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  1. I just checked the player and it has version 1.24 I tried to update but it says this is the latest version. But on Panasonic’s website there appears to be a newer version is it possible to download to a memory stick and then transfer to the player ?
  2. I spoke with the guy in charge of the in-house TV channel today and he tells me all broadcasts are in MPEG4 so not sure what’s going on I might have to get in touch with someone from Panasonic it’s got me stumped
  3. Thank you for your response That’s what I was thinking to but it picks up all Melbourne TV channels perfectly which most of the HD channels are in MPEG4 from what I was led to Believe. I’m pretty sure this is still a current model unit in Panasonic‘s range Even though it’s over 3 1/2 years old
  4. G’day guys I’m looking for some help for my mum who is living in a gated retirement village. i bought her a Samsung Series 8 ( ua55ks800w ) and a panasonic blu-ray recorder ( dmr-bwt955gl ) about 3 1/2 years ago, recently the village has started their own in-house TV channel. The Samsung TV and can tune into the channel and the audio and video works fine. The issue is with the Panasonic recorder it tunes in the channel you Can hear the audio but you get no display just a black screen. Mum Has always had Panasonic so she is familiar with the workings of the Panasonic recorder and uses it to do pretty much everything and uses this Samsung TV as a monitor which makes it a bit hard for her to go from one unit to the other, I was hoping someone could help me out with getting the picture working through Panasonic recorder so she has to use just the one remote Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you
  5. Found this one at the reject shop for two dollars what a bargain
  6. He’s great one from the land of the long white cloud
  7. Here’s one from Peter Jackson
  8. I have been using a Logitech Harmony one for over 10 years now and is a great unit and very easy set up. You can set up activities so all your components will turn on and switch to the right mode by just pressing one button I even bought one for my not so tech savvy mum makes life a breeze for her. This site http://www.iconharmony.com/icons/home has premade icons for most Logitech remotes and you can add to your remote and use as a button on touch screens.
  9. I watched uncut gems with Adam Sandler the other day not really sure what to say about this movie except it has a very satisfying end
  10. I haven’t bought any ink in a long time but when I did I always use printerink.com.au genuine Canon cartridges where about half the price of Officeworks they also do nongenuine might be worth a look
  11. Telstra changed my plan from a $50 plan to a $60 plan it gave me more data that I never use without telling me as well but never charge me any extra fees. I found out that THE GOOD GUYS were doing a plan for $45 with Telstra for pretty much the same thing so I changed to that plan I think JB HI-FI do it as well might be worth checking out
  12. Could I please get a Z9 oil filter for my ?
  13. I was just wondering how everybody keeps track of their music movie etc collections. Once you accumulate a few hundred or thousand titles it’s hard to remember what you have especially if you’re picking up items for loose change in the secondhand stores. I have started using a collection app which allows you to scan the barcode to add your items it also has a wish list for those items you are yet to find. This is the app that I have started using I am in no way affiliated with this app I was just wondering what everybody else was doing or if they have a better option. I find this one great because I can use it on my Ipad and phone so I Always have my catalogue list on me for when you find the diamond you’re been looking for. Welcome to the new iCollect – iCollect Everything WWW.ICOLLECTEVERYTHING.COM
  14. Hey guys I don’t wish to hijack this topic but I am also looking for a new UHD player to go with my new LG C9 and was looking at the Panasonic 820 as well just wondering how it stacks up against the LG UBK90 has anybody had any experience with the LG thanks guys
  15. I got a couple of sheets of these with my Balkum PF 40 it really helps to keep the cable monster under control
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