1 setup ill just use the sonos for the TV output
  5. i just stumbled across a few myself ... thanks I had one here however it was supposed to do A>D however is doesnt it only does D>A I might try and find a cheaper one and see > https://www.auselectronicsdirect.com.au/analogue-to-digital-audio-decoder-converter thanks for the input @Bunno77
  6. not the point of this exercise .. i want to see if i can get this to work and have some fun .... If I cant get it to work oh well it stays the way it is
  7. Now this is a very left of field question and this is more of 'I would like to test and see if it works in my situation' and I know there are many of you who will say don't bother etc etc however I like to tinker and play and see what happens. Setup: Samsung TV > Optical (toslink) > yamaha receiver > Speakers 5.1 Optional: Sonos Sound Bar (gen 1) as centre channel Reason: to get more omph from the centre channel rather than the 30w centre speaker and clean up the area. So what im looking for is a way to go from the analogue centre channel output of the receiver (2 wires) and then somehow convert it to a digital (toslink) signal so that the sonos sees it an plays whats coming from the receiver/amp, as you can see in the picture i currently have the 30W speaker sitting intop of the sonos so i want to eliminate it all together.
  8. lucky im fluent in french ... hahah appreciate your input .... my birthday is next week ... maybe the GF can get me one haha
  9. apologies .. i googled the wrong version .... i just found a youtube video of someone doing it .... I didnt google the i version ...and it sent to addicted to audio and the larger red ones ... apologies again mate .. you were 100% correct https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/burson-audio-v5-audiophile-op-amps-dual-matched-pair?gclid=CjwKCAjwpqv0BRABEiwA-TySwW1iSW8bz7HkVOAUilKSWJbQx__Mryl4sbjK3tJ6rDuWJk0iqZ8OqxoCXzoQAvD_BwE
  10. ummmm....... no they wouldn't fit ... even mounted sideways lol very impressive kit however
  11. @Batty - those wouldn't fit inside my portable amp which is what this project is for. Its a bit of an eyesore .... i hope it works well and its what you're hoping for
  12. cheers mate Like i said the difference between the NE5532 and the OPA2134 was marginal with the vocals and drums being brought forward slightly and less cluttered by other instruments (this is with my particular setup I was using for testing) I'm now interested in playing with SOIC > DIP adapters and playing with some different options I enjoy this kind of thing ... its a learning experience for me which is what I enjoy the most. the outcome of potentially better sounding music is the by product almost
  13. yes mate i use element14 for most of my bits .... thanks for the tip
  14. @ArthurDent wow thats cool ! I'm sure it wont be long before im doing this kind of thing ... this is my first venture into playing with prebuilt units ... so im simply playing around with an 8 pin dip socket currently and seeing what I like and dont like I actually have some blackgates here at home I hear they are great audio IC's
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