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  1. Yeah i am a hardcore gaming guy, but i have mixed comments, such as it can do Blu-Ray flawlessly, and I'm kind of confused cause some of the games i play aren't always 1080p when I'm playing so if it can handle blu-ray playback then I'm just wondering if anyone here actually has real world gaming results?
  2. Yeah its seems like that will fix it. but i want to upgrade to FHD anyway now, and was wondering if the wireless HDMI was effective vs. the cat6e option
  3. Great Thank you, hopefully this helps get me to 5. Secondly, How long do these orders take before you receive the stock?
  4. New User, so be gentle I have been referred here from whirlpool, and after a lengthy troubleshoot Process,http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=2249692 I am in the market for a new projector. I want to move to FHD and looking at these two wireless options to help solve my 15m handshaking cable issue over HDMI. Can anyone who uses this for gaming comment on the fidelity and reliability of such a system, also noticed a GB on the BenQ, how do i get more info on that?
  5. I also am looking to upgrade to a FHD setup with new HDMI, my current system in 15m and there is HDMI handshaking issues awry, TCC 15m Cable is out of stock still, I am finding in my research i need a decent cable, can you suggest somewhere i can get on without getting too ripped off.
  6. I was reffered to here form the Whirlpool Forums, Am looking to get into an upgrade my current BenQ. Apologies for New User Status, But am interested in a w1500, Since new to these types of things, is there any info on how these work (GP's) you can point me to instead of me posting in this thread. Thank You
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