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  1. Wow, the 2700 looks good. I'm glad I waited to see what new projectors will be coming out. I only have a throw distance of around 3m (room is 3.4x4.2m - cant go the other way, unfortunately), so this will get me a 110-inch screen pretty easily. Looking at the calculator the w5700 would only throw a ~92-inch screen, which I think is just a tad too small. Where in Sydney am I able to demo the unit?
  2. Haha! When building, the windows can be an issue, especially if the HT is at the front. A few designs we are looking at have them at the front and the windows are huge. The front of the house would look really weird if you tried to put the smaller windows in! The sound proofing pricing sounds ok to me, however i know next to nothing how much it should be. It is good to know that you can get it in the quote from the builder as well, so that can stay away from my HT budget (the only WAF i have!). My wife and I are considering custom also, that way i will be able to put the HT as the second room from the front, with a small study in front of it. That way we may be able to get away with a small window on the side, or even get away with no windows. But I am not sure if this is allowed. Im curious to see if the footy was using HD or SD? If free to air footy then I actually am not sure if they have footy in HD. I am aiming for a 130 inch screen
  3. Hi Mark, Great build. I am looking at building one at roughly the same size as yours, however I may have a slighty easier WAF requirements than most - that is my room and I can do what ever the hell I want. Charcoal it is! I was wondering - how is the sound proofing that you did? And as a general question, how much should I be looking to budget in for sound proofing? Also, what size screen are you looking at going with? 160 inch?
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